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  1. Is that also an M Sport with 19" run flats? I had a 3 with that combination a few years back and it was on the uncomfortabke side of firm.
  2. Hi all First post here. I remember when the F10/11 was launched and just about every review said you must spec some kind of adjustable susoension. So fast forward a few years and I've found a nice 2014 535D Touring. The car is specified as having Variable Damper Control. When it was first launched I'm fairly sure the 6 cylinders could be specified with Adaptive Drive (£2k+) and the 4 cylinders could be had with VDC (less than £1k). And from looking at a 2011 pricelist I can see this was the case. However, a 2012 pricelist does show VDC as now being available for the 6 cylinders. So I think my question would be - does VDC on its own address ride quality issues that reviewers complained abour or is that only addressed with the full Adaptive Drive. The car I'm looking at is M Sport wearing 19" run flats! Cheers. Ian