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  1. Nitro

    Dreaded DPF warning

    Not been funny, but how did you not notice throttle unplugged? DPF WILL regen with glowplugs/Controller issues. Wont regen with Fuel issues. I need glowplugs for year and car will regen no issues, just waiting to do them! As for how full the carbon is, dont matter really when its full you get told by car DPF issues. Any running fault will stop regen and leave it full and show dpf code. So Throttle/fuel/etc will prevent regen. Glows are just start and active for small while after start. knackered glows will/should block turbo and dpf I guess. So do asap.
  2. Nitro

    Turbo failure symptoms on 520d LCI?

    Cool. so just started turbo refurb. Going well guys
  3. Nitro

    Turbo failure symptoms on 520d LCI?

    The crankcase breather or even filter on 177 lci.. you really selling things here? The whole top would need replacing buddy £800
  4. Nitro

    removing 520d 2008 turbo

    At same point as you, please update for me! What is the torx on manifold to Turbo number/type
  5. Nitro

    2008 520d engine cleaner advice

    Had these issues last few years. Fumes check small pipe going from breather. Turbo is the issues I always suspected, Only other day car gave up the ghost Turbo blew. Its not EGR thats what BMW said 2.5 k and new egr issues stayed there. Turbo is issues when it comes to power loss, im now certain on that. Is your idle stable?
  6. Nitro

    Inpa reset issues, no throttle?

    Reset adaptions? Explain more? Do you have DIS have you checked the throttle with that?
  7. Nitro

    Struggling to start ......

    You using usb when you hear static? Car got bouncing idle?
  8. I know I not just seen an E60 with a nappy, did I?> Guys been chasing this for 3 years. My guess was water from roof / pipes over flowing etc, but I never found them, all pictures here are non existent? Then I thought vent near battery is letting it in as always signs of drops on vent and battery gets main amount of water! But the amount of water (battery full to top) in such short time. 1 day/2 Leads me to think its from car flexing and will be worse in rain/motorway. I Guess its leaking straight off rear window etc and when car rear flexes at speed it gets in at sides (just over battery). So replacing boot seal might be best option to fix but may still leak. That fat arse got to cause some serious flexing when we hit a Ton. No proof but I want to sit in boot with camera and rain. Any safe drivers here?>
  9. Nitro

    530d E60 - sudden power loss.

    When you floor it above 2000 does it feel like its slipping clutch and doing nothing? no power right? I just got that issue and my Turbo gone fully I am certain. im manchester and can run DIS and inpa. Now I did get scratching metal noises just recently too. But its been going quietly for long time and had loss power 40% now 95% and a slipping of power.. I would not drive her if I you - Chewing turbos is the end for engines.
  10. Nitro

    Turbo failure symptoms on 520d LCI?

    Thanks getting her out for recon. Previously I seen four garages requesting they check turbo... Garages said "dont know" "oh sensor" "injectors" "dont know"... a random guy said "that Cold start smoke I just seen its your Turbo get her changed now before she chew metal" I was like yeah explains power loss. So I went stealers, but smoke hid from them. BMW changed EGR and injector seals for a random cutting out issue, said pay us 2.5k please all done! I Left garage and it Cut Out in a mile and still had power loss!! Lost all faith in garages that day. Cutting out was later solved and only cost £100 wow
  11. Nitro

    Turbo failure symptoms on 520d LCI?

    Ok so My 520D 177 LCI just made similar sounds. Had smoke on cold start ups for 3 years and Lost power (boost) over same period slowly. About a year ago emissions feed pipe burnt up and Recently Garage said injectors gone bad so thats smoke issue.But I was not having that. As no boost = Turbo to me. Last week car lost all power 20mph max and making metal horrid noise from Turbo. So what you guys think? Turbo Right?