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  1. Babadaddy

    Dpf problems

    Have you tried finding a 5 series petrol ? Hens teeth. This it the first diesel I've had which has done this in 25 years of driving ( and yes I have done 5 miles a day all this time) Maybe BMW aren't the big cheese they pretend to be after all. 500 miles to block a DPF ? Wish I'd known they were dirty diesels. Cracking cars - but definitely only for salesmen, company directors and Tenerife taxi drivers.
  2. Babadaddy

    Dpf problems

    Yokozuna& dj1233 It may be 'common knowledge' to the genius's of the car world but some of us mortals are mere car fans. You don't need technical knowledge to be a motorist do you ?. Next time I buy a bimmer I'll consult the higher powers ( Mostly Drunk) with my requirements and maybe they will point me in the right direction eh ( Mostly Drunk) - (Everything I want to do is illegal) !! Maybe not
  3. Babadaddy

    Dpf problems

    Hi everyone Nooby here. Just thought I'd warn of my experience with my beloved 520D Msport. I've owned it since 2016 and done barely 3000 miles. Sounds good ? Don't be fooled. Its just gone back in for its SECOND Dpf fiited after the first one blocked up last summer. The reason ? .... Well that's down to my car doing less than 5 miles per day to work and back !! My trusted technician informs me that these cars (all diesels really) need to be driven, the exhaust needs to get hot and burn the soot from the dpf or it will clog up and suffocate.. He says I should really plan to take it on the motorway at least once a month at 3000rpm for 15-20 mins to burn the ash away. I did not and its cost me over a grand for two new Dpf filters fitted. I'm gonna sell it and get a petrol instead. Hope this might enlighten you guys who are in a similar position to me. Got a bimmer diesel ? LET IT BREATHE AND STRETCH ITS LEGS LIKE IT WAS BUILT FOR.