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  1. Atlastabeema


    Heh Heh Heh.
  2. Atlastabeema


    I've noticed lots of abbreviations and acronyms being used to describe models and variations. i.e icl. auc etc. Is there a definitive list somewhere that daciphers these terms for a BWM newbie?
  3. Atlastabeema

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Thanks. I'd rather go that route than Ebay....
  4. Atlastabeema

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

  5. Atlastabeema

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    I have an F10 without mirror mounted tweeters, and I've been following this thread as I would also like to improve the sound from the stereo. Does anyone know the part numbers for the mirror rear covers that have the tweeter mounts moulded in as that looks to be the simplest way of upgrading with the Focal kit? I take it that these covers would only be available from BMW....
  6. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Thanks to everyone that replied and gave advice. I would happily have travelled to Chester for the re-map, but it's a long round trip, so ultimately it made sense to find a local source and to say I'm happy is an understatement.
  7. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Sport mode actually does something now!!! I've reverted to normal driving in comfort mode and only using sport when the occasion demands it...... I just cannot believe how much more responsive and pleasurable to drive the car is following the re-map. I was advised to take it easy until the computer has settled in with the new map, so obviously that's what I'm doing at the mo. I wonder if BMW will notice when it goes in for service?
  8. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Well, I finally decided on Ozmo Motorsport at Dorchester. The car is transformed. This is how it should have been from the factory! Not sure if I'm allowed to make a recommendation, but Craig is a top bloke and knows his stuff. Full fault diagnosis befoe installing a brilliant re-map. The car is far more responsive and mid range acceleration is vastly improved. Low end torque is noticably improved as well. Overall the car runs smoother, ticks over better, and responds to the throttle far quicker than before. Hopefully, the fuel consuption will also be improved (As long as the throttle isn't pressed too hard!)
  9. Atlastabeema

    Traction Control

    No Sport+ on mine. I thought it was going back to comfort. Strange bit of programming though....
  10. Atlastabeema

    Traction Control

    Agreed I'm still finding out about the various bits and pieces in the cars electronics as Beemers are new to me. Shame I can't get e0sys to work, although there's every chence I could really cause myself some problems!! I have a feeling it's going to be re-mapped very shortly which should sort out any performsnce issues. As it's only got 37K miles and is 4 years old, I suspect it's been driven gently. Time to change all that soon..........
  11. Atlastabeema

    Traction Control

    Can anyone answer the following. I normally drive in sport mode as the car then responds more as it should rather than being strangled. If I part turn the traction control off, we get traction mode (or similar) on the dash. If I turn the tracton conttrol fully off, what mode am I using? It appears that sport is turned off, as if I press the sport button, sport comes up on the dash, and the traction control appears to be back on......
  12. Atlastabeema

    DIY Service

    Hi I notice your car is a 2010 model, and in another post you said it was in for repair due to rusty doors ( i noticed the rather lush courtesy car!) Is that normal for BMW to honour the anti corosion warranty for so many years, or is that a aprt of the warranty you have?
  13. Mark I've taken a couple of photos fo the ECU in situ. Are you able to determine which type it is from those? Dave
  14. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    goram Did you have the remap done, and what was the outcome?
  15. Atlastabeema

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Thanks for the replies. There are 2 new names there I haven't come across until now.