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  1. Essex boy

    New hella’s

    Yeh, did it by the vin number
  2. Essex boy

    New hella’s

    Got these brand new for £350 a side plus vat (put them through business to get vat back:-) they were ordered as just carcass but came all fitted with xenon bulbs, ballasts ready to plug n play! Now I can rid of my depo lhd shite lights
  3. Essex boy

    nice rare spec M5 E39

    It appears to be still for sale. It’s not bad on the miles but still a bit pricey
  4. Essex boy

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    I agree vee, the driver aids don’t interest me which is why I won’t bring any retrofit to my head unit etc. I think the e39 has enough horses to still scare most people although a v10 would leave it for dust I’m content with 400 horses you could always turn yours into Lpg just kidding. A 911 does sound interesting and will put smile on your chops!!
  5. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    Thanks for the heads up. The m is definitely a keeper....Eisenmanns or hayward and scott sound good to me. Just got to find an exhaust but first job is to change cheap shite headlights!!
  6. Essex boy

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    That is stunning. With the work you've had done and it has been cared for it shouldn't hang around long. Is there no way you can keep it? I ask because selling my lmb was the worst thing I ever done. If you need the money as life can do that to you then it makes sense to move it on, if you can afford to store it then based on my experience id keep it. It's strange how I became so attached to mine, there is nothing that compares to it in my eyes......7 years of not owning one and then 4 months searching for the right one I am now back in a stunning e39 m5. I had a few audi's they are ok but I never felt as safe as in the m, even though they were quattro's …...I certainly never got that grin on my face that the m puts there instantly
  7. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    Thanks, The sound system is amazing. Overall the car is one hell of a find and will remain completely stock......unless I can find a complete exhaust to do rear box delete then be able to put it back to stock!
  8. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    Hell yes. She is in such good shape, original brake pipes are mint...gives you an idea of how good she is
  9. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    I do love it. It seems immensely powerful probably because I haven’t driven one since 2010 and it’s been tractor powered diesels since then!!
  10. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    I guess I was surprised as the car was registered in Sweden for nearly 8 years. What you’re saying makes sense though!!
  11. Essex boy

    Finally got uk registered

    Uk plates fitted and with the original registration, wasn’t expecting to get the original reg
  12. Essex boy

    How much to ask?

    I may have missed stated what I meant. Personally I believe something is worth whatever an individual wants to pay. I didn’t want to pay that much... i bided my time to get exactly what I was looking a mint low owner full bmw history “individual” m5. I got my estoril blue m5 for £13k in total unmolested condition all bar the cheap lhd headlights.. to sum up all I meant in my personal view and requirements I didn’t wanna pay that much. As I said no offence meant
  13. Essex boy

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    Some nice picks there d_a_n. That Aegean blue looks stunning, if I was going to pick one that would be top of my list, Shame they never made them in Manuel ;-)
  14. Essex boy

    How much to ask?

    This one was up for sale around March time. It does seem well kept but wrong colour wheels and most importantly a pre facelift which put me right off. I would have chose jellyfishfields one over the 99 plate all day long. In fact if I hadn’t have found my estoril blue m5 I would have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on this 53 plate...it’s stunning just my two Penneth from a recent buyer!
  15. Essex boy

    How much to ask?

    What an absolute beauty. In my opinion your m5 appears to want for nothing, a dealers dream...rest assured it’ll be up for £20k+ at a dealers and they’ll probably offer you around £13-£15k. I agree selling these these privately or any car is a nightmare. But yours is a very desirable colour and extremely clean....it’s hard to put a price on. In my opinion a realistic private price would be £16k. I get that figure because I searched for months to find mine and there are still overpriced m5’s on the market private and on forecourts. Look at the Aegean blue that’s mint and been up for sale for months at £20995, now dropped to £19995. Thets just my thoughts, I was offered a mint black on black same mileage at £18k but figured it was overpriced in my opinion . Im sure others will chime in with other ideas. Cheers Rob