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  1. Time to Change the Company Car

    Really what do they have to do once it gets to the dealer then?
  2. Time to Change the Company Car

    Looks like the race is on then - suspect you’ll win mines not due in the dealer until tomorrow by all accounts. What the heck are they moving yours on a steam engine, surely it can’t take a week to transport it from Soton to Newcastle? Sounds like that may have both come over on the same boat from Breamerhaven.
  3. Time to Change the Company Car

    Intresting start to the new week. Just been informed that the new car will be ready for delivery / collection from 2nd May - a week on Wednesday - last update from the dealer on the 16th April suggested 2nd July. Clearly the approach is ‘manage expectations’ and then over perform against those expectations. I’ve really no idea how this can be possible but I’m certainly not complaining. 8 Sleeps and counting....
  4. Diesel - full tank range thread

    Each to their own ! I'd take the 0-60 in 5s every time lol
  5. Reverse Camera G30

    Rather depends how you view it. I’m buying a package (in your terms) of hardware and software. I’m paying the price asked for both elements to function together correctly. Sure there will be failures from time to time but as I said in my original comment ‘there are a number’ and Beemer like any other manufacture must act to limit this. IMO the courtesy car bit is a red herring.
  6. BMW Production Issue - Sandstorm / Land Reclamation

    Well enjoy it when you finally get to collect it. As @BRB suggests the crossing from Breamerhaven to Southampton is sub 24 hours.
  7. BMW Production Issue - Sandstorm / Land Reclamation

    Well I am anticipating a delivery but know mine is yet to leave Production. 1) Total denial - nothing to see hear 2) An issue with ‘slime’ being deposited on a number (100’s) of cars awaiting transfer to port - Breamerharven I assume. Did you get anymore from your update?
  8. Reverse Camera G30

    Couple of points IMO 1) Few customers except 2 years to resolve issues ! We’re not paying beta prices but full price. 2) If I’d wanted a 730d or 640d I’d have ordered one of them, I didn’t so haven’t and don’t particularly want a courtesy car just because the car I did order doesn’t function correctly.
  9. Reverse Camera G30

    There do appear to be a number (not sure I’d say a significant number yet) of technology related issues ranging from the up and downs of BMW’s connected portal to, map upgrades, dipping reversing mirrors, operating systems and this reversing camera one that suggests the desire to offer the technology exceeds the capability to deliver it seemlessly. Come on Beemer you should be exceeding expectations not be disappointing........
  10. Parking Assistant and Active Cruise

    It is / was controversial. I’m happy to be aided reducing the risk of incidents feels to be a good thing. I’m a ‘keen driver’ love all aspects of it but welcome automation to support. Have you ever driven a Volvo - I haven’t so can’t comment.......
  11. @AdamBell has said on my thread........ My car was due into the dealership this week for delivery to me next week, I’ve just been informed it’s still at the port of exit due to a sandstorm. Its been delayed around 3-4 weeks due to the storm. Luckily not effected to the point the car has to go back to the factory like many others that BMW has put do not deliver notices on. I’ve heard nothing formally from my BMW Dealer or Genius, but have had a couple of unofficial comments from BMW contacts slightly contradictory comments at that........ Has anybody else heard anything?
  12. Diesel vs. Petrol

    Ha ha lovin this thread but he’s not biting.....
  13. 530e - Just orderd

    Are you serious - have Beemer really suggested a delivery before Christmas when you ordered last week? They must be hand crafting them........
  14. 530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    The warmer weather improves the range.......
  15. Diesel vs. Petrol

    It could be as simple as individual choice. That’s the great thing about living in the free world - other than it’s not free. I’m in the ‘Petrol Club’ for no reason other than I prefer it.....