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  1. Winter wheels fitted today. Lowering the jack gently worked a treat at getting them off!
  2. CS10

    Eco Pro and heated seats

    Haha I noticed this last week when the Wife moaned!
  3. Cheers. They are BMW recommended wheels and tires so all good hopefully
  4. After swapping these wheels (from 18's to 17's), I assume I'm going to have to get it aligned/tracked or something?
  5. This might be a stupid question, but a chap at work just asked about how it affects the speedo by putting smaller wheels on. I'm going from 18inch summer wheels, to 17 inch winter wheels. I didn't have an answer as I have no idea!!??
  6. CS10

    Sat nav maps

    Nope - they don't! They tried to tell me my whole head unit needed replacing at over £1000. Fortunately, I have a BMW specialist very near by who sorted it for a few hundred. Still trying to get my money back from BMW. This has been going on since Feb.
  7. Cheers all. It'll prob be next weekend now! What anti seize grease are people using for this?
  8. Had a good go this morning at swapping the wheels. Front drivers came off fine. Then I got to the rear drivers and the wheel just wouldn't come off! Completely stuck solid. So I've had to abandon it today. Any tips on getting it off?
  9. Going to swap mine to winter wheels this weekend I think. What size wheel nut wrench do I need?
  10. CS10

    Chrome Window Surround

    Cheers guys. How do I find out the part I need?
  11. Never really noticed before today but the chrome surround on my drivers side door is scratched all over! Is this bit easy to replace or polish out etc?
  12. CS10

    Your day to day mode?

    Thats awesome, I had no idea about this. Maybe a stupid question, but how do I know if I have an LCi model?
  13. When I took them out and unrolled one of them, I couldn't believe how big they were. I thought i'd ordered tractor wheel covers at first haha! Im pretty sure you'll be fine with the 20's.. No problem. They feel decent quality and they look pretty smart too. Also, they've got the car diagram on them as well so you know which wheel goes where when you come to swapping them again.
  14. Found them on Amazon mate. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00AQM8GDA/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00AQM8GDA&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=8e5be0e3-b258-4b06-8b6e-695b24f935a4&pf_rd_r=DY9HJ2TGPZZPTP6K2TYQ&pd_rd_wg=R0jHX&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&pd_rd_w=Qbv6e&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pd_rd_r=eee13d82-d759-11e8-8a08-f73e00b3915e&smid=A10N7DZ9ALF1YQ
  15. Cheers for the replies! This is how I've decided to store mine... Ignore the rest of the mess in my garage.