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  1. A whats it worth ?

    I don’t think you’ll get more than 7 grand as a trade in mate, they are selling for 8 - 10
  2. Replacing the grilles

    Blimey that was hard work spent a hour trying to pull them out, didn’t budge then tried in screwing the trim under the bonnet, could get access but still couldn’t get em out so took a drill to them and job done wont be selling the old ones on eBay due to them being in 50 bits but the new ones went in a treat and look great, so glad I did the mod as I was a little unsure I’ll post up some pics tomorrow, mines that gray sophisto colour and the black grills really set the front end off cheers for the help guys, clearly I need to focus on arm days at the gym because god knows how you pulled them out ! Haha
  3. Replacing the grilles

    Hi all quick question for those that have replaced their grilles regarding removing the old ones and fitting the replacements according to YouTube most people just pull the old ones out with a lot of force is their any chance that this will damage the fittings on the car ( not bothered about the old grilles as they will just be going in the bin ) has anyone one done this recently and can talk me thru it thanks in advance
  4. BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Also to add to this topic around consumption I did a 50 mile each way journey today on the speedresricted 50 mph motorway and did eco plus all the way, 60.4 mpg was the result however that was with the start stop activated which I never use as I consider it dangerous and it only activated 4 times on the journey at traffic lights at the beginning and end of the journey each way. So bmws firgures are realistic but not for everyday life, I probably won’t see this figure ever again, I just did it to see what the max I could get was. The journey was not in any way enjoyable as a result.
  5. Drivers side damaged door seal

    Blimey that’s wierd, id expect scuffing on the paint too as it looks like a large person is using it to support getting out of the car ! if it was the rear I’d ask if it was an ex cop car and the damage was from throwing Jeremy Kyle guests in after nicking them lol
  6. BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Your a gent thanks for that, that sounds just like what I’m looking for ! cheers rob, looks like a trip to DMS this month is on the cards then
  7. Creative ways to heat up garage at minus 20 C?

    Yeah propane heaters will do the trick albeit pretty expensive to purchase if you only need them for a month
  8. Auto wipers

    Mine seem to work fine unless in on the motorway, when they don’t clear the screen fast enough for my liking so I never really use the feature
  9. BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Hi im interested what the accelerations like now ? After the tune, could you do a little write up, I’m after doing the same as I’ve used them previously on other cars cheers ears
  10. B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Hi ive recently bought one, mines a 2015 with 20k on the clock and the first 900 odd miles I’ve managed 45.5 mpg on mainly motorway driving but always in sport mode as I find the others sluggish, thought that hat was pretty decent. My commute is 1 mile to the motorway, 24 miles motorway driving, however the smart motorway works means max 50 mph, then 2 miles off the motorway to work. i don’t use it over weekends as I’ve a weekend car to enjoy. the best I’ve got was in eco pro and I managed 51.2 mpg for a day but that was really really being a tight arse and driving like a 60 year old granny