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  1. Boba

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    I don’t think you quite meant it like that. To decelerate the same mass by the same amount will take the same amount of work as it always has done. Less pressure I suppose on the greater radius but the same amount of work and wear.
  2. Boba

    Goodbye my friend.

    If the Audi driver’s statement that she stopped behind stationary vehicles was believed it possibly made a difference in terms of howvsuddenly she claimed to have stopped.
  3. Boba

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Not hanging on for another Beast from the East then . I’ll stick with Winters for another month or so, but I don’t do high miles so it won’t wear the tread unduly.
  4. Boba

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Always best to know what you’ve actually got. Saves being caught out by documentation or website errors or even variations across model years etc..
  5. Boba

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Well the 2 tons isn’t the point concerning handling. The unsprung mass, mainly the hub, wheels and tyres, is the bit that causes any bouncing and skittering over bumps. It’s a lot less than 2 tons, don’t know how much but you’re maybe increasing it by 5% or so. The rotational inertia of the hub is low compared with the heavy wheels and tyres especially if you have larger wheels though and I’d be surprised if you noticed any difference to acceleration. I doubt if the braking itself will be much different whichever you go with.
  6. Boba

    Goodbye my friend.

    Surprising that a single claim, even a large one, would have such a calamitous effect on your premium!
  7. That’s mildly reassuring in a way as I’m with LV and I’m on the point of getting mine mapped. Hovering between Celtic and Ecotune at the moment. Same headline figures more or less. Celtic are much cheaper but Ecotune offer dyno runs to tweak the mid-range performance (apparently).
  8. Boba

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    As I said - everyone has their favourites. My own ceramic-coated, white G31 looks well on mine. Do you have a reference for your claim that Triplewax contains abrasives? I very strongly doubt it. Your preference, Autoglym, is a good one it’s just not mine and of course if you check a little you’ll see it has the obligatory surfactants (same proportions as Triplewax or any of the others, around 10-15% or so) together with their particular choice of hydrophobic mixture to aid drying. Only marginal differences as with them all.
  9. Minor bummer! Mind mentioning which insurer wouldn’t cover the mod? Or were they just not competitive?
  10. Hope you cleared it with the insurers first .
  11. Boba

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    Everyone has their favourites. Mine’s always been Triplewax although TBH I haven’t tried anything else for many years. All car shampoos contain (essentially) water, surfactants and wax. The surfactants and water shift the dirt, the wax helps beading. Some trade beading for sheeting - you pays your money. None of them is better or worse regarding scratching or swirls (sorry @sjak92 ) - that’s all down to having enough lubrication and a decent mitt or whatever (not sponge) and keeping the grit off the surface. Price per litre is no guide as they come in different concentrations, what matters to your pocket is price per wash which is generally better as usual if you can get it in larger quantities. Triplewax sounds cheap but it has a pretty low concentration so you need a good deal more of it - not much difference in price per wash. But my gripe here is that without advertising the fact these shysters have effectively jacked the price by about 30%. It’s still in the game of course, just bugs the hell out of me!
  12. Boba

    F10 pressure sensor question

    Intermittent, yes, but not only when it’s rotating. When I check my tyre pressures as soon as I get into the car I can see they’ve dropped overnight these cold mornings. Also when I inflate the tyres the pressure changes register straightaway. Maybe they transmit on a change (which would be sensible)?
  13. Boba

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    Label used to say 3 capfuls (50ml) per bucket so 2l would last me about 40 washes which is about a year,or so. Now down to under 30 washes though with the new improved watered-down stuff. I wash it fairly regularly but not very fussily . I’ll probably wash it a bit less often now it’s approaching 2 years old though.
  14. Boba

    F10 pressure sensor question

    Are you sure about that? Most tyre pressure sensors that I’ve heard of use (sealed for life) batteries. Are BMW ones self-powered (which is possible but rather expensive to manufacture)?