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    BMW 520d SE Touring
  1. dln6376

    Servicing Question

    My car is a 2014 F11 with 130k on the clock. For the price quoted I thought I’d get the whole lot done and then going forward I only really need to replace the oil and filter until I sell the car.
  2. dln6376

    Servicing Question

    I’ve just had a ‘major service’ at a local independent BMW specialist. Oil & Filter change Air Filter Fuel Filter Cabin Filter Coolant replaced Power Steering Fluid replaced Brake Fluid replaced £299
  3. dln6376

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Just installing some standard OE tweeters in the front doors massively improves the sound in the F10/F11 with basic sound system. Why BMW don’t install tweeters in a premium vehicle is beyond me.
  4. If I press the Phone button on the steering wheel the car only shows the recent call history on the right hand side section of the display rather than my complete phone book. Is there a way to change this?
  5. After 10 years of Audi ownership which included 4 A6 (C6) Avant and a A6 (C6) saloon I’ve defected to a BMW 520d SE Touring Automatic. I was a little cautious as my last A6 was a 3.0TDI Quattro however I’m very impressed with the power and refinement of the 2 litre in the BMW. I’m equally impressed with the grip considering it’s only 2WD. The BMW is also a much more comfortable place to be and feels a generation newer than the Audi’s I’ve had. One area the BMW falls short is the audio system which is absolutely attrocious! The standard system in an Audi A6 is far superior. My first job in the BMW is to replace the speakers. Overall though I’m a happy man.