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  1. BRB

    G30 530e - Driving in Europe

    Nothing. They adapt as far as I know. Have you been to Europe in the car before?
  2. BRB

    G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    I have an Anker Roav. It has a mini usb to usb wire included.
  3. BRB

    G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    I'm now looking to fit my dash cam. Wiring looks reasonably easy to route, but I'm interested in the connection. Piggy-back fuses are easy enough, but do people cut the supplied USB lead, or buy another lead, or buy and adapter of some sort? Thanks in advance.
  4. BRB

    Real world mpg and range

    G31 530dx on 19"s Average 41mpg. 47 is easy on a run if I watch myself. Tank is usually about 600 miles.
  5. BRB

    idrive car graphic

    Mine shows a G31 - I have a G31.
  6. BRB

    G31 on track

    I didn't know that! What else is a breach? I'm trying to remember where the conditions are/were. Don't remember seeing them, actually. Guess they were part of what was signed on collection?
  7. BRB

    G31 on track

    We were at Donington Park on Friday, and the opportunity arose to have a bit of track time in the 5. The car gave a very account of itself. Very capable for a bus. Clearly some huge differences to the MX5 which was taken for the job! Track time would have me remove the comfort seats and replacing them with some plastic go-kart buckets.....! The most noticeable characteristic on track and pushing hard was the off-power understeer. The XDrive is very good when on the power, but has huge understeer tendencies when cornering without power. Nice to really be able to push the car safely and play with it. Tyres were very good. They did look a little 'used' after 10 laps.
  8. BRB

    New 520D - max £40k

    I'd suspect it's £40k, but I don't know. I bought a set of 684 wheels, with new (200 mile) tyres for £800.... The only 'must' on your original list (in my opinion) is folding rear seats. Not that you can have them all, but the reverse camera, audio upgrade, sports seats, privacy glass, metallic paint, lumbar and fogs all have merit. If it were me, I'd have: - Metallic - I like the grey - BMW Advanced Loudspeaker - Lumber support - Steering wheel heating (it's the best thing in winter) - Headlining anthracite - 12v power sockets - Reverse Camera Overall list price....... £40,000
  9. BRB

    530e key fob

    There's a wireless charging bay in front of the gear lever, under the sliding cover. Or a usb socket on the key.
  10. BRB

    530dx towing

    Nice vans those. Mother and father have had Pastiche 520s and now a VIP 520. They're in Scotland for five weeks at the moment. Let us know how it goes when you get it out and about.
  11. BRB

    Missing Artist/Track info?

    My Gracenote has also begun working again. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. BRB

    Dipping Mirror

    I have it on mine. Built last month with dimming wing mirrors.
  13. BRB

    G31 530dx

    I'm now two weeks and 1800 miles into 530dx ownership and.... I love it. The car is everything I'd hoped for. I changed from 335d because (with an ear issue) it was very noisy. The 5 is lovely by comparison. Observations so far as follows: As per previous 5s, I'm inclined to drive more sedately, though not necessarily more slowly (if that makes sense). The 530d engine doesn't have the linear shove of the 335d. The 335d pulled more like a petrol engine through to nearer 5000 rpm. The 530 also suffers (?) as it's so quiet and smooth. You don't feel that you're making such rapid progress. I like the change lights in sports mode! The massage seats are great. I particularly like the lumbar setting. Soft close doors are a nice feature, but the doors close so solidly that 95% of the time they are unnecessary. The car tows very well. It's nice to have the electronically retractable towbar again. The boot is considerably bigger than the 3. Though the rear legroom is little different. The extra width helps to keep my dad off the idrive controller when he's with me as a passenger. I like the under boot storage. The fact that it's easy to see everything in there (owing to the shape) is great. ACC is excellent in so many ways, but I (sometimes) wish that I could set as 'normal' cruise control. It can be a little less than smooth with other vehicles about. And I do like the speed limit display - not ordered but came with ACC. I'm actually looking forward to getting my new winter wheels on. As 18s I'm interested to see what difference they make. The garage door opener is my favourite extra - cost vs happiness. Parking plus was bought for surround view. It's a good feature, but I sometimes find I'd just like a plain view from the side cameras. It can bedifficult to see how far away from the kurb you are on top view. HK is great. Glad I had it put in. The sound quality is vastly improved over the 3, I suspect because of the sound deadening. The only slight bugbear is the panel for the front camera. It's black, not grey. I do wonder why. I assume (can someone confirm?) that without the camera, the panel between the grills would be body coloured?
  14. BRB

    Advice on buying, please

    Have you seen the thread here on water ingress through the bulkhead? Worth a look.