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  1. HK would be on my list. Nice spec. Just have to wait now...
  2. Good work. What spec did you go for after everything?
  3. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    You'd make a great people manager. He wasn't sacked, we forced him to leave. There were no comments as far as I can see. Just a suggestion that this should be looked at like a project and that a different approach may be necessary. Seb has tried to get this moving and should be thanked. However, the 'leader' is asked a question and fails to respond. I've said before, but a picture of tumbleweed seems like a pretty un-confrontational way to deal with this. See point three, above. Also, see earlier comments. Decency is not a one way thing. I think you need to be more pragmatic. The response was not to start hurling abuse for the lack of reply. Neither was the lack of reply greeted by Taz with calls for Seb to leave the group. To be clear, this isn't about Seb. It's about an over-reaction to a picture of some tumbleweed. It's about two members of the group bullying by suggesting Taz leaves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sensitive flower who believes that someone has been wounded. But I do think that there are two sides to this.
  4. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    He waited five days for a response before posting that. @sjak92 I've said before, I have no issue with you. My gripe is with the two who are calling for Taz to be banned. It's farcical...
  5. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Have you actually read Taz's post? He's offered a helpful suggestion and been positive about it. He's certainly not spoiled it...
  6. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    This wasn't a dig at you @sjak92 I was careful to say that I'm sure that your lack of response wasn't disrespectful. However, two people have suggested that @taz101 should leave the group because he posted a picture of some tumbleweed in response to a lack of reply. I'm just redressing the balance.
  7. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Looks like a pretty un-confrontational way to say he didn't get a response. If I were making a suggestion to ease the burden on the OP, I'd be hoping for a reply. I think the lack of response could also be construed as dis-respectful, though I'm sure it wasn't/isn't.
  8. BRB

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Nope. Same in all modes.
  9. BRB

    Comfort seat question

    The buttons in this photo are not on a Comfort Seat. Or at least are different to mine....
  10. BRB

    Comfort seat question

    The passenger seat has the same functionality as the driver's.
  11. BRB

    G31 m-sport ride quality on 19" 664m alloys

    Good work. What spec did you go with?
  12. BRB

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    So what are the options for non-staggered 18" BMW genuine alloys? These seem to be the best in terms of operation and cost of tyres. We ought to have a list of wheels which are suitable for any 5 - Msport of not. We know that 619 and 684 meet this criteria. Any others?
  13. As above, I like ACC and comfort seats. Not that they would be my first change. I'd make sure I had a heated steering wheel for the relatively low cost.