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  1. coolhand9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fortunately that's one thing I don't have to worry about but the way things are going we'll all need a friendly MOT man before long. Apparently under the new regs sagging bonnet insulation is a fail!
  2. coolhand9

    Faulty Sunroof

    As long as the dog hasn't stolen it!
  3. coolhand9

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Early morning trip to the MOT station this morning to find it was the first day of the new regs. I knew they were due but hadn't realised the date. Car passed with flying colours so I must be one of the first to have the new style certificate. Not sure why the MOT is such a nervy experience, like most people on here I look after my car and never expect it to fail but still breath a sigh of relief when it passes. It was especially satisfying seeing the emmissions board light up in green.
  4. coolhand9

    Faulty Sunroof

    Just curious, why did you leave the dealership if the roof wasn't fully working and what happened in the two months between then and now. I assume the dealerhip had further attempts to fix the problem and failed?
  5. coolhand9

    Any stoke fans here?

    As a Gooner couldn't agree more. Still booing Ramsey for having the nerve to break his leg on Shawcross. Twisted.
  6. coolhand9

    Aircon issues

    Had the same problem recently, took me an age to find because I was looking around the fan cowling but as Ian550 mentioned mine was on the front edge of the drivers side pollen filter, next to the bonnet switch.
  7. coolhand9

    BMW's are useless in the snow, right?

    Learnt to drive in the snow in my Capri days and loved it. Never had a problem with my E39 540 either and I lived in a dip when I owned it so uphill whichever way I went. Problem nowadays seems to be other people not knowing what to do so either under or over reacting. A couple of years ago I actually followed a Discovery for about three miles. He refused to go over 20mph even though we were on a clear straight main road. The only ice was in the centre so I couldn't get passed. This year I'm in the only part of the country that's had next to no snow so haven't been able to put my 550 to the test. That may be a good thing!!
  8. coolhand9

    E39 540i Black Manual?

    MOT history is interesting, its spent a lot of time off the road.
  9. coolhand9

    Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    Failed the last MOT on three badly cut tyres and only done 300 miles since September.
  10. coolhand9

    Castrol Edge 5w30 4L £26 delivered

    Ordered this on 5th March and still not received. Tracker number provided shows it sitting at DHL Birmingham since the 9th. Emailed last week but have not had a reply so have had to request a refund. Link is still active so maybe I've just been unlucky but I should at least have had a reply to my email.
  11. My E60 550 has heated, massage and climate control. All seats should be made this way!!
  12. coolhand9

    V8 curiosity

    Hi all, newbie here with a V8. I had an E39 540i for about seven years and loved her. She could always put a smile on my face and I will always be grateful to her for wiping the smug smile off the face of the brand new Audi TTS driver at the lights! At twenty years old it was at the point where I was going to have to spend heaps keeping her together or go through a painful divorce. I spent ages trying to find an E60 545 as a newer replacement but couldn't find one I liked but finally found a loaded 550. It's an SE but has the M Sport package, wheels, suspension, steering wheel, aerodynamics and rear spoiler. With comfort seats as well I'm not sure how this would differ from the M Sport model. We've been together a few months now and while I don't yet love her the way I loved my 540 we are slowly building a relationship that I think could last. Other than a couple of off road rangies these have been my first V8's and I would find it hard to give up that effortless power, from gentle and refined to snarling beast at the stab of the pedal. I'm at the age now where the advantages of auto outweigh the disadvantages (although I admit there are times when a manual would be nice) but sports mode can still put a smile on my face. Great site with clearly some very knowledgeable people so will be checking back regularly.