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    F11 520d M Sport Sophisto Grey
  1. Yeah, in reading the comments above I was thinking that it didn't sound like my gearbox which is LCi and feels great to me. I find it smooth and rarely find it in the wrong gear. But im used to always using paddles from the SMG as auto mode in E46 M3 was TERRIBLE
  2. Right so can only be of use on the twistiest of roads where you are making lots of inputs then!
  3. "let youhave a play" lol B*stards, so not like the smg inn the E46 M3 then. But the box is so good there isn't really a need. What the fooook is Sport +? I don't have it but can code it in?
  4. When putting the car into manual shifting and using the flappy paddles is there a way to take 100% control and not let the computer change up?
  5. Fingers crossed sshooie. Weather picking up at the moment. Aircon a must on the continent!!
  6. I updated UPD05074 tonight also but have NO IDEA what I did or didn't get as a result
  7. Right yeah. Did mention it in manual, I thought perhaps it was an electric switch for moving the rear seat deck forward and back lol
  8. All updated, thanks Matt you saved me €30 I was about to spend on a 64gb USB thumb drive. Separately I've checked the OM to see what a switch in boot on RHS does but cant find any info. I only noticed it tonight and it looks to have a + and - sign on it?
  9. Ok should be same with NBT? How long will it take? Engine running?
  10. Ok so I have established that I have NBT Next 2014 Europe Maps in the Nav, and I have purchased the appropriate 2018 Maps online. The instructions for install say I need a 64gb usb stick to install but I am wondering if I can use and external USB powered hard drive? Anyone know if that's possible? Also, I have separately downloaded the software update for my vin from BMW, which should I update first? Everything works with my Galaxy S7 edge (Bluetooth voice and streaming) but I have no phone apps when I onnect the phone up. Will this update sort that or is connected drive useless with android?
  11. So collected the car yesterday. Car was in better condition than it looked online so even better than I thought. I'd give it 9/10 and I have OCD. Can't believe how good a car these are. Thought I'd be really disappointed in the power drop from the S54 342bhp engine to the B47 190bhp, bit the M3 had no torque. The power in the 520 is very impressive and very usable, I love it. The fit and finish and the equipment in these cars really is something special. Had to drive it from Plymouth to Fishguard to get it home. The traffic in the UK really is horrendous lads, never experienced anything like it before. So have to pay the VRT on it now of €4,300 approx Will be scouring this thread for more tips on these 5 series. NB. The carpets are dry
  12. Yeah I was aware of that and is a major reason why I chose the car I did. Going to see and hopefully pick up tomorrow.