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  1. Atlastabeema

    Traction Control

    Agreed I'm still finding out about the various bits and pieces in the cars electronics as Beemers are new to me. Shame I can't get e0sys to work, although there's every chence I could really cause myself some problems!! I have a feeling it's going to be re-mapped very shortly which should sort out any performsnce issues. As it's only got 37K miles and is 4 years old, I suspect it's been driven gently. Time to change all that soon..........
  2. Atlastabeema

    Traction Control

    Can anyone answer the following. I normally drive in sport mode as the car then responds more as it should rather than being strangled. If I part turn the traction control off, we get traction mode (or similar) on the dash. If I turn the tracton conttrol fully off, what mode am I using? It appears that sport is turned off, as if I press the sport button, sport comes up on the dash, and the traction control appears to be back on......
  3. Atlastabeema

    DIY Service

    Hi I notice your car is a 2010 model, and in another post you said it was in for repair due to rusty doors ( i noticed the rather lush courtesy car!) Is that normal for BMW to honour the anti corosion warranty for so many years, or is that a aprt of the warranty you have?
  4. Mark I've taken a couple of photos fo the ECU in situ. Are you able to determine which type it is from those? Dave
  5. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    goram Did you have the remap done, and what was the outcome?
  6. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Thanks for the replies. There are 2 new names there I haven't come across until now.
  7. Atlastabeema

    connecting iphone

    Ive got a 2014 520D and I can't stream music either. I was a bit surprised at that as my Insignia did everything, and it's only a Vauxhall!!!
  8. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    HI Rob The last time I looked at their website, I think they were looking for about £1100.00, which quite honestly is a bit expensive!! What sort of figure do you think they may do a deal at? Dave
  9. After I posted my reply, I then realised that it wasn't appropriate for the type of ecu in my car. I did think it would be a silly question..... Dave
  10. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Has anyone used the services of BM conversions, Wessex Tuning, Ozmo motorsport or any of the other advertised remap suppliers in and around Hampshire? I have a 2014 520D with the N47T engine and 37K miles. The general price around this area seems to be in the region of £400, but that seems to be for a generic map producing a claimed 220 bhp with an extra 15% increase in torque. Obviously Mr Mashed Potatoes in Chester offers a great service with what appears to be much more than a generic map at a great price, but a 7 hour round trip is the only downside from Hampshire to Chester. I'm struggling to find any online recommendations, so if anyone has any experience or recommendations for this area, that would be most appreciated.
  11. Silly question time coming up..... I have a 2014 520D (184bhp) N47T engine 37K miles. As I'm in Hampshire, Chester is a bit far to go, but i notice you say it can be sent through the mail! Does that apply to the OBD port upgrade, and if so how does that work?
  12. Atlastabeema

    S1CDA Brake energy regeneration

    It sounds more exciting than it actually i then! A bit like the sport mode in a 2.0 diesel.....
  13. Atlastabeema

    S1CDA Brake energy regeneration

    That doesn't sound at all exciting!! I think I'd rather all the brake force input through the pedal was transferred to the calipers!!