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  1. Steve M

    Rear suspension drops randomly

    @Matthew Ashton When I mentioned that I thought the ride is sometimes a little hard, I didn't mean as hard as the car being on the stops - I experienced that when the pump gave up and it's nothing a bumpy as that! It just feels as though the car isn't as smooth over bumps as normal for a minute or two (perhaps until the pump gets the right pressure in the bags). Anyway, took the car into a local BMW independent as I was passing the other day and he didn't think it was anything to worry about although he did say that it's best to recalibrate after fitting a new pump, so will get him to do that with the next service as I don't have the right equipment. In the meantime, I decided to take a look to be sure no air was leaking. Jacked it up to remove the cover and it was very high when I dropped it back onto the wheels but it released the air after a few seconds to bring it down to the normal level. To test it out, I sat in the boot with the engine running and the pump kicked in - got out and some air was released. I checked the air lines and couldn't feel any air so got back in the boot and the pump went off again. Got back and the air was released. So, I'm inclined to believe that it's normal functionality. Hey ho!
  2. Steve M

    Rear suspension drops randomly

    @Matthew Ashton Thanks for your reply. I may be imagining it but the ride can feel a little hard for the first minute or so of driving, until the compressor pumps the bags up again. Do you also find this? I'm wondering if I should take it into to have the sensors re-calibrated as suggested at the end of the article as it seems odd that so much air is let out when I get out only to be topped up again when I next set off.
  3. Hello everyone, After fitting a new Aerosus compressor to my FY12 F11, I've noticed that it randomly leaks air once the engine is switched off (it's possible that it leaks air while I'm driving but I've never heard it over the noise of the engine). It only leaks for 2-3 seconds so the back doesn't drop completely, then I'll hear the compressor run for a bit a few minutes after I next start driving. I had one of the bags replaced at the end of last year and it seems to drop down equal amounts on both sides, so I don't think it's them. I thought it may have been a faulty relay (I swapped the relay when fitted the new compressor) so I put the old one back in but it made no difference. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the cause? I'm pretty sure it didn't happen before I replaced the compressor. Thanks, Steve
  4. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    Is this the repair kit you're talking about: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-7-F11-Air-Suspension-Compressor-Piston-Seal-Air-Dryer-Repair-Kit/112401359127?hash=item1a2ba4a117:g:3FEAAOSw0ndZ61FG
  5. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    @GoNz0 - Thanks for coming back to me - having followed the pipe round, am I right in thinking that the inlet in the in NSR wheel arch? Can you tell me where on the arch the inlet is? I've tried to find it and brush as much crud off as I can but I can't get to the top of the arch with the car sitting so low down (I can't jack it up at the moment as I didn't realise until I went to fit the valve that I needed a jack adapter pad!).
  6. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    The saga continues....Bought a replacement Wabco valve from fleabay and fitted that this afternoon as the suspension dropped again the other morning. However, it hasn't fixed the problem and the airbags are still not inflating. The compressor comes on when the ignition is on (it appears to be triggered by simply opening the door) and runs for about 45 seconds before switching off, but the car rises no more than a few millimetres. It makes no difference if I run the engine. I've run the compressor with the brown inlet pipe detached and the pressure is lower than I was expecting. I also noticed that the sponge on the inside of the casing that surrounds the compressor is very wet. Can anyone tell me whether the air should be coming out under a fair bit of pressure and could moisture affect the compressor? If not, can anyone think of anything else that could be causing the problem? Thanks very much, Steve
  7. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    @GoNz0 - You're a legend...don't know why I was so gullible and took the dealer's word for it. That link was for an e61 but they've got one for an F11 too: https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw/5-series/f07-f11/bmw-5-f07-f11-air-suspension-compressor-valve.html. It's cheaper too! I'll be on the blower to the local independent in the morning!
  8. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    Went to drive the car down to the local dealer while the roads were quiet over the weekend and the back end came back up as soon as I started the engine. Took it to the dealer anyway to find out the cause of the problem and it turns out the air valve in the compressor was stuck open. Unfortunately the valve isn't available separately so the whole compressor unit needs to be replaced - at a cost of £1,500! Seems to me that the valve could have been affected by the cold weather brought in by the Beast from the East so I'm in two minds whether I should just leave it for now and keep an eye on it. However, can anyone give advice on Aerosus vs. Arnott replacements? The Aerosus equivalent is £288 compared to £620 (down from £925 with the Eurocarpart voucher giving 30% discount) for the Arnott, so there's a pretty hefty price difference. I've read on here that a number of people have fitted the Aerosus part but has anyone had any issues with them? Thanks
  9. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    @Hazzer321 Sadly, the same fix doesn't appear to have fixed my problem. I swapped fuse 182 with fuse 183 (also 40amp) but the suspension didn't rise when I started the engine. Would you mind answering a few questions: - Before you fixed the problem, could you hear the compressor buzzing when the ignition was on (but the engine wasn't running)? Mine does buzz while the ignition is on and for a minute or 2 after I switch it off. - Does your fuse diagram have the same symbol as mine for fuse 182 (looks like a window)? Looking at the diagram from my car, it looks like fuses 34, 37, 45, 131 & 134 correspond with the leveling suspension. - When you removed fuse 182, was the metal link in the middle broken? Mine isn't so I'm guessing there's nothing wrong with it. Thanks for your help, Steve
  10. Steve M

    Rear Air Suspension

    @Hazzer321 - I had exactly the same thing last night (replaced one rear airbag in January and then the back suddenly dropped last night on my way home - not a comfortable commute). I was starting to dread the need to replace the compressor, so your update has given me hope.