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  1. Enzo


    rtti = real time traffic information for your nav. you can look at all the options for your car online with the bmw connected drive portal.
  2. Enzo


    I also find the rtti useful. BMW also do lots of promotions to try things out for a month for a £1. I tried deezer for a month and while I find it good, I do not think its worth the £160 for the year.
  3. Enzo

    Pulling to left when braking

    weak control arms maybe?
  4. Enzo

    F10 Grating Noise

    The bigger tyre changing firms do have good tracking machines. I think main dealers have lowered their prices to compete with these firms so its worth having a phone around.
  5. Enzo

    F10 Grating Noise

    As mentioned above with the "sawtooth" description, this is indeed pretty common and actually usually indicates that the toe/camber needs re alignment. Tyres can also go out of balance for many reasons. I have on my own car spun the tyre on the rim a small amount while driving. Today I have come off of my winters and put my summer wheels on. The difference is night and day in many aspects inc mpg, road noise and even how well planted the car feels. Bump damping etc My Winters are conti run flats 18' and my summers are Goodyear non rft 19'. Even tyre pressures can make a difference to all of these parameters.
  6. Enzo

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    Agreed, but any reputable garage seeing this damage would of at least informed the customer that a new disc is required no?
  7. Enzo

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    agreed, and on the e61, the maf sensor did not throw up a fault code but gave poor economy. I do not know if this is the same in the Fxx series but worth a check. Also, if the maf is out, it may well throw the oxygen sensor out also. I rarely see under 40mpg on my 535d unless driving through Germany.
  8. Enzo

    530d hissing

    Mine hisses at me everytime I put it into eco pro mode
  9. Enzo

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    Take that back and see what they say...
  10. Enzo

    TPMS Nightmare

    I purchased a second set of sensors from the bay. If I recall correctly I purchased the Beru make of sensors. Swapping the wheels is easy, I just make sure that the wheels that are coming off are well away from the car when I initialize the set that are on via the idrive. Nothing more to it, the car recognizes the new sensors straight away after a small drive and I carry on as per normal. Edited to add I have swapped over for 2 winters now with no adverse effects.
  11. Enzo

    Trip to ZF dortmund

    My local auto specialist is adamant that zf say only to change the oil. No flush is needed and no touching of the Mechatronic unit. Just oil out, filter, top up of oil. They went as far as to say that this is what zf recommends them to do and if I found literature to the contrary, to forward it to them. As I traverse Germany often enough, I think a stop over in Dortmund is in order.
  12. Mine is the Amaro Brown with Piano black finish. It also has the same colour alcantara roof lining which finishes it off nicely for me. Each to their own of course but I like it.
  13. Agreed, that would be useful, but when you are travelling the reverse trip, making the climb in eco pro for me wastes more juice then it saves. I am a believer that it saves more juice getting to cruising speed quicker (within limits) then if you take the longer route and accelerate gently.
  14. I do find eco pro useful. Just not so much on the motorways. IMO A roads where you can utilize the coast function works best.
  15. Enzo

    Sport > comfort != TC Off

    I have Sport +. Mine is LCI and I also have a TC/DSC off button.