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  1. BacktoBeemer

    Google maps finally

    No comparison - in what way?
  2. Driving Assistant Plus - cruise control drives itself in heavy traffic a real plus. Parking Assistant Plus - 360 degree view and auto parking very good. Took both of these but didn’t take the HUD and still think that was the right decision.
  3. BacktoBeemer

    G31 front doors - Squeaky when wet?

    Not encountered this and wonder if the comfort access (electric door locking) overcomes this issue...... That said now it has been mentioned no doubt I’ll notice it this week, certainly it is wet enough today.......
  4. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    @BRB Thanks for the feedback glad to know you think I'd make a great people manager, even if there is a element of sarcasm and a clear lack of understanding of leadership. The suggestion of bullying is not only totally inaccurate but also removes any credibility whatsoever to any of your other comments. As @sjak92 suggests I'm now moving on and would assume you will wish to do likewise. Great to see one or two have managed to get their coding completed - it's a great feature.
  5. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    As I'm the first one of the two who you suggest was calling for Taz to be banned I'll respond...... 1). My comment was.... Totally unhelpful and inappropriate - if I was organising and you posted that you be respectfully ask to leave the group, that is leave the group not be banned. 2). To post a picture of tumbleweed preceded by comments about the way the 'project' was being organised cannot in my mind be construed as helpful in any way shape of form. 3) Seb originally set up this thread at the end of August (prior to this he'd solicited views) so has committed his time and effort to this, and frankly to get this type of response isn't helpful. 4) The only farcical aspect of this is suggesting that tumbleweed and project management comments are defensible versus a bit of common decency and appreciation. 5) Oh and as for the 5 day wait, so what it still does not justify that type of response. All that said, it will be interesting to hear of the success and otherwise of each individual 'going it alone'.
  6. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    @taz101 If hidden behind the tumbleweed (or even in your prior post) was an offer of help or support then I missed that completely, but lets be honest there wasn't. Unless your offer of help was cuningly disguised and a recommendation that Seb signs up for a Prince 2 Project Mgt Coure. @BRB Balance is always good in life when appropriate. @sjak92 Apologies mate it may be that my comment resulted in you attracting totally unnecessary critism -- frankly if I'd be in your shoes I have bailed out weeks ago.
  7. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Must admit the interior doesn’t get the same care as outside
  8. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    @taz101 Totally unhelpful and inappropriate - if I was organising and you posted that you be respectfully ask to leave the group.
  9. BacktoBeemer

    Specification Advice

    Neither stick with the rhombicle std trim. It works fine on mine !
  10. BacktoBeemer

    Parking sensors

  11. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    @sjak92 @Chris Margetts @Johnyboy @carrman @Yokozuna @Andrew530dmsport @Boba @Back2Beemer @Monkeyfinger @AdamBell @dewidaniels @Steveo1 @BRB @Bluemoon68 @Coops @Hybrid5 @Carrera77 @G Whizz @Hudds.taz @jake13 @Hurly_Dog Quick view on car wash frequency - how often do you wash / clean your car and how long do you spend doing it?
  12. BacktoBeemer

    Parking sensors

    @SuperDave No problems with mine as yet, yep they do appear very sensitive to cars left and right when reversing but I'd rather have that than nothing frankly. @JohnyboyKeeping them clean will help or won't do any harm lol. @Dans Great example of why tow bars should be either banned (perhaps slightly extreme) or at least fold away when not being used.
  13. BacktoBeemer

    Connected Drive update

    How odd. Remote Services is / was the connectivity that permitted you to link through connected drive to the car. Remote unlock / flash headlights send messages / routes. Remote 3 D view comes as part of the Parking Assistant Plus option - at least it did on my 6 month old version !
  14. BacktoBeemer

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    No I didn’t attach three pictures but rest assured it works in Comfort Sport and Eco Pro modes up to 155mph evidently
  15. BacktoBeemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Ah however my commute is favourable 100 miles on good A Roads / A1 made 3 times a week and that helps....... Eco Pro will help but will never compensate for a real stop start journey.