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    BMW E39 528i
  1. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    2 weeks later and the E39 is back with a passed MOT. 7 meters of new brake lines to the rear, new brake hoses and brake fluid. The garage owner had a lovely red E34 535i manual factory sport tucked up in the corner. Now I can focus on giving it a good service, cooling system overhaul, discs and pads, new rubber all round and refurbish the BBS RC alloys. Also managed to pick up a 97 sale brochure, enjoy for now.
  2. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    The sport function currently makes the button for show (it doesn’t work). I need to spend it a bit of time reverse engineering the system to find the faults.
  3. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Alloys.....hmmmm..... Keep these awesome BBS RC and get them refurbed or go for a pair of Style 32’s which are equally awesome I also want to rip out the vavona trim for gloss black.
  4. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    £250 labor quote to the replace the brake lines from the main all the way to the rears, that's pretty good in my book!
  5. E39 525i Touring Sport

    Lovely car, I kick myself every now and then, that I didn’t get a Touring.
  6. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Yeah I was really lucky, just a case of right place at the right time. I nearly bought a facelift 525i manual Touring the evening before.
  7. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    It was poorly listed on eBay last year. The seller was a real car collector, he had a spat of Jags and Daimler's, plus a mint 924 S and a Maserati 3200, plus other various. He wasn't keen on BMW’s and bought it from a local family (spent its whole life in Swindon) for peanuts, and then I got it for peanuts.
  8. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Sound advice
  9. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Bad news yesterday, failed the MOT on brake lines (BMW kryptonite). Reason(s) for failure Offside Front Tyre not fitted in accordance with side wall instructions (4.1.D.1f) Offside Brake pipe excessively corroded main to rear (3.6.B.2c) Advisory notice item(s) Nearside Rear sill corroded but outside seatbelt prescribed area Offside Rear sill corroded but outside seatbelt prescribed area Nearside Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Offside Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Nearside Front Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c) Offside Front Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c) Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit on limit (4.1.E.1) Offside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit on limit (4.1.E.1) My E36 328i suffered the same fate, both rear lines corroded badly and I decided to sell because of it, which was a terrible mistake on reflection. I’m in two minds what to do really. It's such a rare spec E39, which deserves to be saved! The front brakes and tyres are an easy one, which I was going to do anyway. The front brake lines I understand are much easier to replace and are only slightly corroded. The rear sill corrosion is a concern, I will need to investigate how bad it is. Offside Brake pipe excessively corroded main to rear (3.6.B.2c). Typically front and rear brake lines come up as failures more than main to rear lines. How bad of a job is this? Is it an easy access simpler routing path? I’m hoping it will be less labor intensive, just a much longer piece of material is required.
  10. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    The seat buttons are for the heated seats, it’s the old style with the adjustment on a seperate button. The S-EDC button doesn’t work, but they are always set to automatic. And yes, they’re reassuringly expensive to replace. Picked up this beauty this week, pre 99 single stage airbag with telephone buttons.
  11. Thought I would start a project thread to share my E39 528i with a rather unique factory spec. I bought this to replace my E36 328i Touring which suffered from rear corroded brake lines. Decided to sell as I didn't want to stomach the large bill (later found out it's not that bad of a job). Sold that early summer, and bought a E46 318ci M Sport, worst decision!! A few weeks later and the vacuum pump failed and back filled the servo with oil, and me landed me in £850 bill. A few weeks after that the DSC module failed on me, and I decided to get rid! I really missed have a straight six, and set my eye on owning a E39. Really wanted a facelift, 6 cylinder petrol, touring M sport with a manual box and ended up with the complete opposite E39. Purchased at the beginning of November last year, from a average listing on eBay "BMW 528i Luxury Pack" with 146500miles on the clock with 15 stamps in the book. It was fully loaded when ticking the options list - pretty much everything, minus PDC and a sunroof. The bodywork is pretty good condition, tiny bit of bubbling at the rear.The two tone paint is not too everybody's taste, personally I am not a fan. I will eventually get around to painting it back to full arctic silver. Factory Options:- Ordered Options 0216 Servotronic 0223 Electronic Damper Control (EDC) 0261 Rear Side Airbags 0291 Bolted X Spoke 5-8Jx17-235/45 0302 Remote Control Anti-Theft System 0352 Double Glazing for Side and Rear Windows 0354 Graduated Tinted Windscreen 0428 Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit 0431 Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror 0456 Comfort Seats - Electric 0464 Ski Bag 0494 Seat Heating for Front Seats 0500 Headlamp Wash + Intensive for Windscreen 0522 Xenon Headlamps 0534 Automatic Air Conditioning 0540 Multi-Function Steer Wheel + Cruise Ctrl 0609 Navigation System with OBM, TV and OBC 0628 Telephone Package 0629 Phone - Fixed 0694 CD Preparation 0773 Polished Vavona Wood Trim 0812 GB Specification 0850 Additional Fuel for Export Vehicles 0863 Dealer Network - Europe 0877 Remote Alarm Setting Only 0880 English Handbook 0962 Registration-plate carrier front, deletion Standard Options 0260 Side Airbags for Driver and Passenger 0411 Electric Windows - Front and Rear 0520 Front Foglamps 0853 Instrument Panel Lettering in English Info Options 0459 Electric Adj - Front Seats + Driver Mem 0473 Front Centre Arm Rest 0488 Lumbar Support for Front Seats 0555 On Board Computer 0602 On-Board Monitor with TV and OBC Jobs needing do - SatNav is intermittent - Correct the two-tone paint scheme - 17" BBS RC alloys need a good refurb. - Washer jets are very weak, I'm guessing the pump is shot, or the lines and filters are blocked. - Some of the pixels are gone on the instrument cluster, but is pretty good and readable. - Full service - Gearbox & Diff oil change - Cooling system refresh - Water Pump / Thermostat / Expansion Tank / Radiator - The box can be pretty slow changing from 4th to 5th. I'm hoping disconnecting the battery will reset the learning algorithm on the box, and maybe fix the SatNav as well.