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  1. As a general rule, tires should not be mixed on any vehicle unless specified as acceptable by the tire or vehicle manufacturer. Drivers should avoid mixing tires with different tread patterns, internal constructions or sizes (unless front and rear staggered sizes are specified by the vehicle manufacture), and use identical tires on all of their vehicle's wheel positions in order to maintain the best control and stability. Additionally, drivers should never mix winter tires with all-season/summer tires, or mix run-flat tires with non-run-flat tires. Because tires play such an important role in every vehicles comfort qualities and handling capabilities, it is always best to drive on tires that are identical in every detail, including tire brand, model, size, and remaining tread depth. Anything else involves some type of compromise. Source : http://www.continentaltire.com/news/mix-tires-or-not-mix-tires-question So if you are mixing your tyres, you are compromising the level of overall grip your vehicle has. You will not notice this until its too late due to all the safety aids a vehicle now has.
  2. As mike suggests for jkas, always check wheel balancing first. It is usually the cause and it is also the cheapest fix. Did the op find the cause? Juddering when braking especially from those speeds are usually the brake discs that are warped. Both of my previous BMW have suffered from a sticky caliper.
  3. a vibration that starts at 50 mph will be wheel balancing. If left for too long you will ruin the tyre and you will struggle to make the tyre round again. If this is the case, only anew tyre will fix the issue. Any decent tyre shop will advise how far gone the tyre is and if a re balance will fix the issue. Any suspension issue will result in knocking and or vibration at any speed and generally only at lower speeds when starting off or coming to a stand still.
  4. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    I always use this company http://www.autogearboxes.co.uk/ I cannot recommend them highly enough. It was a few years ago now so may very well be more, but to have the clutch packs done on my 535d e61 was around 800.
  5. Auto wipers

    Mine work just fine after calibrating the sensitivity with the adjuster on the stalk.
  6. Towbar'

    Mine has no mention of hot climate? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=5K52-EUR-09-2014-F11N-BMW-535d&diagId=17_0396 I checked as I also have flappy paddles (sports auto gearbox) Maybe the USA variants differ?
  7. F11 530d Interim Oil Change

    Nice write up and good idea with the planks. One thing that is advised though is that the engine oil is warmed up before you drain.
  8. Towbar'

    Thanks for your responses. I was looking at having the retractable bar fitted. PF jones offer the brink retractable but states that it does not work with the comfort access. I have read you guys did not need to code anything to fit your electrics in. If I purchased the kit from bmw inc the fan, will any of this also need coding?
  9. Towbar'

    Mine is the 535D and when I requested the quote from BMW and separate specialists, they all include the price for this fan. Part Number which is a 850w fan. I think standard is 600w? Thanks
  10. Towbar'

    Apologies for bringing up an old thread. I am looking at putting a towbar onto my f11. The cost from BMW however is just silly imo so I am looking at either doing it myself or finding an alternative to BMW's offerings. My question is, looking at the part numbers required for the retrofit from BMW, I cannot see anyone posting anything regarding the fitting of the uprated fan? I intend to tow a fair amount of weight every now and again but mainly just my garden trailer. So is this fan needed? as this amounts to a fair amount of the cost. Things like the control unit, retrofit kit and conversion all seem fairly priced. I also have the comfort access on mine, Would I be in danger of ruining this feature on the bootlid if I attempted my own install? Thanks
  11. Impressive specced F10!

    You would think on a 5 series that powerfold mirrors would come as standard! The adaptive LED headlight does away with the front fog lights does it not? as it takes care of all your lighting requirements. I was looking for a retrofit, but those headlights sure do cost a bob or two.
  12. F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    Nice post and thanks for the write up. I think this is quite a common fault on BMW's. I had to weld a leak on my old e61 535d where it had cracked around one of the support brackets and was leaking coolant. My F11 had to have one replaced under warranty for an "uprated" part as this also was losing coolant. Thankfully on our BMW's they are easily accessible and anyone competent with a spanner can do the job easily enough. On VW's for example they are tucked underneath the exhaust manifold between engine and bulkhead. Not very nice. PS: I do not think you have to drain coolant, if I recall you will not lose much when removing the egr cooler.
  13. Xenon F11 Issue

    I think the auto levelling can be a bit delayed. Other then that maybe check your rear suspension air bags?
  14. Impressive specced F10!

    Nice spec, is the service intervals dictated by the vehicle these days? I would hazard a guess this was a company vehicle that would of come with the service pack?