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  1. turning eco pro off and sports mode on as a weekend bit of fun is not the best way to experience fun on this planet, especially on a 520d. Hit up alton towers and your mind will be blown……… infact jodrellbank will be like a rollercoaster … also try having 102 grams of bran in the morning instead of 100g It will blow your mind… seriously tho, please live a little
  2. It’s a pointless feature that just lets bmw advertise a high mpg, in reality it’s sluggish, dangerous when pulling into the next lane to overtake and the start stop generally kick in when your reversing into a parking space at Tesco so you end up stalling the car and looking like a prick. maybe turn it on when you get on the motorway and turn it off before you come off. And you’ll save 10p on the 50 mile journey lol
  3. Paulnorthwest

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Hi out of interest do you clear the snow or just let it melt i imagine if it melts quickly it will overwhelm the drains and flood the car, just curious as as I don’t really live in a snowy part of the uk and that’s crazy amounts of snow to me.
  4. Paulnorthwest

    Performance Diesel - big difference!

    Been using shell ultimate ( or whatever the expensive diesel one is )for the last few months and the car certainly seems smoother and a more linear power delivery on my b47. It’s a few quid more a tank but seems to improve the drive a little so why not…
  5. Paulnorthwest

    F11 Insurance

    I just use confused each year and get the cheapest reputable company, ive never stuck with the same provider as they are never competitive in my 20 years of driving paying between 500 quid and 800 quid on average I’ve had 3 cars stolen, approx 60k, axa were a pain pain and dragged it out as long as they could ( 6 months ) …… for no particular reason ( 4 weeks to appraise the car, another 4 for a written off statement, then 4 months haggling ) tesco were great and paid out in a few weeks at a decent value sainsburys were also fine and paid out pretty quick too all were home burglaries where the key was stolen so I don’t think insurance is bad value, but I do agree that there cannot be much money in it nowerdays once you factor courtesy cars, personal injury and cash for crash. I’d hate to be a young driver nowerdays trying to insure a honest car to get to work. 300 quid a month insurance doesn’t seem to be abnormal for 18 year olds.
  6. Paulnorthwest

    Start / Stop

    You lucky sod if I could permanently disable mine it would be a godsend its dangerous IMO-and always kicks in at the worst possible time, and when your not expecting it.
  7. Paulnorthwest

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    There are a few 2012 cars near me and the timing chain noise is embarrasing, plus the chance of it failing is Pretty real. Id go AUC for warranty and try to get the late 2014 models with the new engine, they are about 17 grand from dealers, I paid 18 grand for mine a few months ago, m sport, 20k miles, AUC warranty to be honest I bet you could get one for your 17 grand if you play a few dealers off each other its about 70 quid to fill it up and I get about 40 mpg average on 70 percent motorway driving, I never use eco pro as it’s sluggish so I’m always in sport mode. You could prob get high 40s but you would be driving it in an unenjoyable way.
  8. Paulnorthwest

    Buzzing noise behind the dash

    Hi anyone else got this, its like the sound of a trapped wasp behind the dash, I’ve researched it and it’s a common problem in 3 series car and relates to a air con pipe that needs a weight attaching to it as part of a recall / bullitin from bmw but cannot find any 5 series owners with the same issue its not that annoying but wondered if any of you guys have had the same issue and sorted it before I book it in for the dealer to look at, it only ya-pens once or twice a week and seems temperature related so don’t fancy leaving my car with them for a week, with the instructions to drive it every day until they hear it for obvious reasons. Cheers
  9. Hi can you tell me what you can and cannot do on Spotify, i don’t have the 6nr and can select iPhone in the idrive and I get forward and backwards to skip songs, album artwork but can not select playlists or the general app front screen. I have to do that bit on my phone …
  10. Cheers guys, im nav business so I don’t get the apps bit on mine but it works well as long as I select the playlist on my iPhone. thought I was missing something obvious but it’s just business vs professional nav bits I think Thanks
  11. Hi all mines a 2014 LCI but all I get is what select on my phone, I can’t change playlists via the idrive, for that I have to use my phone so you guys can change playlists on idrive ?
  12. Paulnorthwest

    A whats it worth ?

    I don’t think you’ll get more than 7 grand as a trade in mate, they are selling for 8 - 10
  13. Paulnorthwest

    Replacing the grilles

    Blimey that was hard work spent a hour trying to pull them out, didn’t budge then tried in screwing the trim under the bonnet, could get access but still couldn’t get em out so took a drill to them and job done wont be selling the old ones on eBay due to them being in 50 bits but the new ones went in a treat and look great, so glad I did the mod as I was a little unsure I’ll post up some pics tomorrow, mines that gray sophisto colour and the black grills really set the front end off cheers for the help guys, clearly I need to focus on arm days at the gym because god knows how you pulled them out ! Haha
  14. Paulnorthwest

    Replacing the grilles

    Hi all quick question for those that have replaced their grilles regarding removing the old ones and fitting the replacements according to YouTube most people just pull the old ones out with a lot of force is their any chance that this will damage the fittings on the car ( not bothered about the old grilles as they will just be going in the bin ) has anyone one done this recently and can talk me thru it thanks in advance
  15. Paulnorthwest

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Also to add to this topic around consumption I did a 50 mile each way journey today on the speedresricted 50 mph motorway and did eco plus all the way, 60.4 mpg was the result however that was with the start stop activated which I never use as I consider it dangerous and it only activated 4 times on the journey at traffic lights at the beginning and end of the journey each way. So bmws firgures are realistic but not for everyday life, I probably won’t see this figure ever again, I just did it to see what the max I could get was. The journey was not in any way enjoyable as a result.