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  1. fuzzyedges

    F10 COMBOX Retrofit

    Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I'll source the parts and post my findings!
  2. fuzzyedges

    F10 COMBOX Retrofit

    Thanks for the reply. I've completed the VIN decode and I have - Vehicle options L812ANational version England / Ireland S1CAASelection of COP relevant vehicles S1CBACO2 package S1CCAAuto start/stop function S1CDABrake Energy Regeneration S230AExtra package, EU-specific S258ATire with run-flat functionality S2DBABMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 327 S2PAAWheel bolt retainer S302AAlarm system S423AFloor mats, velours S428AWarning triangle and first aid kit S431AInterior mirror with automatic-dip S441ASmoker package S4ATAInterior trim finishers black high-gloss S508APark Distance Control (PDC) S606ANavigation system Business S610AHead-up display S612ABMW Assist S615AExpanded BMW Online Information S616ABMW Online S620AVoice control S633APreparation, mobile phone, Business S654ADAB tuner S698AArea-Code 2 for DVD S6AAABMW TeleServices S6ABAControl for Teleservices S850ADummy-SALAPA S853ALanguage version English S863ARetailer Directory Europe S877ADelete cross-pattern operation S880AOn-board vehicle literature English S8KAADummy-SALAPA S8S2ACoding alarm signal S8S3AAutomatic locking when driving off S8SCATelematics access request,country-spec. S8SMACar ident. number visible from outside S8TFAActive pedestrian protection S8TGAThiefproofing device S8V1ALabel It doesn't look like I have an option code 6VC. So will it simply be a case of swapping out the existing unit to one that offers the extra features that I desire? Thanks.
  3. fuzzyedges

    F10 COMBOX Retrofit

    I've spent the best part of yesterday doing some research on retro-fititng a com box to my July 2010 F10 with the Business audio, bluetooth handsfree phone and Motion Sat Nav (UK version), and It's been hell! So in an attempt to keep all the information in one place and for future researchers I thought I'd start a topic in here. I'll be asking one question at a time in order to bulid up a step by step guide at some point. Here's the first one. This is what I know so far - 1 - I can retrofit another combox in place of the unit installed in the boot of my car. With the appropriate coding to the Head Unit/Combox this will enable me to stream Bluetooth audio and add a USB/Aux socket to the armrest to enable a USB audio device to be used. This is functionality I don't have fitted to my car as standard. This is what my current 'Comm unit' looks like, it's installed in the boot on the left (N/S RHD) of the car. You need to remove the boot trim to reveal it. Apologies for cropping the top of the photo, but there is a multi way connector attached to the top of unit too. Now my first worry is that in other forums I have read much information is given about replacing two units (MULF & TCO), now this is clearly only one unit, that looks an awful lot like other comboxes available to purchase. So my first question is this - Can I just replace this unit with another to obtain the functionality that I want (adding the additional wiring/socket for the USB/AUX into the armrest)? Also I'm confused to which part number the combox should have to offer Bluetooth audio and USB audio and still offer bluetooth telephony. Although the answer to this first one will only be relevant to my car. THANKS in anticipation FuzzyEdges.
  4. fuzzyedges

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Just a post to say thanks for this information. This forum is a great resource and I have stopped my car leaking too. I would have wasted too much time sealing the rear passenger door if the true answer wasn't on here.
  5. fuzzyedges

    Space saver steel wheel

    Is this still available? Thanks, Gary.
  6. fuzzyedges

    Hello, new F10 520d owner.

    OK! Here's one of amps in the boot.
  7. fuzzyedges

    Hello, new F10 520d owner.

    Just popping in to say 'Hi' before asking lots of silly questions elsewhere. Regards, FE.