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  1. Ideally in orient blue but any colour considered. This is for a non electrically folding mirrors. Thanks
  2. Hello, E39 530i SE Touring. Everything is stock (as far as I am concerned). I have brand new Michelin Crossclimates on the front. Rear tyres are 12 months old. When travelling in a straight line, the top of the steering wheel will naturally sit between 11 and 12 o'clock - just off centre. If I bring the steering wheel to sit perfectly straight, the car drifts over to the right. I have also noticed that after cornering left and needing to bring the wheel to centre; if I let go of the wheel when on the exit of the corner, the wheel does not naturally want to return to the centre. Contrary to this, if I do the same thing when leaving a right hand corner, the steering wheel spins around much more quickly by itself to return to the centre. Why could this be? Few other things noticed: - hollow knocking from NSF over small bumps - NSR KDS suspension arm was flagged as 'something to monitor' on my last health check. - car sways side to side if pushes from the outside in such a way.
  3. 3 up, with bikes. Travelled 350 miles to Aberystwyth and back for some fresh Mountain bike trails.... The A44 to Aberystwyth was absolutely sensational.
  4. Long shot...; Would you sell just the CD changer?
  5. thdoyle

    Hello all! Here's my E39 530i SE Touring!

    Located in the south, near Marlborough. I will use the car for mountain bike trips fairly often. The car now has Thule rack and bike carriers. I'm planning a trip to Tuscany in it next year!
  6. thdoyle

    Hello all! Here's my E39 530i SE Touring!

    Hi. I did this myself. Basically did: Spark plugs £60 Oil and filter (Castrol edge 0w30) £85 Air filter £20 Micro filters £30 AC belt and Drive belt £50 Complete coolant flush £25 Checked all gaitors and rubber mounts Replaced rocker cover gasket £45 I've tried getting the CD multichanger working but no luck. A new one of those needed. I plan to swap tyres out and do a brake fluid change and I'm done (for now!!)
  7. Hopefully the start of a long and loving relationship.... She's covered 122,000 miles. I've just recently carried out Inspection. 2 and rocker cover gasket. Passed the MOT yesterday with a single advisory of a worn KDS link! What a pearler.