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  1. mgs41987

    ncs expert issues

    it doesnt work with e60
  2. Looks like vin has been changed whats involved in changing the vin, they must of done most the work because the mileage is either correct or they got a second hand instrument cluster with a near mileage. as far as im aware the eprom chip has to be changed and correct mileage applied, otherwise a tamper light comes on (which i dont have) if anyone could let me know what to look for or what tool (winkfp or tool32 etc) to use that would be great there are other modules with corrupted vins or not requiring vins if any one can shed the light on them too
  3. mgs41987

    ncs expert issues

    found out my issues, my kombi has been changed in the past and has the wrong VIN, along with a few other modules either been changed or corrupted how easy is it to change vin uif.xps
  4. mgs41987

    ncs expert issues

    Hi guys im all setup now, im trying to set tcm checks etc to not active in my kombi module (getting SOS error) i would do it through the TCUM but i dont have that module. basically i select coderien lessen read and close netto open file with coding tool as ncs dummy never opens it change what i need to change save man file go back to ncs expert change to sg codeiren execute job and i get an error From what i translated its not finding any changes in the man file. im thinking it maybe my profile not selecting the man file to overwrite with or something similar any help to get it to write the file to the kombi would be great
  5. mgs41987

    Winkfp update kombi module with dcan cable

    good point, i dint think it will solve my issues but il try that first
  6. hi people, i need to try and update my kombi to get defaults back, i have the latest spdaten and everything all set up. have a battery charger ready etc but majority of people say dont do it with the dcan cable and only do it an icom Everyone elses thoughts
  7. mgs41987

    Is ISTA P safe to use and update

    got a few Kombi errors, i think it was replaced and they never updated the VIN
  8. mgs41987

    Is ISTA P safe to use and update

    only reason i want to do it is to try and sort out my service issues on the ccc, thought it would be best to update first then try sort issues
  9. mgs41987

    Is ISTA P safe to use and update

    not using icom using a kcan usb obd cable. it seems to think it would take 20 mins
  10. installed ista P all working and its come up with a measure plan. is it safe to continue or is it likely to brick me, also its not included a ecu file (thankfully as i dont want my remap being destroyed) measures plan.pdf
  11. UPDATE, with ista d i reset service measures. i then re checked on ista d and the new values was accepted. but on the car still in yellow. a bit more research and this happens when replacing the kombi and not doing the VIN correctly. i thought i would check with ista p and see what it throws up and it wants to update kombi with alot of other associated modules. is it safe to do so. last thing i want to do is brick it. measures plan attached and screen shot of service. also if i update these modules will it overwrite my ecu with a standard map measures plan.pdf
  12. incorporated them with coding tool and got the bmw tool kit
  13. based in devon mate, i have dis(but only ever loads once then nothing again, im in the middle of getting ista. delphi says functios complete but it on the car no change, i did try inpa but it goes into german on instrument cluster and there is no option for activate to reset cbs (looked at various methods)
  14. Still no joy, its like there is modules missing or something, my idrive does not match any youtube videos. if i go and attempt to do coding on it all the modules i want to access dont exist like cappl . if anyone can help please do i am at wits end all i want to do is simply disable this sos crap (car does not have sos anyway) and reset the service stuff but there is no physical way of doing it
  15. https://mega.nz/#F!0SQxCLKb!MWynfn4lpijCClt39b8NwQ Paid for this, its 16gb compressed and has all models - Cars data needed for BMW EDIABAS software (INPA, NCS-Expert, WinKFP). - Those files contain EEPROM flash images, diagnostic communication and coding settings for specific models. - Since those files are very large it's possible to download and install data packages required only for specific model and groups. ALL MODELS : E36 E38 E39 E46 E52 E53 E60 (E61, E63, E64) E65 (E66, E67, E68) E70 (E71, E72) E83 E85 (E86) E89 (E81, E82, E84, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93) F001 F010 F020 F025 R50 (R52, R53) R56 (R55, R57, R60) RR1 (RR1, RR2, RR3) I have paid for it so rinse it whilst you can