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  1. It’s a Cob

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Just out off curiosity have you tried starting the car as my dash cam doesn’t actually start charging until the cars started even though there’s power to it maybe that is the same
  2. It’s a Cob

    iDrive issues

    If you have tried the original disk and still no difference I’d be inclined to think disk drive maybe try running a disk cleaner through it see if it makes a difference
  3. It’s a Cob

    iDrive issues

    will it allow you to put nav on main screen still
  4. It’s a Cob

    iDrive issues

    Press arrow view should put you back into nav
  5. It’s a Cob

    Wiper arm

    Thank you ordered:)
  6. It’s a Cob

    Wiper arm

    Can I have a price please for driver side wiper arm ct99158
  7. It’s a Cob

    Cigarette lighter socket

    Thanks for the reply’s guys will look into it
  8. It’s a Cob

    Cigarette lighter socket

    Hi guys is it me or are none of the 4 cigarette sockets permanent live as plugged a cooler box in and all turned off when i turned ignition off I’d have through boot one at least would have been
  9. It’s a Cob

    E60 window screen trim

    Not sure on the bmw but I had a screen changed on my A6 last year and they just pulled off might not be same but worth a try
  10. It’s a Cob


    Hi new to the forum just purchased e61 530d m-sport already had first problem of under achieving water temp changed both thermostat after reading forum and getting guidance all is now good sure they will be other problems along the way