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  1. Diesel - full tank range thread

    I suspect that cruise control can mean a better or a worse result, depending where it's used. I've always considered that consistency of speed is the main challenge when looking at efficiency. Cruise will help this when the road is clear and without roundabouts etc. My suspicion is that as cruise will not 'read the road' it cannot get to the same level of efficiency. EcoPro shows the distance the vehicle has coasted, but it won't disengage to coast to (for example) a roundabout. I think that cruise is only an economy tool when up to speed and on a long, clear trip.....
  2. 530dx towing

    Sorry all. Wrong link. Check out the swerve test.
  3. 530dx towing

    Anyone else tow? Also, this is interesting:
  4. Diesel - full tank range thread

    10 litres more, I think.....
  5. Diesel - full tank range thread

    But the tank will be larger on the 540i?
  6. Diesel - full tank range thread

    I like the idea of this. I'm game. Let's see what can be done.....
  7. G31 OEM stickers

    Found these on RealOEM. Not sure they would suit a grey car. Maybe someone with white?
  8. 530d vs 540d vs 550d

    An M5 won't be an estate. It won't be a diesel, so won't have the grunt for towing. And it won't have the economy. Beyond that, I'm sure you're right. Thanks!
  9. 530d vs 540d vs 550d

    I know many of us were disappointed that BMW UK did not choose to bring th 540d or the 550d to these shores. I left behind a 335d when I collected my 530d and (whilst the 5 is so mauch better in nearly every way) would have loved the option for the slightly more powerful engine. I found a comparison of the four engine options. Link here It was interesting to me that there was not too much difference between the 530d and the 540d. My interest is now in the 550d..... How much difference is there between the two? I understand that there are four turbos and all the associated plumbing, but presumably there are different ECUs, control units, etc? Ultimately I'd love to understand how easily the 530d could be 'upgarded' to have a 550d engine. I've never really modded a car, and have never really felt that upgrades are worthwhile, but this has got me thinking. Thoughts appreciated.
  10. Load area cover problem

    It's working again now. I'll need to keep an eye on it. Maybe a software update when it next goes in for something..... Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Yesterday the load cover failed to retract. It did move about three inches, but then stopped. Next time I opened the boot it worked perfectly. Then again, it didn't open beyond the first three inches. I expect it's a control issue, rather than hardware. Am I missing something? Have I inadvertantly done something which means the extent of travel is reduced? Or do I have an issue?
  12. G31 530dx

    More observations.... Active Cruise Control This is really good. Makes motorways pleasant and is very consistent. The settings for larger gaps would cause issues with people getting impatient and undertaking. In turn, that creates one of the worst situations - a rapidly closing gap which means the car anchors on hard! Also worth noting that the car has speed limit display despite it not being specified. Comfort seats with massage. These are awesome. I read a comment from someone stating that if you couldn't get comfortable in these, you needed a new body. It's true. The massage function is great. Lots of choices and intensities which makes it usable. I tried massage seats in an S4 and they felt very unrefined. Surround view. Still getting used to this, but I'm not quite getting what I want from this yet. I'd like to be able to see curbs when pulling round to ticket machines in car parks. I'll try selecting a specific camera..... Homelink. Oh my. The simple things. Instead of fishing for the remote whilst pulling into the driveway, the button on the mirror is an easy option. Great few quid spend. Less helpful if you don't have electric garage doors....
  13. G31 530dx

    You can see the neck of the towbar in the first photo above.
  14. G31 530dx

  15. G31 530dx

    I once stood a set of tyres on concrete and, when they were moved, they left marks on the floor. That suggests some kind of reaction between the concrete and the rubber. We've had various cars 'live' in this garage, and some (my wife's TT convertible, for example) have stood for weeks without moving. It seemed sensible to take any precautions! Not sure if it's in my head, or whether there is any basis in science, but it's one of those 'can't do any harm' things.....