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  1. jwarrens84

    Replacement key?

    Following, in a similar position
  2. I’m sure it’s reasonable, but I would always go for a genuine one and get it resprayed.
  3. I’ll take the mirrors providing the mounting plate is in good condition.
  4. jwarrens84

    E39, when to call it a day?

    My 2007 E87 120d has cost me £4500 in maintenance just over 3 years (47k).Timing chain, vibration damper, glow plugs & control unit, various sensors, incrament wheels, brakes and servicing, you name it, and it's been done! And it still will need a clutch, probably DMF & new shocks, and wave of cooling maintenance. My 2003 E39 530d 196k has cost me £700 in just over 9 months (16k). Just for servicing, tyres, wiper blades, inspection report, DSC replacement, MOT, new front lower wishbones and drop links. I will probably need to let one of my diesils go early next year,. It makes more sense to sell the E39, but I will sell the 1 series. Sure I will probably need to chuck some more coin at it, but with a MOT ticket till Nov 2019, it will remain on the road. Everytime I look at the E39, it looks so god damn good, and always look forward to driving it. Then I look at the 1 series, and think 'YOU'RE A DICKHEAD' of car..............................
  5. jwarrens84

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted a pair of E38 rear headrests. Quite pleased with the cheap upgrade, just need to trim the legs down a smidge
  6. jwarrens84

    E39 Touring Boot Liner / Mat

    I’m after a Genuine OEM boot liner for my touring. Please let me know what you’ve got. Cheers Jon
  7. jwarrens84

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    The only negative I’ve heard about Meyle is the propshaft coupling (donut). I’ve just ordered some rear drop links from C3BMW this weekend, I don’t trust eBay for Meyle parts as Dan said.
  8. jwarrens84

    BMW Style 32 Alloy Wheels

    BMW E36 Genuine Style 32 16” Alloy Wheels for sale. Full set of 5. Alloy wheel markings: BMW / Lemmers 7Jx16H2 1094638 ET46 Tyres 225/50/R16 2 x Landsail 6-7mm (43/17) 2 x Champion GT Radial 3mm (18/13) 1 x Dunlop SP Sport 3-4mm (15/8) Includes 4 genuine OEM centre caps. Could do with a wheel refurb, no cracks, welds or buckles. Pick up Wells, Somerset or near my work in Malmesbury Wiltshire. Happy to deliver in the Bristol/Bath area at fuel cost. £125 Please PM for extra photos
  9. BMW E39 electric power folding mirrors in Titan silver. The backing plates are in very good condition, no corrosion. The mirror covers have just been professional painted by a local body repair shop in Titan Silver. The overall condition is good, One of the mirrors has leaked and may need replacing, please see the pics. Included in the sale is the door switch, This was bought as spares, as I believe the rear window button isn’t working. I haven’t tested this to prove. £150 posted please PM for extra photos.
  10. jwarrens84

    LED Angel Eyes random flashing

    My night owls do this, Only happens when I start or switch off the engine. I just ignore it. sorry if that doesn’t help you
  11. jwarrens84

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Saved myself a quid, fitted a replacement Bosch DSC control unit. Fit replacement unit, NCS Expert to code IKE, DISV57 to read codes and recalibrate steering angle sensor. 30min job when you know what your doing, 2 day job when you don’t!
  12. jwarrens84

    Which winter tyres to get?

    My head wants Continental Winter Contact or Dunlop Winter Sport, but my wallet wants the Petlas. As as you say Dan, the reviews seem very good for the price, and I don’t want to rule out budget-mid range rubber. I had Fullrun Snowtrack budgets on my 1 series last year. They did the job to a reasonable standard out here in Zumerzet. I will I’ll close out this thread and use the winter tyre general discussion thread. thanks all
  13. jwarrens84

    Which winter tyres to get?

    Cheers Dan, top advice as always.