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  1. Anyone changed their exhaust in the hunt for a slightly sportier note and rumble? I've seen some you tube vids, but would appreciate any real life advice regarding options!
  2. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    Believe me after 20 years in the industry I am very familiar with policy wordings. How they get interpreted and implemented are very different at claim time.
  3. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    And, moreover the dpf's remove some pretty nasty toxins that otherwise the atmosphere and us would digest.
  4. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    It's not as simple as that. An insurer wouldn't pay for an undeclared mod - for instance if you changed your wheels and didn't tell them, they wouldn't pay should those wheels get nicked. If there's an injury involved, they are required by law to deal with the third party injury regardless. if your undeclared dpf-less car got nicked and recovered, and the adjuster spotted that the dpf was removed, they would still pay as the cause of the claim was nothing to do with the fact the dpf was missing. I'm more nervous about MOT time. I had the dpf removed on my last but one car, and the power turned up as far as it could go, and at full tilt it smoked like a para. It got through the MOT just, and only because it was a "friendly" MOT station. I think it's all a lot tighter now?
  5. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    I work for a large insurance group. It would only invalidate your cover if any incident resulting in a claim was caused by the dpf being removed. Which is highly unlikely! My last car got written off after I had an argument with a large puddle, and the insurer didn't bat an eyelid at the shiny straight pipe where the dpf should've been.
  6. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    Oh yes, it is very much on the menu!
  7. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    If I ditch the dpf, doesn't that make me illegal and nervous at MOT time?
  8. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    I'd say going for a petrol makes you pretty fussy mate, but in a good way!
  9. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    I waited ages for a 535d, MSport, HK, pro Nav, camera, sunroof and non-black leather Would've "compromised" only by having black leather, but I got there in the end!
  10. Buying a F11 535d

    +1 for the air ride, it is ridiculously sumptuous on the motorways. Predictably though, the 19's find the potholes really well!
  11. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    Boring talking about economy, this isn't a Kia forum but......... i I think my 535d is powered by a nuclear reactor, it just seems to sip fuel compared to the 335i. And I have a a clump right foot!
  12. New car time - decisions decisions

    Indeed. I had a blast in an '18 plate 330 xDrive earlier this week, and it felt so cramped by comparison. Perhaps the 535d is turning me into an old b'stard prematurely!
  13. New car time - decisions decisions

    Hmm. I needed more space than my previous ride a 335i Touring could give, and narrowed my choices to a 535d Touring and an A6 Avant BiTdi. I have to say, I was smitten with the A6, mainly for its noise, which is better than the 535d. However, the A6s are more expensive, and I found their specs confusing. I need my toys! Every single Audi main dealer I went to were complete time wasting arrogant tosspots. In the end, I am extremely happy with my fully loaded Battleship of choice - space grey 535d. The dealer was fantastic (I'm a fussy bugger) and it ticks more boxes than the A6. Just. My only slight gripe is that the 535d doesn't quite feel rapid enough compared to the 335i, but it's not really a fair comparison. As for the other contenders, you've got to love the look of the 435, the rest are just a pile of uninteresting carp from the Fatherland!
  14. Shocked at trade in value of F11

    Because you can boys, because you can!
  15. Shocked at trade in value of F11

    I must admit that whilst I'm enjoying the noise the 535d makes, I really do miss the sound of my old 335i!
  16. And, apologies, I'm new here but who is Mashed Potatoes?!
  17. I've just taken delivery of an F11 535d '64 plate which came with a year's BMW warranty. For the purpose of clarity, are you saying that if I had one of your remaps, and needed subsequent warranty work from BMW, they couldn't wriggle out of a claim because the wouldn't detect the remap? Would you stick your neck on the line and offer to meet the cost if BMW did detect the remap and refuse to pay? Also, interested on your thoughts on how the stock transmissions bear up under the extra fun put on them by your output claims! Lastly, how do I get one!
  18. What is the consensus on running premium diesel or not? Always put super unleaded in my previous ride, a 335i "just because", but is it worth the extra in an oil burner?
  19. I'm off on hols with the tribe soon, and we need more from than usual. Anyone have recommendations on a decent supplier and a decent box too. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd have to ruin the lines of my ride but needs must!
  20. Roof box recommendations

    Cheers all. Under a week into ownership and you lot have been most helpful!
  21. Discovered Comfort + yesterday, and I think it aged me 10 years. I found myself for the first time ever marvelling at how comfortable my car is! Like wafting on a magic carpet!
  22. Grade of Derv - 535d

    Only done about 300 miles, most of that today on the M40/A43. No real surprises if I'm honest. The 5 is lovely with lazy amounts of torque, gentle squeezes of the throttle and it rises like a hovercraft and accelerates like a jetliner. Obviously things calm down as the revs approach 5k. The noise is impressive too once underway. However, I'm already missing the work of art that was the straight 6 in the 335i. The power delivery, and noise really was something else. I moved up to the 5 for size reasons mainly, but didn't want to lose too much character and too much performance. I'm happy so far..... Petrol will always smell nicer though
  23. Grade of Derv - 535d

    I did wonder! 'Yes' or 'no' mate you decide!
  24. First time post, so please go easy on me! Is there a feature that lets me use the car to access wifi on mobiles and tablets? Never really played with Connected Drive much before, other than sending the car my destinations the night before from the comfort of the sofa! Mines a '64 535d MSport + with pro Nav.
  25. Newbie

    Hi All, Well after 6 months of deliberating, I finally chopped my rather delightful 335i Touring in for a 2014 535d Touring! It's well specced, with usual MSport + trimmings, pro Nav, reversing cam and a sunroof. It's space 'battleship' grey with oyster leather. Not had chance to chuck it around yet, but it certainly felt impressive on the way home. Going to have my work cut out with the oyster leather, and two wee 'uns but then I knew that!