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  1. If you’re anything like us Goram’s, by the time you’ve paid for all the pastries, steaks, that tv you’ve always wanted for the kitchen, random shyte for the garden, and other sundry stuff it won’t have been cost effective!
  2. goram

    Front seats

    Sports seats Graham. I do a fair few miles too.
  3. goram

    Front seats

    Seats seem to be very hit and miss and quite personal. My 335i seats were gradually making me walk like C3PO, but the seats in the F11 I find sublime. Took a bit of persevering though to get the right position.
  4. Does anyone know if that tin box comment is true or not? I have heard it before but not sure if it works. I remember many many years ago a colleague having his steering wheel nicked off has Nova 1.2. They just broke in and sawed through his steering column. They even took his krooklock!
  5. I park on the roof. Alone, apart from one or two other fussy b’stards!
  6. Went to ikea and returned with a bunk bed, mattress, ceramic sink, 3 kitchen cupboards and 3 roasting dishes. I even had the missus, the mother in law, and my two wee ‘uns with me as well. How exciting!
  7. goram

    Insurance on 520d

    I work in Insurance, and despite what some have said on here about their first piority to not pay out the reality is very different. If you deliberately lie and say it’s your Mums car why would you expect the insurer to pay out? Moreover, if this happens you’ll make yourself almost uninsurable. if you add your Mum as an additional driver (and she has a clean record) that might help a bit. As the poster above has suggested try Knott and Flux. Under 21 males have a 50% chance of having a smash, which is why it’s so expensive. Driving a battleship doesn’t help, but we all pay for life’s great pleasures!
  8. What are you running on now mate?
  9. Had to replace the nearly new Goodyear Excellence, after the slight bulge caused by our sh1tty roads finally succumbed. £200 lighter.....always a pleasure!
  10. goram

    What price for next service?

    Indy all the way!
  11. I have VDC, and the ride caters for all moods. Comfort + is divine for long runs (I do about 50k a year) and Sport + turns the battleship into a well honed beast of a machine for its size and weight. I recently had a blast on the A43 from the M1 to the M40 and kicked the back end out a treat on every roundabout. That said, I’ve never driven a 5 without VDC so cant compare the two. As an earlier poster wrote though testers rate VDC very highly.
  12. My screen keeps rebooting itself. Not once up and running, but on short drives, and particularly when the battleship has been sat quietly getting hot in the sunshine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a likely side effect to this inclement weather we’re suffering, or is it potentially a family of gremlins starting to breed?
  13. goram

    IDrive on the blink?

    Cheers mate. No, I saw the issues some have mentioned on here about updated maps, so I’ve not bothered to do that yet. I’m kind of hoping it’s just the hot weather, which is when it seems to shutdown, and then restart. Bloody annoying. Either that or it could be that the missus sneaked a 5 Star greatest hits CD onto the hard drive, and it’s taken offence to that!
  14. Thanks for sharing mate! This works a treat! My wheel is like new now, whereas it had started to look as shiny as an old bus’s!
  15. Whilst fully loaded on the way to the tip this morning, had a little play with an E90 M3. There wasnt much in it tbh, which surprised me, although it was straight line fun only. Boy did it sound nice though!
  16. goram

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Sorry to hear this mate. Dunno what’s worse, the shunt or the ShLt they’ve given you to rock around in. Once you’re baby is back, your bond will soon be restored I’m sure.
  17. Apologies if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find a thread. Now the weather has got really hot Mrs Goram has decided that the clan should be out on our bikes. So , can anyone recommend a rack for two adult mountain bikes and two kiddies bikes? We aren't a family of Wiggins so I don't need the most expensive but at the same time I don't want to damage the battleship or drop a bike off inadvertently. Cheers folks.
  18. goram

    F11 Bike Rack Recommendations

    No tow bar sadly. My two boys bikes don't fit in the boot as we found out today, plus my black lab sits in there too. The tow bar and Thule combo Matthew posted looks decent but I was hoping for a cheaper option as we aren't going to be out that often. There's some racks which fit on the back for 3 bikes for about £30 but that seems too cheap to be true / safe?
  19. goram

    First world F10-series problems

    No advance button on the wheel to select the next track on the jukebox.
  20. goram

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Is there truly much difference to the economy if you disable the stop start? It is a little jerky to say the least. Mrs Goram puts it down to inept driving by me, but compared to the stop start in my 335i it feels agricultural in the 535d.
  21. goram

    Best courtesy car ever!

    Hmmm. Stop it. Had a 335i before, and I do miss that engine, pace and noise. Now, where's that lottery ticket....
  22. goram

    Best courtesy car ever!

    Interested in the G31 as a future replacement too. Would be interested to see how the performance compares to my 535d!
  23. goram

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Not yet. Had a long chat though when the battleship was in for a service. Although they say it is not detectable by BMW I don't want to risk the warranty. The gains are "considerable" apparently, but I think we all know that! They certainly love their Bob Marleys there.
  24. goram

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Grosvenor quoted £450 for a custom remap on my 535d.