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    BMW 535d remapped by DMS to 370bhp

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  1. lenny_13

    Sort of limp mode

    Alright folks. So was out in the car earlier. Opened it up a bit on a clear bit of road. It got to 70mph and just kind of died. I let off on the accelerator and it wouldn't rev above 3000rpm. It seemed to reset whenever I pulled over and turned the ignition off. Anyone any clue as to what this might be? Thanks in advance.
  2. lenny_13

    E60 535d

    Its definitely all singing, all dancing. The previous owner spent an absolute fortune on it.
  3. lenny_13

    E60 535d

    I just had a Saab 93 runabout mate. I went a few years without a nice car because I had no interest. Decided to treat myself to this. I've been looking one of them for ages now. That motor drives like new.
  4. lenny_13

    E60 535d

  5. lenny_13

    E60 535d

    Yeah mate, bought and all. Picking it up on Friday morning. I've been after one of them for ages now. I normally end up having to go across to the mainland for my cars.
  6. lenny_13

    Lowering an E60

    I was wondering if any of you could help me. I'm not looking a crazy drop. As long as there is no arch gap, or tyre rubbing, I'll be happy enough. I'm not sure if lowering springs would do the job for me, or to go for a set of coilovers. I've been told you can run 10mm spacers on the front and 15mm spacers on the rear, with no tyre rubbing on the arch. The car is on genuine Spyders also. Thanks in advance.
  7. lenny_13

    E60 535d

    Alright folks, new to the forum. I have been keeping my eye on Gumtree and Ebay for quite some time now. Been trying to get myself a clean example with not too many miles, or completely abused. I have somehow came across an absolute corker literally a mile from my current location. Plenty of paperwork and no expense spared. I will get photos up over the weekend.