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  1. Sorry to hear that Mike. The PDC sensors saved my ass big time last week, just heard the continuous tone and jammed on as I was 2 inches from reversing into a car.
  2. That looks mint. Have one or two of them Magic Erasers at home .......hmmmm Any tips?
  3. Yep its oil I checked it last night. Hadnt noticed the oil can.
  4. Righto. Whichever gauge is there and it must be oil. It goes straight to 100 (which is dead centre on the dial ) within a couple of miles I think, and stays there.
  5. I think there is a water temp gauge in that part of the cluster on my car?!
  6. Traitor . . . . . . But congrats looks a cracking car.
  7. I parked my car outside my mothers hose last week and was complaining that the birds were destroying the car everytime it was clean. SO just as I was heading out to it on Saturday my mother tells me Ill be so happy as she had cleaned the two large bird craps off the car. Needless to say I wasn't happy as was just about to drive to local power hose.
  8. Cheers lads. They have really had it in for me since I picked the F11 up!
  9. Yeah what is the correct procedure for wiping it off if it is fresh but hard?
  10. GEO147

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    I have just realised the 550 was miles not km !
  11. How do I know if I have power mirrors. No button to fold them in on drivers door = not powered? Can they be manually folded, tried earlier and felt like it was taking too much force so gave up!
  12. GEO147

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Idrive says I'm averaging 38.9 or something. Was hoping for mid 40s. Is that mpg normal for b47 2.0?
  13. GEO147

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Do you guys work this out yourselves or use the idrive?
  14. GEO147

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    I filled her up and got 550km approx. (340 miles). Also, 520d Touring. That's pretty crap is it not?