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  1. Boba

    What an idiot !!

    Whats the problem with them? I've got the icon lights and no experience of alternatives. Actually I hardly ever seem to get my main beams on. So much traffic these days even when I'm nipping around the lanes and back roads. Humph Humph!
  2. Boba

    USB map update?

    I think that ExFAT IS different to Fat32 - Fat32 is quite an old format now (which is why Windows 10 makes it a bit more awkward to use). I don't know whether that's what is stopping the unzip or not but it definitely didn't work on mine with a default formatted stick. do a google for "MAC FAT32 format" - I think Apple call it DOS format or something ,and see if that helps.
  3. Boba

    What an idiot !!

    Camera and mirrors for that. The constant beeping at the adjacent cars irritates me.
  4. Boba

    G30/G31 Audio upgrade notes

    Quite a professional job but does it not affect the usability of the boot?
  5. Bobo??? there are no manufacturers of anything from cars to toothbrushes who warrant any aftermarket changes whether to increase performance or anything else. Why would they warrant someone else's work? as has been pointed out fairly regularly, many low-end models are available with higher power ratings with no changes of significance to loadbearing components. Increasing power output only moves them closer to existing higher models. As as I suggested earlier, think of a list of people you know whose mapped motors have developed mapping-related problems. Speaking only for myself, none in my last 4 mapped cars and I'll be mapping this one after its 3rd birthday. (FWIW I think that the 525 isn't much different mechanically from my 520). YMMV (I don't think I'd map past a gearbox rated limit though even f it was available - different issue). But it's everyone's individual decision so no point in keeping going on I guess.
  6. Boba

    What an idiot !!

    All that technology at your fingertips and even the eyeball mk1 let you down. Ah well, there went the ncb!
  7. Boba

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I usually put on the winter wheels in November (sometime, depending on a half-decent day to do it) and swap back around the beginning of April. I only do around 5000 miles/year so not bothered much about tyre wear and it covers catching frosty mornings and unexpected snowfall. Took them off a bit early this year and was caught out by the 'beast from the east' and late snow. Played golf yesterday morning after the promise of a fine day. Caught in the rain. Weather forecasters, HAH!
  8. Boba

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Weather forecasters eh? 'Nuff said! But yes, I know about the 'trigger temperature'. Don't usually get too much snow in Fife though it's occasionally chilly.
  9. Boba

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I'll be swapping mine over at the end of October.
  10. Well said! Past 70 myself so I doubt if any of the ideas will affect me overmuch. The only small potential cloud is if they apply a bit of pressure by jacking fuel duty through the roof. But hey, I don't do many miles nowadays!
  11. Boba

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    Remarkable really seeing how Apple is usually so difficult to network properly with anything else. reminds me of when we were in an Apple Store and my wife asked an assistant what the 'i' stood for in iPhone, iPad etc. He didn't know, but wasn't pleased when I suggested it stood for 'incompatible'.
  12. Thats fine - it's a purely personal decision, but it's not to say that remapping is inherently dangerous. If you drive with your foot on the floor all the time (and stress things up) the mechanical life will be shortened too - no difference really. But that's not the same thing as thinking that a remap (or any non-stock tuning) will drastically reduce mechanical life. Your other point about ignoring road holding and braking are valid though, though perhaps only for significant power increases.
  13. Instead of surmising what might happen, just try to think of a list of people you know who have had major issues due to remapping. For myself I've remapped every car I've had in the last 20-odd years with no issues at all. As has been said elsewhere the people who develop these maps aren't engineering novices hell-bent on destruction, but are relatively expert in increasing power and often economy too within safe limits. Many (most?) stock cars are well detuned for a variety of manufacturers' reasons. If you don't like it don't do it, but a bit less scaremongering based on speculation would be good.
  14. Boba

    USB map update?

    You need to have created an account on BMW Connected Drive first then once you've got an account set up and your car details entered, go to the BMW ConnectedDrive page and log in. Click on Remote Cockpit and then on Control and scroll down a bit and you'll see a box labelled Map Update and a button to click. On the map page which opens choose the Manual Map Update option and follow your nose. Takes a while to download then unpack it onto a stick which needs to have been formatted as FAT32. Pop the stick into a USB port in the car and it should be recognised and start the update automatically.  BTW if you're on Windows 10 you might have difficulty formatting a stick to FAT32 which is required. Google is your friend and I've found you're better using one of the free formatters than the Windows command line.
  15. Boba

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Right, I don't want to pass on pricing secondhand as its up to Simon to set his charges. On top though you'll need e-sys on your laptop and an enet cable. Whilst I'm not an expert here the word on the forums is that the currently free 'premium' version may not be trustworthy for the G30 so you'll need the pro and Simon can give you a pointer to someone who will do a 'good price' on the necessary licence token and current G30 coding data. Lastly you'll need some means of remote login eg TeamViewer (you might want to think about that for a moment). You'll need to pay for the FSC code up front and sort out the balance. re the point made by @sjak92 it rather depends on your wireless connection and kit especially at a distance. However AIUI there's no big extra risk involved as the data is on your laptop before the coding runs so provided your enet cable is OK and your laptop holds out for the duration all should be well.