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  1. Duff

    Headlight adjustment problem.

    Thanks guys, getting it manually adjusted at the weekend. Any idea where to start looking for the reason the leveller wheel beside the light switch isn't working?
  2. Hey guys, I've recently bought an LCI e60 with halogen headlights that comes with the manual light leveller next to the light switch. Problem is the leveller doesn't adjust the headlights at all and they're constantly stuck on the lowest setting, illuminating only a small bit of the road. They guy I bought it of mentioned that he got new headlights fitted as the old ones were cloudy so I'm thinking maybe the connection for the leveller wasn't put back in or something? Any one have any idea where it's located or how to check? Thanks.
  3. Duff

    e60 iDrive flickering.

    Thanks a lot for the info. I'll get BMW to look at it and go from there. I've found a site on Google that repair your CCC once you send it to them and they post it back and it only costs 250 or so which isn't too bad.
  4. Duff

    e60 iDrive flickering.

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds expensive to replace, any ideas on how to determine if that indeed is the problem and how much roughly I should be paying for a new unit if so? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, Today I pulled in to fill up the tank and when I started the car after doing so, the iDrive screen flashed on and off with lines through it and made a sort of re-boot sound. This continued on a loop the entire 15 minute drive home with nothing working (radio,cd,aux) just the screen remaining black with the intermittent flash of the idrive screen before going back to black. I've gone back out to the car after it being off for about an hour and started it up and it's working perfectly again. This has never happened before. Any idea what the culprit could be? Thanks.
  6. Spent 5 hours detailing her today. Paintwork was in a bad way with swirls and oxidation but the hard work was worth it. It's amazing how carbon black can look blue/purple in certain light when it's clean.
  7. My newly purchased e60 520d M Sport has a crappy after market gear knob fitted. Looking for a nice oem or similar M Sport one to replace it with. Cheers.
  8. Duff

    Swirl flap blanking plate size

    Cheers for the info. I'll take a look later and try figure out.
  9. Duff

    Swirl flap blanking plate size

    Sorry to hijack, but does this mean a 520d M Sport has 22mm?
  10. Duff

    e60 BST cable - Which part?

    Cheers for that. Think I'll chance that emulator! I seen the video for the 2 ohm resistor but his cable looks different to mine.
  11. Duff

    e60 BST cable - Which part?

    Cheers. Just priced one from BMW ..230 quid for a cable! Is there any point getting a used one from eBay or somewhere or will the likely be blown?
  12. Hey guys, Had the seat restraining system notification pop up on the iDrive and got it scanned and the results were 93A9 - belt tensioner driver, 93AA - belt tensioner passenger and 93B2 safety battery terminal. I was told I need a new BST cable. Problem is I'm not sure which cable or part I need. Can anyone tell me from this pic I took what I need to get exactly? Cheers.
  13. Hi guys, First post. Bought an LCI e60 520d M Sport over the weekend and it came with two problems that need sorting. 1 - The vertical headlight adjustment wheel to the right of the steering wheel does nothing to the headlights when moved resulting in the already crappy projector halogens stuck in their lowest setting, lights hardly any of the road in front of the car. Any idea what the problem could be? 2 - The seatbelt restraining system/airbag warning lights are on. The guy I bought the car off got it diagnosed from BMW right before I bought it and showed me the results which are 'Belt tensioner passenger and driver' & 'Safety battery terminal' problems, and was told he needed a new BST cable. These are over 200 quid new and was wondering if a second hand one from eBay etc would work or am I better off going through the dealer? Cheers.