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  1. goram

    Faulty infotainment system

    Mine has started doing this too. Seems to do it more when the engine’s cold. Warranty expires end of Feb so I guess I’ll be booking it in soon!
  2. goram

    F10 535d

    Not wishing to hijack the thread, but how different is it post remap, and where did you get it done?
  3. goram

    F10 535d

    It is truly intoxicating.
  4. Blimey, have we time warped back to the 70s?!
  5. goram

    F11 glass tailgate slowwww...

    Mines a slow riser too. But like me in the morning.
  6. How do I know when my 535d is regenning? I’ve just been made redundant, so my mileage has tumbled from about 800 miles a week to about 40, all of which is town stuff. Do I need to give it the beans on a run every so often, or is that a myth these days?
  7. goram

    DPF Regen question

    Ha ha! My old Alfa 159 used to stink when it regenned, and the boost gauge used to fly around too! the exhaust though, gained a lovely rumble. For an oil burner!
  8. goram

    DPF Regen question

    Cheers guys, much obliged!
  9. goram

    Brake disc wear

    How much ‘lip’ before the discs need replacing? My iDrive is saying change pads in 200 miles so it’s booked on for that. I have some ‘lip’ too, but the iDrive doesn’t mention discs. Cars on 43,000. The last 20,000 have been motorway miles since March when I got the beast.
  10. Are you sure yours has indicators? It’s a well known fact that they are optional on Beemers!
  11. goram

    Goodbye F10...

    We’re 20”s ever an option? I think they really finish off the A6s a treat.
  12. goram

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    They’re a decent bunch generally. A bit fussy, excitable mostly, occasionally angry. As you’d expect!
  13. goram

    F11 535i

    Gorgeous mate. Now I understand the need for a dog guard upgrade!
  14. goram

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    Tame, compared to some of the bitching that goes on on one of the Alfa forums I’m on!
  15. goram

    F11 535i

    Sooooo, what’s the pooches name?!
  16. goram

    Best car seat kick back mats?

    Awesome, cheers fella!
  17. goram

    Best car seat kick back mats?

    Have you got a link mate? I know how meticulous you are, which’ll save me a load of researching!
  18. goram

    Best car seat kick back mats?

    I’ve learnt something too! I’ve got camp freddy oyster too. And an 8 year old and a 6 year old so will be checking these out....
  19. goram

    It's all in the details

    My fillings rattle when pushing on in Sport mode.
  20. goram

    F11 535i

    Nice motor mate! I’m 8 months in on my F11 535d and I love it. Would’ve liked a 535i, having come from a 335i, but I average about 50,000 miles a year...... Oh, and I’ve heard they’re a bit rare
  21. Those alloys really alter the appearance of your motor don’t they!
  22. All done, no probs. Thing it must’ve taken them longer to clean the car than fix it!
  23. goram

    Comfort access and your insurance

    Admiral dropped my renewal by £180 last month to match an alternative. Still, not a cheap car to insure, but one of life’s little big luxury’s and all that!
  24. I get about 500 miles in my F11 535d, probably split one third town, one third very steady motorway, and one third “spirited”. I once squeezed 650 miles, but my word that was disciplined and not something I’d do again!
  25. Well, I’ll find out for sure tomorrow, it’s booked in at Coopers!