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  1. Ok, so I've got 2 rear headrests dvds and the idrive output, they both go through a 'video inrerface' stuffed behind the glovebox. Now I think this part is b0lloxed - it has an inline fuse that kept going, now the unit won't power up at all, so I have no screen which is killing me! Below is a few snaps of the part, I've scoured the web this weekend and now have a migraine so am hoping you guys have one, or know where I can get one
  2. golfpaul

    Treated her to some quik detailing

  3. golfpaul

    Revs fluctuating (continued)

    Mine did the same thing, just disconnected and plugged it and the fluctuating revs went. Also smokes less now!
  4. golfpaul

    EGR and other Filter cleaning.

    Disconnect the vacuum pipe to the egr valve, and block it off. Sounds like your car needs a good service, a shot of additive, and a three digit thrashing.
  5. golfpaul

    Screen not working, help needed!

    Any help guys?
  6. golfpaul

    Screen not working, help needed!

    Thanks, that looks almost identical. I'm not bothered about watching dvd on the front screen, is there anyway of omitting this part completely? What I can't work out is why the cable goes from the CCC directly to this unit behind the glovebox, it's an aftermarket part but the cable is part of an OEM loom.
  7. golfpaul

    Screen not working, help needed!

    Can anyone offer any help on this? I'm struggling to find a wiring diagram for this setup, so that'd be a help. I don't think it's the CCC that's gone as the radio/cd still work and can hear the warning chimes, just seems to be the output to the screen. Like I said earlier, the module has power to it but appears not to be powering up.
  8. golfpaul

    Screen not working, help needed!

    It blew initially, then blew the replacement, it hasn't blown again. It has power to the connector but the equipment will not power up so I'm assuming the fault is with the aftermarket unit. I really need a wiring diagram so I can remove the aftermarket parts and hopefully return to original.
  9. golfpaul

    Screen not working, help needed!

    I need to suss this out, I feel sick driving around with the screen not working Does anyone know of a wiring diagram for this idrive setup for the 2004 E60?
  10. When I first bought the car a couple of months ago, the idrive screen didn't work, it turned out to be an inline fuse behind the dash that was connected to some equipment. Today the screen stopped, again it was the fuse which I replaced - then blew again. It appears this 'equipment' takes video inputs from the rear dvds and the CCC then sends them on to the screen, the led on the equipment is now unlit so I presume the part has gone. Can anyone help with sourcing a replacement, I don't think it's OEM.. Thanks in advance.
  11. golfpaul

    545i DIY Oil Service.

    Good work.
  12. golfpaul

    What's this button for?

    On holding the button, it puts the rear dvd onto the idrive screen, it has an av2 also so there must be an RCA lead somewhere for a camera or whatever.