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  1. thdoyle

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Interesting you mention the CC. I was set at 60mph the other night. As I pointed down a hill, the cruise control simply stopped and I slowly dropped in speed.
  2. 530i SE Touring with 132k on the clock. When cruising at a set speed, namely 30mph, car seems keen to run in the highest gear possible sitting at 1,100rpm. This results in unresponsive power and bassy drone until I push it a bit harder and it jumps down a gear or two rather than accelerate harder in the same gear. I then accelerate too quickly and come off the pedal and it jumps straight back into a high gear. I would say it feels like the car is always verging between neutral and 5th when cruising. When I operate manual mode I do not experience these problems at all. When braking down a hill at 50mph it seems very keen to jump down gears and get to 3,500rpm ish . Suggestions? It's very hard to explain but very noticeably different. If anything, I would say the car maintains its speed very well when simply rolling and not touching pedals. Almost feels like a mild cruise control. Recently changed CCV, throttle body gasket, DISA valve gasket, intake boots and vacuum lines.
  3. thdoyle

    E39 passenger side wing mirror cover.

    I'll take it mate. PM on its way
  4. thdoyle

    E39 passenger side wing mirror cover.

    Great stuff! Are the clips in tact to fix it onto my car? Any cracks or bits missing?
  5. thdoyle

    E39 passenger side wing mirror cover.

    Still looking... I've not had much much luck with this but simply can't justify a £75 on new!
  6. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Thanks! I'll take a look at changing to this perhaps. I must admit, I didn't even look at the dipstick tube.
  7. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Small, embarrassing confession.... Upon checking the sensor to replace...it was unplugged!! DOH! would explain a fair amount. Yes, I changed all hoses with the CCV. the original one running from the CCV to the oil dipstick was so clogged. I couldn't fit a matchstick through hole in the gunk...
  8. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Got the codes read today. Turns out to be the inlet camshaft sensor needs replacing.
  9. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    This is coming up as a power steering o ring. does this fit as well, then?
  10. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Just driven back from our weekend away and can tuck into the car again. Engine now idles very smoothly but is now stalling 25% of the time when pulling away. The car will stall pretty much every time the viscous fan is engaged.
  11. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Where might I find a DISA o ring? BMW dealer can only sell entire DISA for £200.
  12. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    The car would shake when idling. Either from a cold start or after a journey longer than about an hour. Patience is required. I found the toughest part was reconnecting the new hoses. I don't have a computer to do this. However fuel trim was out before I attempted the CCV as emissions control light came on.
  13. thdoyle

    Changed the CCV - Now sluggish acceleration?

    Thanks guys. I'll change the disa and throttle body gaskets . Might as well change the boots for what they cost in case I missed a crack.
  14. 530i Auto. Replaced the CCV today without removing the intake manifold as the engine was running rough at idle and oil consumption was high. There was also strong suction when trying to remove the oil filler cap. Driven the car for 3 hours today, afterwards. Acceleration in low revs is very sluggish. I push on the accelerator harder and it then jumps to its lowest possible gear and launches forward. Idle is very smooth. Gear changes are smooth. The engine seems to created a more bassy note when accelerating now. Do we reckon this is just an air leak? Or something else? I removed and reinstalled the intake boots (these are in good condition), MAF, idle control valve, throttle body (reused the gasket) and DISA valve in order to fit the CCV. Anything obvious I'm missing that might cause this?
  15. Assuming it's working - how much for the cd changer and nearside wing mirror cover? Thanks