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  1. I contacted customer service regarding this Online/Assist option I can buy and they've said: So that sounds good doesn't it?!
  2. Morning mate, No mine isn't an LCI. In my store, the only thing I can buy is the BMW Online/Assist module. I already have the maps.
  3. CS10

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    Don't you have to have an electronic closing option as well? I don't think mine has it...
  4. CS10

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    I'm pretty sure I've only got the opening functionality. I must admit, I've never tried closing it waving my foot. I get mine to open waving my foot under the same sort of area. I start move in the middle and just sweep my foot to the right side. Probably works 75% of the time.
  5. Thanks @Matthew Ashton I'm not at the car at the minute, but I've logged into my ConnectedDrive online account. Most of the options in the store are unavailable for my vehicle. But the one that is available is called BMW Online/Assist. When looking at the description, it says: Maximum possible comfort, up-to-the-minute information and supreme safety: the services from BMW Assist and BMW Online make sure you arrive at your destination well-informed as well as safe and sound. Bring online-based news, e-mails or the current weather forecast into your vehicle whenever you wish. The advantages for you: Always up to date thanks to online-based news, information and services Office with e-mail services via BMW Online A “personal assistant” around the clock, 7 days per week Convenient text-to-speech function Intelligent Emergency Call for maximum safety in the event of accidents Intelligent traffic guide: precise traffic information and recommendations for alternative routes Does that last point sound like RTTI or not?
  6. Anyone know if I can get RTTI on mine? Pro system in a 2013 520d, pre face lift, but nbt unit.
  7. Mine were from BMW. You can def get them cheaper elsewhere.
  8. So there is no chance mine is based on that. I'm going to give the map update a try. I'm going to brave it. Haha
  9. So would it be the pro sat nav which I have which is why the USB is in the centre console? When was the face lift? I wouldn't know, mine hasn't got it. Does anyone if I can do?
  10. Hmmm why would mine be different? When was the facelift? I assume yours is a NBT head unit?
  11. BMW Derby contacted me yesterday to arrange this recall check, but I'd already booked it in to Nottingham! Courtesy Car as well. A full day appointment!
  12. I'd have a job to do it in the glovebox, as I don't have a USB in there :). haha. Just under the lid in the centre console for me... Production date of the car was June 2013 I believe...
  13. Thats right, I just want to use the latest maps as I've paid for a 2 year subscription from BMW. I downloaded them through the BMW Download Manager and received the code via email. I have a USB port in the centre console bit for the updates.
  14. This sounds like the issue I had. So, seeing as I am now on the latest firmware (I'd have thought as part of my local specialist fixing it), and am running 2018 with no issues, I 'should' be ok to update to 2019 as it will handle it. Correct?
  15. From what I remember, I think a few people with a similar age car to mine had the same issue when updating. I know that normally it shouldn't cause an issue. The software I used was downloaded direct from BMW as I purchased the 2 year license and downloaded via their download manager. Perhaps someone else on here can remember or advise.