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  1. fuzzyedges

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced the blown fuse that protects the cigarette lighter.
  2. fuzzyedges

    Sat nav maps

    I updated my motion maps earlier in the year using a download and a lifetime FSC code form this site. It's still working, but that is just my experience I don't know if others forum users have had problems.
  3. fuzzyedges

    Sat nav maps

    You can try here - https://www.oemnavigations.com/ for maps.
  4. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    No, lots of swearing replacing the disc's on the back of the BMW. The Jag space saver should fit over 530D brakes. It fits over massive Brembo brakes on the Jag.
  5. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    A Jag in the snow. I only just made it off the drive.
  6. fuzzyedges

    Jaguar space saver spare....

    Am I allowed to post swearing?
  7. fuzzyedges

    Rough cold start and fault codes

    I'm half expecting mine to be glow plug related too. I'll change them at the next service (which I'm about to do). As it's only going to get colder.
  8. fuzzyedges

    Rough cold start and fault codes

    I had a similar fault with my car, but it's a 520d. The problem for me was a partially blocked fuel injector. I checked by using some Redex fuel system cleaner which got rid of the problem over the course of half a tank of fuel. However it came back. I then tried a terraclean at my local garage in May which seems to have cured it for now....
  9. When servicing my rear brakes on Monday I tried the 5x120 space saver spare from my Jaguar XKR on the BMW 520D. It fits with no need for a spigot ring and it clears the brakes too. Just so you know....
  10. fuzzyedges

    F10 Front Wheel Bearing...

    I ordered a Febi-Bilstein bearing as it was cheaper than the FAG one by the amount of cost of the postage to the UK. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/febi-bilstein/7107522 The only problem with ordering from AutoDoc is that it takes about a week to get here from Germany. I have a M12 spline in my toolkit so thanks for that bit of advice.
  11. fuzzyedges

    F10 Front Wheel Bearing...

    Thanks for the replies and all the advice. I've ordered a bearing from AutoDoc which will take a little time to get here. I'll copy out TIS and report back on how the job goes. FE.
  12. fuzzyedges

    F10 Front Wheel Bearing...

    AutoDoc for a Febi/Bilstein £93 delivered. The Fag bearing was a similar price. How can Eurocar Parts be asking so much?
  13. fuzzyedges

    F10 Front Wheel Bearing...

    Mmmm, Eurocar Parts want £429 for a FAG bearing....
  14. .....I need to replace the front near side wheel bearing on my 2010 520d. It looks a straightforward enough task but what brand of wheel bearing have you purchased in the past, SKF, FAG or some other brand? I'm keen to know what other forum member's preference and experiences are before I order one later tonight. Thanks for the help. FE.
  15. fuzzyedges

    F10 COMBOX Retrofit

    Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I'll source the parts and post my findings!