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  1. goram

    Best courtesy car ever!

    Hmmm. Stop it. Had a 335i before, and I do miss that engine, pace and noise. Now, where's that lottery ticket....
  2. goram

    Best courtesy car ever!

    Interested in the G31 as a future replacement too. Would be interested to see how the performance compares to my 535d!
  3. goram

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Not yet. Had a long chat though when the battleship was in for a service. Although they say it is not detectable by BMW I don't want to risk the warranty. The gains are "considerable" apparently, but I think we all know that! They certainly love their Bob Marleys there.
  4. goram

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Grosvenor quoted £450 for a custom remap on my 535d.
  5. goram

    Re-map in or near Hampshire

    Have a chat with Grosvenor in Reading.
  6. goram


    Never mind all that (which does sound great fun by the way), does it really still attract the odd Shaz and Tracy?!
  7. Gave the old boy a right old caning on a 450 mile round trip from Berks to Cheshire and back. Even managed some fun on a couple of twisties as the shat Nav redirected. Never fails to amaze me that for a battleship that feels a bit floppy under 5 tenths, when you REALLY push on, it really comes alive and handles extremely well. Like a big hot hatch. Almost. All whilst being cosseted by lovely camp oyster leather! Marvellous!
  8. goram

    Fuel system cleaner

    Thanks mate!
  9. goram

    Fuel system cleaner

    Marquis, do you have the Newbury guys details - I'm Reading based and me leather needs looking at!
  10. Is there a way of unlocking the DVD player when the car is in motion? Just curious of course....
  11. goram

    Brake Pads replacement

    Cheers guys, much obliged!
  12. I'm on the countdown for a new set of front and rear pads. My local indie Grosvenor are quoting £400 an axle. Is that about right?
  13. goram


    How very random! Awesome mate!
  14. My father in law took a dump at Barons Cambridge a few weeks ago, and the place got evacuated shortly after as the fire alarm went off. We are ALL still paying for that!