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  1. Boba

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I've had a Garmin Dashcam 35 for a couple of years 1920x1080 resolution though I'd say that the optics don't make the most of this though the results day and night are still quite good. Front facing only, maximum 64Gb card. It's a bit irritating to need to remove either the camera or at least the card to copy videos but after first few drives I find you hardly ever want to, it's there 'just in case'. Seems totally reliable. GPS and speed monitoring work well but I don't record the speed on the video in case it's ever embarrassing .
  2. Boba

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    When I bought mine the salesman waggled his foot around until the boot opened saying something like "I'm not quite sure where the sensor is". Well, it doesn't have a dedicated sensor AFAIK but just uses the parking sensors. So all you need do is stand about an arm's length from the boot and left your foot up under the bumper and back. No hurry, no waggling, just a straight up and under and back. Works every time for me (G31 but no doubt it's the same). Virtually the only way I ever open it and handy when you're carrying stuff.
  3. Boba

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    Ah well, not much chance of keeping moisture out because when the air inside contracts as it cools it will draw a little cold damp air in through any bit of poor sealing and a cover isn't likely to be airtight. Might have been better to seal the LEDs in permanently, after all they should outlast the car and the wiring could be sealed into the enclosure. But why on earth would a headlight want ventilation? Nothing in there that needs to breathe, it's just a lamp?
  4. Boba

    Just a Festive Thank You

    Oh dear! I'd be surprised if a plastic bin would go through to the metal - I've reversed into my own bins before and done no damage. Looks a bit as though someone with an overhanging load of some sort has reversed into you. Bummer!
  5. Boba

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    No they don't, it's not needed. Ordinary lght bulbs don't have ventilation do they? Ordinary LED bulbs are sealed. So-called sealed-beam units were sealed. Even an old-fashioned 150 watt bulb didn't (in fact couldn't) have ventilation. Completely possible to build a fully sealed headlamp unit with non-replaceable LED elements. Are the LEDs in headlight units in fact replaceable - don't know though that would explain things a bit.
  6. Boba

    Rattles and annoying noises

    My early 2017 G31 runs smoothly and quietly even though the country roads around here are pretty rough. Hopefully this isn't something I have to look forwards to!
  7. Boba

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    Really? Certainly with halogens and xenons there's a point whe water could enter as the bulb is replaceable but I thought that LED lighting would have been a completely sealed assembly. Even with halogens I used to get condensation. The warmth maybe evaporated it temporarily but it just recondensed after they cooled down. Proper sealing is the only prevention.
  8. 60's actually (1969 TR6). 150bhp injection (not bad for the 60's) rear-wheel drive with a few hundredweight of cast-iron straight 6 in front made for some interesting handling. I ran it on Town & Countries and considering the low ground clearance it did well even in the snow and never got stuck. I once had to drive from Manchester to Fife with no clutch after the actuator snapped but it was manageable (just!) with the amount of low-speed torque available. 3 times round the block while Dad opened the drive gates then straight in. Off to have a coffee now and reminisce a bit ).
  9. My 1969 TR6 never failed me even when I left it for over a month whilst away on business. Plus it lived outside in all weathers. Was yours a carburettor model - mine was injection of course? No battery drain on those old things of course - take the key out and aside from the clock everything goes off. Wish I still had it though TBH the handling was something like a brick on a string!
  10. Keep thinking about it my precious .
  11. Boba

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Out of interest what problem(s) did it have severe enough to reject it. (Surely not another pan roof issue ).
  12. Boba

    Frozen wing mirrors

    I think the worst problem here is that it tends to be both wet and cold so in a bit of a downpour it's easy for water to creep in everywhere and then freeze up later.
  13. Not as warm as typical incandescents of course, but a (say) 1watt LED generates the same warmth as a 1 watt incandescent so the headlights do generate more warmth than you might expect, certainly enough to melt any local internal frosting for instance. I'd wondered whether the camera was a bit frosted over, but the other features of the icons avoiding oncoming traffic still seemed to be working. As an alternative I thought maybe there was some sort of sensor detecting a failure of the dipping mechanism but it seemed to work OK manually. I'll see how repeatable it is before I trundle off to the dealer. It's just a pain if the tech there says he can't make it happen.
  14. Last couple of days the driver assistance feature of the icon lights has failed with the dash indicator going off after a few seconds and the warning message of reduced driver assistance. (Normal icon lighting still OK, just the automatic dipping etc stops and can't be restarted). If I drive for 5 or 10 minutes then stop and restart the function returns OK. Maybe they don't like the cold and sort themselves when the LEDs warm things up? Anyone had similar? Sound the sort of thing the dealer isn't guaranteed to replicate.
  15. Boba

    No confidence at high speed

    ^^^ +1 a very mild frost this morning (air temperature +2) but all doors frozen firmly shut. Haven't had this in the last 10 or more years on any car in much wetter and colder conditions..