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  1. Boba

    Initial Screen Display

    Yes, as it always has until a couple of days ago. Oddly though today it started off on the map as before. Just one of those software glitches maybe.
  2. As per title. I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand set of wheels for winter. I know that there have been some TPMS changes over the years but am I safe in assuming that any G30/31 wheels will have the correct ones for my 2017 car? (In other words no very recent changes?)
  3. Boba

    Initial Screen Display

    I usually have the screen displaying the map as default. Up to a couple of days ago it always switched straight to this when I started up. Now though it comes up with the row of icons for the various screen modes and I need to select Nav then Map. No big deal but I preferred it as it was. Any idea what I've likely fiddled with to cause this?
  4. Boba

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Can't hurt but I don't think that a sub micron hard coating will protect much against stone chipping though. I think it would need something thicker and much more resilient.
  5. Boba

    Triumph street triple R

    Showing my age just a little here I passed my full bike licence back in 1965 and I've always had a piece of British big iron in the garage since then.
  6. Boba

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    Still thinking about this. I have 245x35x19 on the front and 275x35x19 on the back on my G31. Would 18s fit OK without fouling anything (I expect so). Any real harm in running 245x45x18 all round for winter? Not likely to carry much weight.
  7. Boba

    Autoglym Lifeshine

    Thanks for all that detail, I'm still blinking. As a long-term wash-only (and then not often) I never realised how much effort you enthusiasts put into this. I might undershoot your idealism just a little. However, this is the nicest car I've owned for quite a while, so I think some effort is worthwhile.
  8. Boba

    Autoglym Lifeshine

    Thanks. All of the shampoos seem to claim that they leave a protective or waxy film of some sort on the car. Is it OK to put the Lifeshine coating straight on top? It seemed to me that I'd need to wash it in something that would clean right back to the paint itself?
  9. Boba

    Autoglym Lifeshine

    Never polished a car in my life - only ever wash/shampooed before but I've got an Autoglym Lifeshine kit which I'm going to apply to my shiny new BMW and I'll try to keep it nice . So as a newbie to this I see that the instructions say to apply it to paintwork/glass which has no contaminants or polish on them. How do I make sure of that? I'm pretty sure the dealer has put something or another on the car. Is a wash in plain warm water good enough? I do have a power washer but it's cold only and no detergent feed. Next question of course is what to do after the Lifeshine? Polish (what one) or just Quick Detail stuff (what one) and what about the wheels? Many Thanks.
  10. Boba

    Just ordered.... Back to BMW

    Excellent choice!
  11. Boba

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Tried the foot-waving acrobatics last evening. Took a few tries to get it right. Then lost balance, hopped sideways across the drive, into the bins and fell on my back. SWMBO is still laughing. Don't think I'll be trying this outside Sainsburys!
  12. Boba

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    It's only 217 days until Christmas, it'll be upon us before you know it. Anyway, as pointed out, no point in waiting until the season's here and prices have risen ;).
  13. I generally swap wheels/tyres for the winter so I plan to acquire a spare set sometime over the next few months. Can't afford a new set from BMW of course! Is there any guidance anywhere as to what wheels will fit the G31 that I might find on the used market? I guess just any old set from any BMW won't do the job.
  14. Boba

    G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    I'll be fitting a dashcam ASAP as I've used one for years. Mine's a Garmin. Operates fine and with a good picture day and night but a real irritation is that it's a 5V device with the converter in the plug which makes it more awkward to fit. In my previous car I lazily just wired 12V to the plug and hid the whole contraption in a coin-holder compartment but I'm unsure what to do in the BMW. Perhaps I'll just shell out for a 12V model. It's always a good idea with this kind of gadget to put a suppressor of some kind in the supply lead. As near to the converter on the supply side as possible though that's often not easy when the converter is in the gadget itself. I generally take 2 or 3 turns through a ferrite ring (the kind used on some PC leads will do fine though you can get plenty much smaller).
  15. Boba

    Is It Just Me?

    I really like my G31 520D - it's my first BMW since my trusty E39 528, and my first automatic in well over 20 years. But is it just me who thinks the auto selector is the wrong way around? I mean - forwards to select reverse, and backwards to select forwards - what exactly is the thinking behind this? My last automatic was (logically) back to select reverse and forwards for drive - obvious no?