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  1. Funnily enough, I just ventured out and noticed my near side rear dropped. It rose up again once the engine was started, but it seems from other threads it’s only going to get worse. Mines a ‘64 plate, 42k and still under BMW warranty - does anyone know if the warranty will pick this up?
  2. So, why is the aftermarket tuning scene so big then?
  3. Got a new MOT Cert with no comments!
  4. goram

    Eco Pro question

    I quite like Eco Pro. It reminds me of what people driving ordinary cars must experience.
  5. goram

    Remap or not?

    And, “the same engine in different states of tune” is common across pretty much every volume car producer. Remapping is common across all makes, and brands more premium than ours. My underwriting manager had his 911 remapped recently, and it’s common in his peer group too. Decent remappers will factor in emissions when tuning, so each map is bespoke to each car. There are plenty “off the shelf” options but that obviously raises the chance of problems. When I had my Alfa remapped, I also had the DPF removed and it still sailed through the MOT. However, I put it back on after being educated on the nasty health downsides.
  6. goram

    Remap or not?

    Yes, my remapped Alfa 159 became a bit of a beast post remap. And, 28mpg became 38mpg. 50,000 miles and no issues. i think I read somewhere though the 535d box has a max recommended torque rating at 700nm, but a remap can exceed that....
  7. goram

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Off topic (sorry) but are your ex-OB 530ds modified in anyway? Remapped?
  8. goram

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Oooh, matron!
  9. goram

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Looks decent mate!
  10. goram

    Remap or not?

    Cheers all. Not concerned too much about the insurance, it’s the industry I work in and it has some perks. Any long term experience out there? The performance gains seem pretty decent, but also interested in any gains or not in economy.
  11. So did my 335i. It’s in there somewhere!
  12. goram

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Nope. But that is one worn wheel mate!
  13. goram

    Remap or not?

    Hi mate. Yes, that’s the one I have. A few years back I had an aggressive remap on an Alfa, and the difference was staggering. The improved economy paid for the remap in a little over a year. I had no problems at all with it, well not until I ended up driving it into a river, but that’s another story! i have seen Mashed Potatoes thread, which is really interesting but he’s miles away. i guess I’m looking for real world experiences and as much reassurance as possible about long time reliability. Cake and eat it and all that!
  14. goram

    Remap or not?

    So, my late ‘64 plate F11 535d is in for its MOT next week. My local indie offers an “undetectable remap unless you drive it” with 60+ Bhp gain and huge more dollops of torque for £400. I’ve always had a need for speed. Whilst the 535d is no slouch as we know, I’m regularly thinking “just how fast could this go”. Ive got about 5 months of BMW warranty left. Obviously the extra torque is going to make itself known through the ‘box.... Any advice, or experiences out there?