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  1. BacktoBeemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Good news
  2. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Bollocks that's one heck of a delay. Still at least the thieving 'tea leaves' can't nick your 5 off your drive this week.......
  3. BacktoBeemer


    Thought I'd let you have this one - tempting as it was to jump in earlier. @mobilejo glad to hear you and the family have survived the ordeal unscathed - f'in bastards need to understand how life works and unfortunately our judicial system doesn't support that outcome, must have been one hell of an hour or so for you this morning..... Good old BMW Connected Services......
  4. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Cheers buddy.... Have beemer sorted you lights / control module yet or are you still in the 320?
  5. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Think I’d like to change the grill to black surround - any ideas how much it is.......
  6. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Display?

    TBH I’ve not had any issues with mine other than in roadworks where occasionally it misses the odd sign. I think it is good and acts as another pair of eyes in the car......
  7. BacktoBeemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Good luck on that one...... I’d like mine switched to black I reckon it would look great versus the silver....
  8. BacktoBeemer

    Arm Rest

    Much safer option. Turning the hard drive on and off and selecting tracks is much easier and safer than taking to CD out of the case putting it into the slot etc etc....
  9. BacktoBeemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Best I’ve managed was an RS3 whilst Audi serviced my S5 worst was a A1! Yet to experience the delights of a BMW Curtesy car as mines not due a service just yet and I’ll probably choose to work near to the dealer when they do so and let them ferry me to and from.....
  10. BacktoBeemer

    Arm Rest

    It is firm but very similar to my Audi IMO. I’ve not drawn blood yet.
  11. BacktoBeemer

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Suspect a lot of the iron on your Beemer comes from the train transit from Production to port in Germany - mine was the same. I had little since.
  12. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Car got a bit of a clean on Saturday evening when it had cooled slightly. It has now done 6.5k miles and returning 30.9MPG since new, which for a 540i isn't bad I guess. Couple of stone chips on the bonnet (the BMW Dealer has suggested he'll do these FOC for me !!) but many marks and chips on the air dam around and below the reg plate and fog lights. Bit of jeans blue dye transfer on the driver seat but it comes of easily enough with a wipe. All in all 3 months in, really pleased with it.......
  13. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    @sjak92 Me thinks you have too much time on you hands - but love it all the same - I see you have the white version (specifically for your car) can you knock me one up in Bluestone please..... @Yokozuna Providing when you got your E91 it was the 'refund edition' you'll be fine, you may find that after 5 years that you have to do a bit of detailing to reveal the 'refund edition' just below the X Trail badge on your boot........
  14. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    @Yokozuna - I'd have had to spec the X Trail boot badge to qualify for that?