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  1. Hurly_Dog

    Roof bars and roof boxes

    If the lock has a code on the barrel, such as N123, you can get a.set of keys cut to code for Thule roof boxes. I just had to do this and the keys were spot on. Plenty of locksmiths on eBay advertising them...
  2. Hurly_Dog

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    The voltage monitoring kept giving errors on the I-drive as the parking mode was draining the battery (although very minimal). The power magic was set to cut off supply at 12.8v. Never had a problem starting the car. With the Cellink Neo fitted the errors have disappeared and I get around 36 hours of parking mode before the battery has depleted. I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to open the car with the display key, which is usually the only key I use and therefore no key blade is carried for emergency use...
  3. Hurly_Dog

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I've had a BlackVue DR650S 2 channel for about three years and it has been faultless. In previous vehicles I have used a power magic type device, but have had to use an external power supply in the 5. Highly recommend the BlackVue.
  4. Hurly_Dog

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Must admit, I once went out to look at a new kitchen while the Mrs was at work and returned with a shiny new R1 (Now ex Mrs)
  5. Hurly_Dog

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    I doubt that they have offered camera and an external power supply at that price. The DR5590W-2CH is around £290 on its own. The cellink neo 6 is £240. I expect they are offering the power magic pro, which just cuts off power when the car's battery voltage drops below a set value. An intelligent hardwire kit if you like. This is the setup I had in my previous car, but caused low battery warnings in the BMW.
  6. Hurly_Dog

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    It taps into an ignition feed and when it senses the feed is live it charges the unit, which then powers the camera. When the ignition feed is off it sends the signal to the camera to switch to parking mode and will run until the inbuilt battery dies. I have installed a similar camera in the wife's car, but used an ignition feed so it's only on with ignition, much like your suggestion of tapping from the drivers side fuse box.
  7. Hurly_Dog

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    I have installed a Blackvue camera in my G30 using a Cellink Neo 6 battery pack. I used this because I wanted to utilise the parking mode capability. The battery is installed in the boot next to the main battery and takes its feed from a spare fuse in the fuse box behind the offside panel. It gives around 30 hours of parking mode with a dual camera setup and no low battery warnings on the i drive. If I just wanted a camera for driving then I would have hard wired to the fuse box in the drivers footwell as @sjack has done. I can recommend the Cellink battery for those who want parking mode, even though it is a bit pricey.
  8. Hurly_Dog

    Which Tyre

    The cheaper MOE versions are exactly the same as the original tyres. Had mine fitted today.
  9. Hurly_Dog

    Which Tyre

    Saftlad, if the cheaper tyre has the * marking, then it is BMW approved. My original tyres are MOE Extended, RSC, * marked. I have an appointment at 11am today to have two new front tyres fitted. They are the same, but from black circles. I will let you know if they are indeed the same as OE.
  10. Hurly_Dog

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Yes, Chandlers Ford. I first used Ruth's services when she also did body repairs and her work was a really good standard for bumper scuffs etc. I don't think she has been doing body repairs for about ten years now...
  11. Hurly_Dog

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    That looks like Ruth - recognise the barnet. If so, she has done some work for me in the past and has been excellent...
  12. Hurly_Dog

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    20181006_140835.mp4 I have just had mine done by Simon too. He had the FSC code within 24 hours and is local to me, so came to me. It works flawlessly. My HUD speed turns red if over the limit, plus I get the red line in the cockpit display. Here is a video of the cockpit (apologies for the poor quality) I could not get a video of the HUD worth uploading. The cameras are picking up the signs, as my limit turns to 10mph as I drive past a school entrance with a 10mph limit sign. 20181006_140835.mp4 20181006_140835.mp4
  13. Hurly_Dog

    Parking sensors

    Same here. I find it worse when raining for some bizarre reason. Backing into my flat driveway often triggers the auto brakes to apply, even though there's no obstruction.
  14. Hurly_Dog

    Google maps finally

    My experience of the BMW nav is that it is pretty accurate with ETA taking into account the traffic conditions. The only exception I had recently was due to a road closure after an accident, where Waze may have been quicker to notify. It has been so reliable that I can call the wife so she has my dinner ready within a few minutes of arriving home - surely the most useful aspect of an accurate arrival time