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  1. Hi What would be the most likely dealer fitment for a 1987 lux e28? I guess it would be Blaupunkt but there are so many models. Has anyone fitted something new that looks convincingly old? Thanks
  2. Correct stereo for 1987 lux

    What do you think about these as a convincing match? In 12v version without the CD player https://www.continental-automotive.com/en-gl/Trucks-Buses/Interior-Cabin/Infotainment/Radios/FM-AM-Radio-with-CD-USB-Bluetooth
  3. Who does original seat material?

    Thanks for your help. At least i can rule it out and look for a near match trim for a local upholsterer to do. Have sent you a pm also
  4. Hi I have found a local upholsterer but do you know where they can get the original oyster beige type velour fabric for my 1988? Is there a known supplier? Or even a 'kit'? Thanks
  5. Beige cloth seats wanted 1988 e28

    Yes will do. Mine are that light green and in Herringbone too so just need some beige ones to turn up
  6. Hi I was wondering whether anyone had some beige cloth seats in vgc that they were looking to part with. I have a set but they're light green so not 10 pc correct.
  7. Beige cloth seats wanted 1988 e28

    Sadly Steve is unable to help but I will use him to sort my timing belt so a good contact. If anyone else has some front and rears let me know.
  8. Beige cloth seats wanted 1988 e28

    Thanks very much for your tip. I've just dropped him an email. Much appreciated Howard