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  1. CS10

    USB map update?

    What age car do you have? Mine was a 2013 NBT unit and it crashed it. A right job to sort!
  2. Apologies, I thought thats what you meant. Well in that case, mine has never had a service record on there that i know of. Thinking about it now though, I remember the bloke showing me something like that on my test drive, then I had a head unit issue where it needed reinstalling and now I don't have it! Strange!
  3. Can you enter into the highlighted option you are on?
  4. Doesnt it automatically end when you have reached your destination? If you've got voice control try using this and saying 'stop guidance'.
  5. It won't be long I don't think. 7 degrees is the magic number isn't it?
  6. Agreed, a great price. Lovely bloke too!
  7. Just to update this thread, I brought a set of Winter Wheels with Tyres and TPMS sensors from a member of this forum. I went for 17 inch alloys (style 327) which were fitted with Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D Run Flat 225/55 R17 97H M+S tyres. Looking forward to seeing the difference they make when the weather turns! Surprisingly, they look bigger than my 18's! Just due to tyre profile I guess!
  8. CS10

    Coding Costs

    I've been looking into this as well. I think I'll do it myself to be honest. Seen some kits on the web that have the cable and everything else needed (software).
  9. CS10

    Remote Control Issues

    LOL that has happened to me on more than one occasion! Regarding the comfort access on the handles, unless its the drivers door, I think I'd do the same thing again. I don't really use it to be honest so won't miss it on the rear handles! I certainly can't justify £400 on a handle to make it work again!
  10. CS10

    Remote Control Issues

    They've done a proper job on it, they explained it all to me. I just don't remember the full details.
  11. CS10

    Remote Control Issues

    I think they said it was shorting, can't fully remember. I'm just happy its sorted at a low cost. I hardly use the comfort access anyway, especially on that particular handle, so was happy paying little for it to be done quickly.
  12. CS10

    Remote Control Issues

    Quick update on this thread just in case any one else experiences the same issue. My local BMW specialist diagnosed the issue as a faulty rear driver side handle. The sensor wires inside were shorting, causing it to constantly communicate to the CAS system to try and unlock. This then led to the battery discharge when stationary message appearing at start up when it had been left over night. It also meant when I approached the car with the remote, it automatically unlocked. A new handle cost was around £400 so I asked them to disable the sensors in the handle, which they did. Absolutely spot on now! No battery warning, no starting issues, and no clicking when I go near the car!
  13. CS10

    Rubbing noise - dodgy tyre?

    I had a grinding noise from the rear of my F10, only when driving slowly though. I was hoping it was a bush or something! Turns out it was the rear steering actuator! £1350 later and its all good again! Thankfully for you, it was just a tyre :).
  14. Mine has been dropped off to a local BMW Specialist this morning to try and sort the issue I've got with the Comfort Access. I suspect its a single handle that is shorting. Every time I go near it with the remote fob on me, it unlocks itself! Its tricky to lock and when I start it, I normally have to hold the remote against the sensor in the steering column. I also get the Battery discharge when stationary warning when I've left it over night and come back to it in the morning! Hopefully just a faulty handle, and they should just be able to disable the 'comfort access sensors' in the faulty handle to save me having to pay £400 for a new one! Fingers crossed!
  15. CS10

    Remote Control Issues

    Does any body know if it possible to disable the sensor in the offending door handle? I'm not going to spend another £400 on replacing the handle itself. I already replaced the drivers handle in March! I'm thinking I could just get the one causing the issues disabled.