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  1. billythefish76

    F10 Bumper Repair - Advice Needed

    Thanks again everyone. Tbh the reason I thought about doing it cash is because, despite it not being our fault, you still have to declare the accident which means they can bump up the premium in future, regardless of whether you were at fault or not, isn't that right?
  2. billythefish76

    F10 Bumper Repair - Advice Needed

    This is pic of damage, very minor tbf
  3. billythefish76

    F10 Bumper Repair - Advice Needed

    Okay thanks all, sounds like I need to just book it in for an inspection....
  4. Evening all. Earlier today somebody drove into the back of my 2014 carbon black 530d at a roundabout. The damage isn't too bad but looks like it'll need a new bumper as paint had cracked and you can feel the ridge where the bumper was pushed in. My question is, any idea on how much this repair is likely to cost only I may ask the woman who went into me whether she'd prefer to pay cash rather than go through insurance? Cheers
  5. billythefish76

    Phone Adaptor Questions

    Hi, I've got the phone pack in my car but what else do I need in order to be able to connect up my Samsung S8+ and my wife's S9 please? Also, what are main benefits of buying an adaptor rather than just connecting via USB? I've noticed it takes forever to charge via USB! Thanks
  6. billythefish76

    Online Entertainment Voucher Help

    BTW, when you say update do you mean software update for the car?? All sorted many thanks!
  7. billythefish76

    Online Entertainment Voucher Help

    BTW, when you say update do you mean software update for the car??
  8. billythefish76

    Online Entertainment Voucher Help

    Thanks I'll try and update it in the morning. It is the Connected Drive package I was talking about so hopefully this will sort...
  9. I've just purchased the £1 monthly trial of the Online Entertainment package, however, I can't seem to activate it? iDrive info says I need to go to Multimedia then Online Entertainment but when I go to Multimedia all I get is my phone, CD and HDD music, no option for anything else?? How do I get this voucher to work please, can anyone help??
  10. billythefish76

    Spotify Issue

    I had a horrible feeling somebody was going to tell me this! Thanks bud.
  11. billythefish76

    Spotify Issue

    Hi, I've done a search on here and I know there are other posts around Spotify but from what I can see I've done everything suggested but still can't get it to work how I envied it would. I've got my S8+ connected via USB and connected to car via BT, I've opened Spotify via the app as well as BMW app too but I don't see it listed in my media options? I was hoping I'd be able to search for music/playlists etc via the car? At the moment Spotify works via BT but in order to get the music you want you have to search on phone which is obviously illegal whilst driving? Any help/guidance would be appreciated! Thanks
  12. billythefish76

    Windscreen Wipers

    Thanks all I've messaged the seller stating they don't fit so as long as I get a refund I'll purchase the ones you suggest! Cheers
  13. billythefish76

    Windscreen Wipers

    I bought them off eBay, item number 263223253845 listing says direct OEM replacement??? Where's best place to buy replacements if these aren't the correct ones then? Also, how do you get wipers to go into service position please?
  14. billythefish76

    Windscreen Wipers

    Apologies now if this is a dumb ass question but I'm just trying to fit some new wipers that I bought off eBay and it looks to me as though I've been supplied LHD ones looking at brackets? However, I thought that if I remove the brackets on new ones I might be able to use original ones but I can't seem to remove them? How are you supposed to fit new wipers to these cars?
  15. billythefish76


    Yeah I tried to register my VIN on the site on Friday but it kept saying there was a problem? Does this sound like one of the issues they were having do you know?