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  1. Rattles and annoying noises

    Hi Back2Beemer, thanks for your input. Please let us know if the rattle has gone after the replacement; i have a fear that i might have the same issue. Is this the rear door/window on the driver's side by any chance? ... you never know...
  2. Rattles and annoying noises

    Hi Andrew, now that you've mentioned the boot, I remember that a few days ago, it was early morning and so cold that the car was all frozen and even the mirrors did not unfold - lesson learned and disabled that for the time being - and, while driving away, I've had a feeling that the trunk lid was "shaking" as there was a strange noise (like ice cracking?) coming from the back of the vehicle but somehow from the upper end (just outside the rear windscreen) - if it make any sense but that was definitely coming from outside and was completely different to the inside rattles i have mentioned earlier. Please keep us posted if you have any news from your dealer.
  3. Rattles and annoying noises

    The first time I've noticed the rattles was after the freezing period we've had a couple of months back and they seemed to be coming from the central pillar, maybe from the safety belt mechanism? - just a thought at that time. Few weeks ago it was a water bottle (kids!) in the back door's pocket and the rattle was quite loud - removed the bottle and the loud noise disappeared but you could still hear a rattle at low speeds and specially if your tires are slightly over inflated. It appears to me that these noises are coming from inside the doors - behind the door's cards, like some of the parts from the door's mechanisms are not tighten together...if it make any sense; but i might be wrong though.
  4. 520D - Oil Service

    Got it, £499 for 4 yrs or 50k miles. I saw some posters at the dealer advertising some Service Packs and they were like £299 for 3 yrs for 1 and 2 series and £399 for 3 yrs for 3, 4 and 5 series - if I am not mistaking. Thanks, been very pleased with Castrol through the years on all my BMW's; hope will be the same with Shell.
  5. 520D - Oil Service

    From what I've been told the Service intervals would be every 20k miles; I am not a pro but 20000 mls/30000 km isn't a bit too much even for the best of the best engine oil? I might be wrong though. With today's technologies monitoring your driving style and daily journeys it seems that the software will adjust the service intervals/oil change accordingly; in my case the 1st service should be done in the next 1200 miles (around 15000 miles).
  6. 520D - Oil Service

    I am afraid I cannot help directly; your local dealer should be able to help.
  7. 520D - Oil Service

    From what I've been told it's straight from BMW Warranty Team; it must be from their UK headquarters - i might be wrong though. Bought the car from up North but my dealer is Lancaster. It might be the case where the Service Pack depends on your engine size, fuel etc? Maybe £1500 include the brakes maintenance? Mine is without the brakes! - Hope it helps.
  8. 520D - Oil Service

    Just a quick update: i have been offered a Service Pack for 4yrs/50k miles for £500; you have to buy the Service Pack before your 1st Service! It seems to be a very good value taking into account that the 1st Oil Change and microfilter is going to be £300 and the 2nd Service will include a Brake Fluid change as well. Your thoughts?
  9. 520D - Oil Service

    Thank you all for your input; i was told that i am under no obligation to have it done by the main dealer and this will not affect the manufacturer's warranty in any way as long as the correct parts/liquids (OEM!?) have been used. Yes the car is on PCP; I will be going with them for the 1st Oil Change and Microfilter and will take it from there. From my experience they will try to lower the trade in value as much as possible regardless the service history; indeed the mileage and any scratches, wear and tear could lower considerably the trade in value. Is this correct that BMW is dropping Castrol in favor of Shell? Or just rumours / only in the States?
  10. 520D - Oil Service

    Hi, just got back on the phone with them and it seems the first "person" i was talking to yesterday was not fully "trained". The price include the microfilter as well which seems to be a pain when it comes to costs (£120 ish)... will see.
  11. 520D - Oil Service

    Hi All, i thought i would sign in and ask for some advise; just about to do the 1st Oil Change on my 520D M Sport - called the dealer and they quoted £300 (Filter, OIl, Labour)? Is this for real? How much did you pay for yours to be done? Thanks, Axell