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  1. Just a quick post to say hello. New to BMW new to this forum but having used a forum for my previous car I know how valuable these things are.
  2. I part ex'd the old Jag to a national 'Car Shop' kinda place, I knew and they knew there was an engine fault, over 2.5k revs 'Restricted Performance' would appear. Probably Turbo Issue. A month later the car turns up in east London , on a car lot twice the price I got for it, fair enough not my problem nor my issue, the new owner contacts me from all the documentation bills invoices etc and asks me if there was anything wrong with it. The issue above still exists ! I hope he gets it sorted under the warranty they gave him or his money back, on his test drive on busy East London streets he didn't go above 2.5k revs, someone somewhere made 3k out of that car by giving it a shine.
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    Inclusive Servicing

    16 plate
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    Inclusive Servicing

    Using the BMW Website it tells me :- CONGRATULATIONS YOUR BMW HAS SERVICE INCLUSIVE! Your BMW is covered by BMW Service Inclusive which lasts for 5 years or 60,000 miles (whichever occurs first) and covers the cost of your vehicle’s comprehensive servicing requirements. Your BMW may also be covered by MOT Protect. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now , I bought this car at a car supermarket 16 plate 23,000 miles with FSH, they obviously were not aware of this as they didn't mention it. But I thought hang on a minute and contacted my local Main Dealer via their online chat thing, but they said 3 years or 100,000 miles ? I'm confused but also very pleased either way , however who should I believe ?
  5. Well I'm getting on a bit, 50 less bhp I'm not really noticing , I'm getting some very encouraging MPG too. Little things I will miss. Folding back seats, electric folding side mirrors and I've been looking like a right prat trying to open the drivers door by just walking up to it with the fob in my pocket !
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    Silly question (Probably)

    Just sent it and many thanks
  7. I bought a 520d over the weekend, I work away from home and meant to bring my VIN number with me to gain the 'buildsheet' the car is still under BMW warranty so the 'warranty' website wond give it to me........any idea, I did search the forum without any result so apologies if I'm being an annoying impatient Newbie
  8. I've done just under a 100 miles, the previous car was 3ltr so I can't really compare on performance (yet), first impressions I love it although I didn't fall out of love with the XF it just came to a natural conclusion on age and not just the car. I'm really looking forward to the next few months (like a big kid really)