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  1. New member joining from Snowy Toronto 550i

    Thank you. It’s my second e60. I had a 535d LCI when in UK a few years ago. Exactly the same colour combination, Cream leather and Carbon Black. Obviously my favourite.
  2. New member joining from Snowy Toronto 550i

    I’m only 45 minutes from the CN tower, there are a few 550’s here and they do stand out amongst the rubbish North American cars!
  3. Hello to all! Hi, expat tuning in to the UK site for some good chat. I’ll try to upload a photo of my current E60 550i that I’m thinking of bringing back to UK in a couple of years.
  4. New V8 owner

    Hi there, I used to live in the UK and remember a 550i in a motor show or something that was manual, hardly the same car eh? Reason I remember it was the distinctive colour and had the extended leather package, super rare and loads of dosh when new! Probably a collectors car by now.