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  1. Hybrid5

    530e cooling fan

    what kind of charge speed are you using? it may indeed just be cooling down the battery pack, ever heard the fans on a Tesla while it is supercharging? pretty loud
  2. Hybrid5

    Build week to delivery

    I've been told build week 27 (first week of July) and delivery by end of July. If you went for extra services like the "paint protection", this may cause some delays ... but can't imagine 4 weeks (unless the kid who does it for them is on a holiday in august )
  3. Hybrid5

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    I would think the pre MY 2019 will still have the slightly lower emissions (on paper) only if you go for the wheel codes 931 or 9WR (those are not the 20" styling 759) you end up with the highest co2, in case of the 530e that will be 52 all other codes will result in 49gr, except for the (small/narrow) 23F, 23U and 27C wheels it will be at 47gr For me its important the co2 stays below 50, originally was 46 but might end up being 49, so still fine with me. Another 2019 feature will be the "digital key", so you can unlock the car with NFC not sure if this will be a standard feature
  4. Hybrid5

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    I also liked (and preferred) the chrome bits on the door handles, certainly on the darker colors and in combination with chrome or aluminium window trim, if I do end up getting a MY2019 perhaps I can trade them with somebody who doesn't like the chrome Glad the side vents will still be in the same finish as the window-trim
  5. Production for the 5 series MY 2019 will start in July (week 27) see attached pdf. (and my 530e M-sport happens to have build-week 27 ) what I "know" so far: * petrol engines will get a particulate filter WLTP co2 figures for the 530e jump from 44-49gr to 47-52gr (most will have 49gr, 52gr is only with certain 20" wheels) * The chrome rings on the full digital 6WB cluster will be gone (except for the M5), the dials will remain the same (assuming for now, perhaps later this year an over the air update will come available to change the dials to the new style dials as in the new X5?) * The chrome doorhandle-inserts are removed even in combination with ambient-light ... good news for those with shadowline * extra exterior colour available: frozen grey If somebody has additional info, feel free to share here 2019MY_Production_Info.pdf
  6. Hybrid5

    G30 530e - Driving in Europe

    I plan on getting me one of these adapter leads (instead of a regular travel-adapter), and charge at 10amps to keep it safe https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-1-gang-socket-to-euro-schuko-plug-adapter-lead/122501515793
  7. Hybrid5

    Real world mpg and range

    The 530e indeed has the same engine as the "regular" 520i ... some countries like Turkey and Greece put a 1.6L, 170hp engine in the 520i
  8. Hybrid5

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I didn't go for comfort access or powered bootlid, but when I was configuring my car I was also under the impression that comfort access included the electric bootlid ...
  9. Hybrid5

    black, ALU or chrome

    the chrome bit on the door handle will always be chrome, the wing vent will always match your window trim
  10. Hybrid5

    New 520D - max £40k

    I would: * get rid of the wood inlays (the reflections in the glossy wood trim would drive me bonkers :)) * remove high beam assist * drop the 18" wheels upgrade, buy a set on ebay for about the same price and sell the standard wheels it came with (or use them to put winter-tires on) that gives you about £1500 left to play with 175 should go to the fog lights 375 to the reversing camera 275 to lumbar support and then either 395 to the advanced sound system, or if like me you don't care about a sound-system in your car, 475 to sport seats
  11. Hybrid5

    530e - Just orderd

    update: build week 27 (1st week of July), expected delivery end of July so a little over 4 months between ordering and delivery, i'd say that's not too bad
  12. Hybrid5

    530e - Just orderd

    Thanks for confirming
  13. Hybrid5

    530e - Just orderd

    I ordered a 530e M-sport, black sapphire metallic, sun protection glass and .... matt aluminium exterior trim Ordered on march 19th, expected delivery in September (ugh) ... no confirmed build-date yet. Hoping to get it sooner as I've read the production of 530e's has recently been doubled (according to https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/buying-and-selling/2018-03/bmw-cuts-model-range-as-new-wltp-test-looms/) Was just wondering, do all G30's have that chrome insert in the doorhandles ... or is it only those with comfort-access and/or soft-close? I've seen a couple pictures of a G30 (m sport and regular) that didn't have those inserts but weren't UK spec cars. By browsing the g30's that are for sale, just about every car has the chrome inserts ... even the low-spec ones where I doubt they went for comfort-access (it's not a cheap option).