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  1. I think this is the range that my car falls under but Im not sure: WBA5L32090D788200 to WBA5L32080G540082 From where to you start the match from the WBA the 32090 or the D7?
  2. Cheers pretty sure my valve is choking on sludge build up. So want that gone asap. If it was replaced as a result of cooler recall even better.
  3. Anyone know the answer to this?
  4. Also would like to know if they will just inspect/replace the cooler and not look at the actual valve itself?
  5. Greatly appreciate your keeping us up to date so we have this info on stepping into the dealers den
  6. Thanks Andrew, ill do just that.
  7. So I'm a bit confused on this one. My car is a 2014 F11 B47 2.0D. I queried the recall and was told it's had the cooler replaced a couple years back. I'm having egr issues at the moment. Is this a new recall again on the egr? The car is booked in with BMW here in Ireland to look at my issues but they advise there is no recall outstanding on my car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before the car goes in. Is this the second egr related recall? Am I entitled to it foc?
  8. Ive been busy lately and not keeping up on the thread. Just wondering if you guys knew about this? https://www.bmw.co.uk/landingpages/bmw-vehicle-recalls#gref
  9. Ok cheers Matthew. Ill do that and see how it goes.
  10. Plugged in the Carly adapter and got a slew of codes. Not sure how recent they are. A lot to do with swirl flaps too open, too closed, maf etc Anyone an idea? Delete codes and see what comes back?
  11. I'm in Ireland and not sure we have that here. But I think i put a few liters of some other snake oil in it recently. I ran the tank lowish a couple of times recently which is what has me thinking possibly filter! Are the B47 not a disaster for intake valve and egr carbon build up? NB: Car already had the EGR Cooler recall done
  12. I have a B47 F11 and I have developed a slight miss when cruising and on throttle very lightly. If on throttle no issue, if off throttle no issue. Its when slightly on throttle. It almost feels like im out of fuel. Have a Carly adapter coming tomorrow. It caused limp mode last week which cleared and then drove normally. Would be grateful for any leads on this. Im thinking carbon buildup? But is that an issue on B47? very little info on web which would suggest otherwise. Or perhaps a blocked fuel filter?
  13. Sorry to hear that Mike. The PDC sensors saved my ass big time last week, just heard the continuous tone and jammed on as I was 2 inches from reversing into a car.