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  1. Hybrid5

    Road noise

    Mine isn't all that quiet either, even when stationary a lot more sound gets through then in my previous car ... and that was a coupe with frameless windows. I already put some gummipflege on the seals, didn't do much. I can sometimes feel cold wind on my knee from the space between the dashboard and the driver's door, so there's a trouble area right there. Most of the noise seems to get through from the back. The other day I was waiting in the car while watching a TV show (from an usb stick), not loud at all, got out to get something from the boot and was surprised how hard I could still hear everything outside with all doors closed ... people walking past my car must have thought I was some incosiderate douchebag with loud music on Not impressed with BMW's "premium" car so far in terms of soundproofing, perhaps it being a 530e they skimped on even more sound dampening materials to save weight.
  2. Hybrid5

    Connected App

    Anyone on android been able to get "live trip status" working? It works fine when I connect with an iphone, but can't get it to show up when I'm using android (GPS is set to be allowed for the app). Also sucks on android you need to enter a passcode each time you start the app, on the iphone it doesn't require that. As for destinations on android, you can do it by going to the "hamburger" (the 3 lines in the left-hand corner), and there you'll see that option. Searching can be done with the red magnifying glass icon at the bottom
  3. Hybrid5

    530e 0-60 MPH

    The gearbox in the 530e is a bit slow, certainly when it changes from 1st to 2nd when you try to do a 0-60 or try to be quicker than the car next to you when the light turns green Maybe it's because I've been driving an Audi CVT for the past 10 years, those things don't have gears and just keep on pulling ... loved it Next car will certainly be a full electric, I really don't like gears on a daily driver.
  4. Hybrid5

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Mobius with 8" lens extension, allows for a discreet installation (I don't need my dashcam to have a screen) it's a basic cam, does what it needs to do and is super cheap
  5. Hybrid5

    Exterior Window Trim Removal

    I'd try to do the wrapping with the trim still on the car, it seems like most people do it that way. Otherwise you're likely to damage/break a piece of trim, and those things don't come cheap to replace
  6. Hybrid5

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    aha, then it's because I never lock my car when it's in my in-house garage or at work. (it's the poor-man's way of keyless entry ) will test again with the car actually locked
  7. Hybrid5

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    It might be an issue with just the 530e In my setup I only want to record while I'm driving, so i need an ignition-switched fuse. The other day I installed the dashcam from my previous car in the 530e, just using one of the 12v cigarette lighter outlets to USB for power ... and its get power as soon as I open the door and even worse, it gets power while the car is charging ... its charging about 7 hours a day (3 in the morning at work, 4 in the evening at home) so my sd-card is full of video of my car standing stationary
  8. Hybrid5

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    When it was warmer mine showed 24 miles, these days it dropped to 21 (with heating, radio and lights on), never drive in eco-pro, only in either max e-drive comfort, auto edrive comfort or lately in max e-drive sport individual (everything set to comfort) to get the digital speedometer (i don't have HUD) ... my journey is 19 miles and can do it all the way in max edrive. It isn't very accurate in estimating the remaining electric miles, it can drop 10 miles after just doing about 4. On your return journey, try using comfort or sport (both in max edrive) ... I'm still new to the 530e but it seems like the regen/charge is much better in these modes compared to eco pro where its mainly coasting.
  9. Hybrid5

    rubber cover for 530e mains charge cable??

    The one that came with my 530e (july 2018 build) doesn't have a rubber cover either.
  10. Hybrid5

    Winter Wheels Today

    When the wheel is stuck on the hub I undo all the bolts about 50% while its jacked up, and then slowly lower the car until the wheel touches the ground ... the weight of the car will usually separate the wheel from the hub. If it's extremely stuck you may have to repeat it, allowing the car to drop a bit faster. Always worked for me Haven't found a nice set of winter wheels yet, I'm a sucker for OEM wheels 663's or 635's would be my choice but are hard to find for a reasonable price.
  11. Hybrid5

    MSport Seats

    I'm not fat but got wide hips, and also not liking the stiff thigh bolsters of the sport seats ... not disliking them enough to "hate" them, maybe would have been a different story if i'd be in the car for longer than 45 minutes straight. Those bolster need to be slightly wider, when I push them outwards just a bit there's no pressure at all on my legs ... going to try to stretch them out a bit by putting something very heavy on them. Somehow the passenger-seat feels better for me but still not perfect.
  12. Hybrid5

    530e Performance without electric

    Only put 500 miles on my 530e and still figuring out the drivetrain a bit. 96% on electric so far I enjoy the full electric while in (slow) traffic, must admit the car isn't that fast while in full electric, just enough to keep up with traffic. It's pretty quick when the petrol engine kicks in, but I do miss the instant torque of my previous V6 diesel that had 400nm of torque. The 530e claims it has 420nm of torque when everything is working together, but can't say it feels that way, perhaps because the powerdelivery is smoother, not sure. I personally wouldn't go for a 530e if you can't plug it in. You could use battery control to charge the battery up to a specified % with fuel while driving ... but then it doesn't make much sense
  13. Hybrid5

    530e - digital speed / edrive mode

    oh really, that's great ... I'll need to look into that then I thought it was only in combination with the alpina dials, where it then shows the speed instead of the clock (which would have been good enough for me) ... but it also changes the scale of the dials a bit because the alpina dials go up to 200mph or something ridiculous
  14. I've only been driving my 530e for a couple days now ... only have 90 miles on the car I'm mostly driving in "comfort" and "auto edrive", is there a way to get the speedometer show the speed in numbers instead of dials? (like in sport mode). I thought there was a way to configure sport mode to individual, and there set everything to comfort, but once I put it in sport it always has the petrol engine on and I'd like to drive on electric as much as possible Do most of you use "auto edrive" ? I've tried max edrive and that feels just dangerous, I wanted to overtake a car the other day (while in max edrive) and when I gave full throttle it did close to nothing and showed a message that max edrive isn't available because I want too much power or something, and then the little engine kicked in and I could overtake just fine. It probably was just 2 seconds, but it seemed like forever ... wont be using that mode much then Maybe I just need some more time to get used to this drivetrain, I come from a V6 diesel ...
  15. Hybrid5

    Comfort seat question

    Those are the prices when you're speccing an M-sport, but indeed the price difference is small between the sports and comfort seats when you want the memory option. It' pretty obvious when you spec the car on the configurator, some dealers are just clueless