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    Business Development Director - Accident Management. Wishing I had a hot tub like most people have on here!


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    G30 530d M Sport Plus. Range Rover Vogue. 420d M Sport Plus Xdrive

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  1. Andrew530dmsport

    Newbie questions

    No loss of pressure just a big egg in the side wall of the tyre. Dont recall hitting a pot hole but that’s what my friendly main stealer told me must have happened.
  2. Andrew530dmsport

    Newbie questions

    Hit a pothole with my 20’s on G30 and got an egg in the side wall. About £370 for a new tyre. Wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even know I’d done it, it was only seen during a morning walk round prior to a long drive. Guys at dealers said these are prone to issues. Good luck and welcome to the site. Cheers, Andy
  3. Andrew530dmsport

    First service cost

    25k p/a over 3 years. Service pack was £500. First service done a month ago.
  4. Andrew530dmsport

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    Have they fixed the pano roof problem ????
  5. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I've got one to on the lower part of the front air dam. Its only small but I see it every time I wash the beast. I feel your pain, you are not alone !
  6. Andrew530dmsport

    Steering wheel leather fading?!?

    I'd hope it would be !
  7. Andrew530dmsport

    Just ordered.... Back to BMW

    Careful !
  8. Andrew530dmsport

    Sun Roof - Refund Post - It Has Gone.....

    Gutted lads. I’m now going to have to work during the week rather than watch the thread. Did I mention I’ve got a problem with my pano roof? Dealers taking my car back and getting a refund. Just thought I should mention it in case there was any interest on the forum. Night night
  9. Andrew530dmsport

    Reverse Camera G30

    Please don't, I'm loving all this. Trying to work but the notifications just get better and better. I'm wondering if Xtrail is confused by his vehicles actual manufacturer.......could it be a Nissan Xtrail he bought ?? The guy is full of sh.t, I doubt he even owns a BMW. Probably some 14 year old kid sat in his bedroom with nothing to do. I'm usually a nice guy but this chap is a £42k wan£$r.
  10. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I'm loving all this, who's got what, do you have the button. I wonder if the later cars with comfort access did get the electric boot close. My 4 door is now a year old so one of the early models. Just been on the BMW site and it still shows comfort access as opening and closing automatically yet it also allowed me to spec on the conf screen electric boot operation. Even now the site still conflicts ??
  11. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    I've got this on mine but only auto wave the foot boot opening, no electric close. Looking at that, to me it reads that both opening and closing the boot are automated.
  12. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    She's mastered the kitchen so looking good so far ! Don't want to overload her. Will introduce new tasks gently as don't want to put her off my eventual goal of cleaning out the garage whilst I stand, direct and supervise.
  13. Andrew530dmsport

    idrive car graphic

    I must have a look at the trouble and strife's 4 Series as it sounds bloody terrible in reverse. Got it from Park Lane London, so I'd hope that all was done that needed doing.
  14. Andrew530dmsport

    Real world mpg and range

    My guy at the main dealer reckons the G30/G31 are the only cars BMW have made that get anywhere close to the figures they put out there for MPG. I've seen high 50's on a motorway run and not hanging about.