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  1. BRB

    Comfort seat question

    The buttons in this photo are not on a Comfort Seat. Or at least are different to mine....
  2. BRB

    Comfort seat question

    The passenger seat has the same functionality as the driver's.
  3. BRB

    G31 m-sport ride quality on 19" 664m alloys

    Good work. What spec did you go with?
  4. BRB

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    So what are the options for non-staggered 18" BMW genuine alloys? These seem to be the best in terms of operation and cost of tyres. We ought to have a list of wheels which are suitable for any 5 - Msport of not. We know that 619 and 684 meet this criteria. Any others?
  5. As above, I like ACC and comfort seats. Not that they would be my first change. I'd make sure I had a heated steering wheel for the relatively low cost.
  6. BRB

    Pick 5 options only!!

    I do. Never used auto park in anger. Did play to try it. I ordered this to get surround view, which is fantastic.
  7. BRB

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    Not sure. Have you checked the cost of winter tyres? When I looked I struggled to get the wider rears for sensible money. 275s were REALLY expensive......
  8. BRB

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    684s will fit over MSport brakes. Also a square setup, meaning good choice of winters. I chose a set of Goodyear UG8 ROF and paid £584 including delivery/
  9. BRB

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    684s will fit over M Sport brakes.
  10. BRB

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    Sorry - Not well written on my part. I meant to say these BMW G series one are NOT staggered.....
  11. BRB

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    BMW G series 18s are NOT staggered. It's this that makes them ideal for winter wheels.....
  12. BRB

    Factory Fit Towball G31

    Unladen in the garage.... It does tow higher than my F31 335dx by nearly an inch! Not sure what's going on once it's fired up and the air suspension is working.
  13. BRB

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    You need new eyes. I've flown back from hols today and needed an activity to stop me falling asleep.....
  14. BRB

    Factory Fit Towball G31

    Try these.
  15. BRB

    G30 530e - Driving in Europe

    Nothing. They adapt as far as I know. Have you been to Europe in the car before?
  16. BRB

    G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    I have an Anker Roav. It has a mini usb to usb wire included.
  17. BRB

    G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    I'm now looking to fit my dash cam. Wiring looks reasonably easy to route, but I'm interested in the connection. Piggy-back fuses are easy enough, but do people cut the supplied USB lead, or buy another lead, or buy and adapter of some sort? Thanks in advance.
  18. BRB

    Real world mpg and range

    G31 530dx on 19"s Average 41mpg. 47 is easy on a run if I watch myself. Tank is usually about 600 miles.
  19. BRB

    idrive car graphic

    Mine shows a G31 - I have a G31.
  20. BRB

    G31 on track

    We were at Donington Park on Friday, and the opportunity arose to have a bit of track time in the 5. The car gave a very account of itself. Very capable for a bus. Clearly some huge differences to the MX5 which was taken for the job! Track time would have me remove the comfort seats and replacing them with some plastic go-kart buckets.....! The most noticeable characteristic on track and pushing hard was the off-power understeer. The XDrive is very good when on the power, but has huge understeer tendencies when cornering without power. Nice to really be able to push the car safely and play with it. Tyres were very good. They did look a little 'used' after 10 laps.
  21. BRB

    G31 on track

    I didn't know that! What else is a breach? I'm trying to remember where the conditions are/were. Don't remember seeing them, actually. Guess they were part of what was signed on collection?
  22. BRB

    New 520D - max £40k

    I'd suspect it's £40k, but I don't know. I bought a set of 684 wheels, with new (200 mile) tyres for £800.... The only 'must' on your original list (in my opinion) is folding rear seats. Not that you can have them all, but the reverse camera, audio upgrade, sports seats, privacy glass, metallic paint, lumbar and fogs all have merit. If it were me, I'd have: - Metallic - I like the grey - BMW Advanced Loudspeaker - Lumber support - Steering wheel heating (it's the best thing in winter) - Headlining anthracite - 12v power sockets - Reverse Camera Overall list price....... £40,000
  23. BRB

    530e key fob

    There's a wireless charging bay in front of the gear lever, under the sliding cover. Or a usb socket on the key.
  24. BRB

    530dx towing

    Nice vans those. Mother and father have had Pastiche 520s and now a VIP 520. They're in Scotland for five weeks at the moment. Let us know how it goes when you get it out and about.
  25. BRB

    530dx towing

    Anyone else tow? Also, this is interesting: