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  1. Hybrid5

    Comfort seat question

    Those are the prices when you're speccing an M-sport, but indeed the price difference is small between the sports and comfort seats when you want the memory option. It' pretty obvious when you spec the car on the configurator, some dealers are just clueless
  2. Hybrid5

    Delivery Leadtime

    ordered march 16th produced july 4th arrived at the dealer just last week (delivery was delayed by a month because of WLTP stuff) picking it up in 2 weeks, the wait is almost over so 6 months for a 530e m sport
  3. If you go for the Electric front seats with memory, I'd go with the comfort seats where this is included. At 25-30k miles/yr you may also enjoy the adaptive cruise control. not sure if the 530e is the ideal choice for that kind of mileage, but I'm sure you've done the math and it works out best for you in some way.
  4. Hybrid5

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    It's also country-specific, the split folding rear seats come as standard with all 5 series in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands etc ... as far as I know it's only in the UK that they are not included as standard (but in the UK you have the prof nav, dab radio and multifunction display as standard) So in the UK you either pay the extra or you get a fixed back-seat, period
  5. Hybrid5

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    isn't it an option to just do it by remote coding? then nobody needs to travel. use 1 coding cable and send it to the next person by mail for £5 when you're done with it, if the software that's needed can't be installed on the local pc then there are options like "USB over internet" etc
  6. Hybrid5

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    My previous car had split folding seats, owned it for 10 years and can't recall them being in the folded down position for more than 5 times over that entire period The other day I spotted this pic that makes it seem like there's a bit of a gap between the sections ... makes me think a full backseat will block out (road)noise from the boot a bit better.
  7. Hybrid5

    Service notifications

    I have no clue what else can be done once you're in there, but there is a way to get it to stop nagging I'm sure I'll have to do this also eventually as I don't do many miles either. For those who want to try the service menu: Unlock code is sum of last 5 digits of your VIN
  8. Hybrid5

    Service notifications

    Engine off.Press the start button 3 times very fast (no brakes).Wait 10 seconds.Press the trip reset button and hold (bottom left of instrument cluster) until oil interval menu pops up.Press trip reset and hold for 2 seconds.Confirm by pressing trip reset and holding for 2 seconds. I got this from another forum, haven't tested it myself but maybe worth a shot if it's really bugging you. This will actually reset the oil interval, so need to keep track of it yourself from then on (until the actual oil service has been done that is)
  9. Hybrid5

    Speed Limit Display?

    £300 seems pretty steep no? Perhaps its the coding service that accounts for half the cost. Apparently there is also an FSC available to enable lifetime (so no subscription) apple carplay for £100
  10. Hybrid5

    Icon lights failing?

    Hope the color-temp will be the same, for my current audi A5 there are various color-temps ranging from bright white to somewhat yellow ... PITA if you need to replace them, you almost have to buy a pair from the same batch
  11. Hybrid5

    New 540 ordered...

    Too bad, could be the "new" doorhandles already have the NFC chips in them, but just don't do anything yet until there's a software update ... just to keep it exclusive to the 8 series for now. Once it's available it should show up somewhere in the connected drive app. Seems to me the cluster without the rings is a bit easier to clean, visually not much different with the ignition on.
  12. Hybrid5

    New 540 ordered...

    Since yours is a MY2019, do you happen to know if it has the "digital key" , so you can unlock the car with your phone/watch (NFC) I'm one of those tech-geeks who'd be using his smart-watch to unlock the car with NFC ... would be great because I didn't order keyless entry.
  13. Hybrid5

    New 540 ordered...

    looks great, loving that satin alu window trim on a dark color with SPG ... pretty rare on the m-sport so thumbs up!
  14. Hybrid5

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    Looks like deliveries of the WLTP 'ready' 530e's are being delayed. There was a report that in The Netherlands they were unable to deliver 530e until at least august 20th because the paperwork isn't ready yet. I just checked with my dealer in the UK and he comfirmed (with a screenshot) that my 530e is being held in production for this reason. (well assembly was completed first week of july). Can't tell if it's actually a MY2019, but shows an option "zo2: Model Year CO2 Change" New expected delivery is first week of september ... ugh
  15. Hybrid5

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    Nothing is for free, it's included in the base-price but I get what you mean. I don't really mind BMW charging extra for it, but them turning it into a subscription based service is a bit silly. Unless the "wireless" carplay license requires BMW to pay apple a fee each year per VIN# that's using it. These days more and more software-titles are switching to subscriptions ... look at Photoshop etc. In the USA people are getting CarPlay free for the first year.