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  1. Andrew530dmsport

    Oil level above maximum warning

    This from another forum. Doesn’t bode well. Two days ago, I got an iDrive notification saying "Oil level above maximum". However, I didn't tip up oil or do anything to trigger it. BMW Assist ended up picking up the car as they didn't want me to drive around with it. I got my car back today. Dealer is saying it's a faulty reading from a sensor and they've cleared the fault by recoding the car. Apparently sensor itself is not faulty. Has anyone else got this fault? What caused it? Interestingly tow truck driver said, he's picked up quite a few BMWs with the same error in the last 6 months.
  2. Andrew530dmsport

    Oil level above maximum warning

    All I can report is what the main dealer quoted which was this message is now appearing more often on these vehicles. I’m going to check the oil to see what condition it’s in as if there is coolant in it, it will show. I’m also going to look for this warning on other forums and report back. The only saving grace is that they didn’t want the car immediately which if they knew of contamination I’d have thought would be the case.
  3. Andrew530dmsport

    Oil level above maximum warning

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but got a message flash up last night on the iDrive screen saying oil level above maximum. Had the car serviced a few months back at the main stealers and no issue with the amount of oil put in the vehicle. Called dealer today and this is a problem they are now seeing a lot I’m told on G30 and G31 vehicles. Yet another software update required at the dealers. I suspect from what I was told this is an emerging issue with the 5 Series. To add insult to injury, on the same day the EGR valve on our 420d is playing up so both cars will be at the dealers! Just need the Range Rover to go tech and they can have all three !
  4. Andrew530dmsport

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    I believe there is a sensor under the boot on the right hand side that looks like half a melon. If you move your foot in this area side to side it should open the boot. Not had any issues with this feature. If in doubt, have a look under the car and you’ll easily see it.
  5. Andrew530dmsport

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Mine is an early 17 vehicle. Rear camera doesn't work now and again. Rear shelf had to have a spot weld sorted to stop it flexing at low speed. Still having a real problem with the sound calibration especially with regard to the GC system. Basically its all or nothing volume wise which is pis.ing me off now on a £50k plus vehicle. One rotation of your finger and its like standing in front of Angus Young's amp stack ( ACDC for whoever is wondering who this is) Can't find anywhere were I can turn the calibration down so I assume it will be code in the system. Boba - Must be a pan roof issue again !! Lol
  6. Andrew530dmsport

    530e auto hold noise

    There is a small noise when AH comes in but nothing too intrusive vs the convenience of the system.
  7. Andrew530dmsport

    Rubber seal underside of door loose - check yours

    Mine is an early 2017 so will check in the morning
  8. Andrew530dmsport

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Good luck with all this. Touch wood, mine has been fine since although the front passenger belt buckle is a pain in the ‘A’ when it’s against the B post.
  9. Andrew530dmsport

    Rattles and annoying noises

    It was North Oxford BMW. Can’t remember the guys name but they will more than likely remember doing the job. If they need a name I’m happy to assist. No problem rattle wise since they did the job.
  10. Andrew530dmsport

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Hi all. Just a point of interest here on this subject. My 17 plate 530d MSport had a rattle / grinding sound from the rear a few months in to ownership. Happened at low speed but also more when manoeuvrering. Eventually got the dealer to look at it and to begin with just lots of guys looking blank. Eventually they locked the new guy in the boot with a camera phone on video and then took him for a ride around dealership. Video then sent to Germany to evaluate. The upshot was a failed spot weld on the parcel shelf. Not sure what they did but they had the car a few days and it’s not happened since.
  11. Andrew530dmsport

    Specification Advice

    I have Med Blue, ivory and the grey wood which goes really well with the rest of the car. Piano black IMHO would mark to easily. Very happy with my choice of the grey wood though.
  12. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Try once a week at weekends. Usually a few hours but don’t go as far a removing the wheels
  13. Andrew530dmsport

    No confidence at high speed

    No xdrive just pure rwd. It is a wander rather than a shimmy. Not confident at high speed as always seen to have to put in corrective inputs.
  14. Andrew530dmsport

    No confidence at high speed

    I find the steering to light even in sport mode. I’d rather it was heavier. At speed it does feel a little like a boat on uneven surfaces and now I wish I’d have gone for the damper control option to see if that would sort it. However, I bloody love this car.
  15. Andrew530dmsport

    Time to Change the Company Car

    No need then to reject the vehicle for a refund! Did I just type that out aloud ?