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  1. Atlastabeema

    Connected Drive discounts or sale?

    I tried C.D. out for £1, but in my opinion, it wasn't even worth that much....
  2. MInes on the list as well now. N47 built April '14. Doesn't specify on the .Gov site what the recall is for though....
  3. Atlastabeema

    Android headunit

    So my 2014 520D SE with business nav has a cic unit??
  4. Atlastabeema

    Android headunit

    So.......As one who doesn't know all these abbreviated model designations; what is the difference between NBT & CIC and what is LVDs?
  5. Atlastabeema

    Car detailing Southampton

    Not sure I can afford to lose a whole day!!! I had a go with a machine, and it was evident to me very early on that I don't have a clue how that process works. There are so many products about and they all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread, so it's all a bit of a minefield. Do oyu have any recommendations? Dave
  6. Atlastabeema

    Car detailing Southampton

    Anyone have any recommendations for detailing/paint correction etc services in the Southampton area? Although the car is only low mileage, the paint has some blemishes and flat areas that don't respond to my normal polishing efforts. I noticed that when I recently polished the car, there are tiny areas that hold the dried polish leaving white spots which must be small pits in the paint. I suppose then that the paint needs a good machine polish and specialist coating to keep it in good nick! I don't trust my own skills, so I'm looking for recommendations rather than relying on advertising hype.... I suppose also that this is relatively expensive so it needs to be worth it!!
  7. Atlastabeema

    EPB Workshop mode

    I've been looking at Youtube videos replacing the rear brake pads with EPB equipped cars. The videos all show the disassembly of the actuator unit to manually screw the plunger back in. I've just bought an Autel Diaglink unit from Ebay (£70 best offer accepted) and this connects to the car and using the EPB tools menu, it retracts the electric plunger allowing the pads to easlily be changed, and then returns the unit to the service position afterwards, all without any risk of damaging the actuator unit. I haven't been able to find too much info on the process on the forum hence my post. I'm sure it can also be done with E-Sys or Ista, but for those that struggle with those tools, this is a great alternative.
  8. Atlastabeema

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Definitely not whilst at sea!! That would mean putting the sails up and doing a "proper job"...........
  9. Atlastabeema

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    In my boat, I use a diesel additive that combats "Diesel bug" Apparently the diesel bug causes clumping in the fuel which in turn does the injectors no good at all. I think it's made by Wynns. Obviously in a boat the fuel stays in the tanks for much longer periods than in a car-well my car at least!!
  10. Atlastabeema

    Cleaning beige seatbelts

    Someone is going to ask, so why not me to be the first? What's a magic eraser sponge????
  11. Atlastabeema

    SRS fault displayed

    All sorted now, thanks to Matthew.
  12. Atlastabeema

    SRS fault displayed

    Dave I have a cable I bought off ebay to use with one of the super duper software packages available (free) but for some reason the licences no longer work -or something like that- so I've never connected it. I have bimmer code and I used OBD Auto doctor (Android) to lokk for the error code. How do I P.M????? Aplogies, but I'm very senior......... Dave
  13. Atlastabeema

    SRS fault displayed

    I was fitting a dash cam trying to power it with a piggy back fuse from the glovebox fuse board (2014 F10 520D) During the process I removed a fuse that I later found out was part of the SRS sustem. I must have powered the ignition to test the camera without the fuse reconnected. Anyway. I couldn't get the piggy back to work, so I just wired it to the under dash power supply. Now I have a warning on the dash that the passeneger seat belt system is faulty, but there's no code stored. How do I clear the fault as the fuse is fine? Dave
  14. Atlastabeema


    Heh Heh Heh.
  15. Atlastabeema


    I've noticed lots of abbreviations and acronyms being used to describe models and variations. i.e icl. auc etc. Is there a definitive list somewhere that daciphers these terms for a BWM newbie?