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  1. Theo_33

    BMW 535D 2010 or facelift 2012

    I guess you’re right,if and when i will find the car that i want maybe it won’t be a problem selling it,i have an 530d e60 now,i would be happy to keep it but the 6speed auto gearbox is doing my head in,i want the 8speed as is more refined and puts the power down in a different way,all in all is so much better
  2. Theo_33

    BMW 535D 2010 or facelift 2012

    Thank you guys for the reply,especially Matthew very detailed post,i’m thinking of getting the LCI M sport, SE suspension is very comfortable but i find it very boring and plus on a car with that much bhp you need proper suspension,i just hope i find one with pretty much all the toys within my budget,even though it will cost more,i think it will help when you want to resell.
  3. Hi,can anybody shed some light on the facelift matter,as it is very hard to any posts out there,i’m trying to find out if worth paying more for a 535d facelift(2012) or get a 535d 2010 which is cheaper,are there any big differences in performance,options,suspension,i-drive, i know the gearbox is the same with the adaptive dampers,any info would be much appreciated Thank a lot!!