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  1. Liam2594

    Door lock pin rattle - solved

    I know what my job is when I get home today then. Also glad I’m not the only one that finds this extremely irritating .
  2. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    My next will certainly be a 3.0 diesel, much smoother, quieter, as a real world figure, I don’t see there being a huge difference economy wise. My 520 averages around 40 MPG on a mixture of roads and it’s not really driven very hard, a 530 I don’t think will be a massive difference.
  3. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    For all the N47 had it’s rather major issues, I find the B47 a worse engine. I think it’s slightly noisier, without question I think it feels more sluggish higher up the Rev range too, and quite frankly fuel economy wise I find it worse too. It may well be other factors with the fuel side of things though.
  4. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    I’d love to say yes, but no it isn’t. As a sales place they’re brilliant, aftersales just isn’t as good. Their gesture is greatly appreciated it really is and does make up for the issue. However, it shouldn’t have had an issue in the first place. As said my car was previously in there 8-9 times over a 6 month period where I kept being told there was no fault, evidently in the end it was found.
  5. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Well there was no full tank of fuel, however there was a £150 voucher to spend on whatever I would like. Certainly can’t grumble, and have to say well done to the service advisor & Service manager on this occasion. Car all rectified, nice gesture and a happy customer.
  6. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Spoke to BMW Assist this morning, who to be honest were ok. However promised a call back within 10 mins, didn’t get one for over two hours. They advised car should be ok to drive, but due to seeing a pipe off wouldn’t really know what to suggest, so would recommend getting it recovered. I had an hour to get to work, by their own admission, they wouldn’t have been able to get me there on time, so I drove the car in, felt sluggish (understably) but it got there fine. Left with the dealer, so I’m awaiting what will be issued by the way of an apology, before kicking up a major fuss. I mean a full tank of fuel should be a minimum as the engine wouldn’t have been performing correctly surely?
  7. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Dropped my old mans car in to have his EGR done, took two days (can’t say I was surprised as the dealer also had my car in 8 times over 6 months to rectify a brake fault. However that’s another story). So picked the car up, got down the road EML comes on, ok call them back, couldn’t get back there this evening, go back in the morning, spoke to old man, unhappy but all ok dealer is 5 mins from work so makes it easier. On the journey home, thought I could hear some sort of whooshing noise, didn’t think much of it. Half hour ago the noise is bugging me (not even my car but besides that), thought I’d pop out and have a look only to find a big turbo pipe not seated correctly on the car. Question is do I now drive it 25 miles to the dealer in the morning, or do I call BMW assist now? Every time I use this dealer I have issues (I know go elsewhere ), but I want them to rectify it and I most certainly want something done, what yet I don’t know? Photo added, difficult to make out, but the green bit is a gasket and the pipe is obviously supposed to be connected.
  8. Liam2594

    How long before good discounts?

    Have you tried Drive the Deal?
  9. Liam2594

    Clicking off when filling up?

    The other day it was from half a tank, earlier I was down to 3/4 and it was clicking off every 50p pretty much from as soon as I started. It’s frustrating. Especially when you’ve got people looking at you thinking you’re a complete wilf .
  10. Afternoon, I don’t know whether it’s just me but I find that my 2016 F10 appears to click off an awful lot when filling up. This happens at various pumps, happened Sunday at Costco, today at BP, and has happened a few times before. No matter which way I move the pump, in, out, angled or what it seems to click off to the point earlier on I gave up at £13. Anyone else had had this issue with the F10? Thought I’d have an ask on here before booking it in with the dealership to be told “we can’t fault it” as per the norm. Many thanks.
  11. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Car is booked in for an EGR replacement, covered under a recall or whatever name they use to dress it up as.
  12. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Should’ve stated that, it is the B47 2.0. Funny his last 5 Series had that recall done. This one was serviced July last year so would’ve thought they’d have done it. Worth a call to the dealer.
  13. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Its done around 25k miles, he asked me to drive it the other day and it seems very very hesitant & jerky compared to mine, he’s had a fair few so knows what they should be like. As you say just seems odd that it should be dumping it’s coolant at two years old and not massive mileage.
  14. Liam2594

    Coolant leak?

    Evening everyone, My Dad has a 2016 BMW F10 which appears to have an invisible coolant leak. It’s taken almost four litres of coolant over the past two months, requiring two, two litre fill ups. The car is still under warranty of course so it’ll be booked in, just wondered if anyone else has had a leak? Many thanks.
  15. Liam2594

    Morning all.

    Thanks for the welcome. After spending a few weeks with a 530d whilst mine was in for repairs I was totally sold on the bigger, smoother and more powerful 3.0. Changes the car completely.