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  1. Busterbvi

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    I agree with Dan, bite the bullet and go new, personally I have no problem going used but I am an Auto Technician with 40 years in so I know how to safely use good used parts. To get to the rear top mount nuts the back seat, rear shelf, speakers and pillar trims all have to come out so it's a job you only want to do once !
  2. Busterbvi

    Recommended Headunit E39

    Highly recommend one of these from AudioTech Direct in N.Wales. They are excellent and it does everything you need and a lot more ! The customer service at ATD is superb. This is how it looks in my car. I bought the latest BM5839B Android 8 model which is not yet on the web site, contact James if interested. I paid £289 with free delivery. Yes they are Chinese but I have 2 of them and I know of a few more locally and no problems at all, very reliable and I love the OEM look. Huge improvement on the sound also. Simple to fit, plug & play with the existing car connectors, no hassle, after struggling for an hour to get the OEM one out I had this in and working in 15 mins ! It also fully integrates with the cars Canbus system. https://audiotechdirect.com/pba-bm6839b-android-8-after-market-radio-for-bmw-e39-e53/ Nice fit into the dash. Custom start up screen Home screen
  3. Busterbvi

    Dust free brake pads

    I installed the EBC Ultimax 2 pads 2 weeks ago and done over 1k miles on them, not a speck of dust, good bite, no noise and braking is better than the OEM pads that came out. I have put the wheel cleaning brushes away ! well pleased with these pads. Highly recommended. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Busterbvi

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    It's not common at all, i've seen one or two reported on the E39 Facebook page, probably caused by crashing over potholes & speed bumps etc.
  5. Busterbvi

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    Springs are generally not something you replace unless they are broken, seriously rusty or doing a lowering job. 90k is nothing for an E39, if it's just surface rust I would leave them alone and replace the shocks, bump stops and top mounts. De rust them, lick of paint, bung em back on, job done. If you do change them, I will buy all 4 off you for my project. Can you post some pics of the paint codes F & R ? Measure the distance from the bottom of wheel arch lip to the center of the wheel, if all 4 measurements are the same, your springs are fine.
  6. Busterbvi

    E39 Saloon rear mud flap solution ?

    Yes, I believe they are for the Touring, what threw me was the awefull fit when offered up to the bumper loosely as per my earlier post on May 27, when they are fitted with the clips supplied they actually fit quite nice !
  7. Busterbvi

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    My car is a Sport saloon, 2003, 525i Auto with 72k on the clock, was under the car last weekend to change the oil, popped the 16yr old ARB bushes out for a check, good as new so straight back in, seriously, no need for Poly bushing anywhere for normal road use. If you want to preserve the comfortable ride, Poly bushing is not an upgrade. Just replace any suspect suspension and steering components with good quality OEM spec parts and you are good for many years of trouble free and comfortable motoring. Poly bushing should only be considered for a competition build. I looked for a link on the shocks I bought but no more on offer from the supplier so no link, just keep an eye on Ebay, they come up quite often. Regarding the coil springs, its a bit of a minefield, I looked at all the leading aftermarket suppliers and to be honest I am not confident of getting the correct spec I want, the safest way is to get the part number off the coil and have the supplier cross reference it. I intend to play safe and go for a good used set off a low mileage breaker so I am 100% correct on the springs. Realoem are no help on coil springs, I contacted them about it and not even the simple courtesy of a reply. A specific Google search on this doesn't yield much. I just re read your OP, what's wrong with your existing springs ?
  8. Busterbvi

    PDC Not Working

    I had the same problem, I just bought 8 for £44 off Ebay and PDC working perfectly now. Middle 2 rears are a bit of a faf, it's a bumper off job, dead easy to do though. 4 Angled on the front, 4 straight on the back ( saloon ) Same as Jaguar / Land Rover ones. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-PDC-Parking-Sensor-For-Land-Rover-Discovery-Jaguar-X-Type-XF-XJ8-C2C29377XXX2/152635833448?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  9. Busterbvi

    E39 Saloon rear mud flap solution ?

    An update on this thread for those with Sport saloons that may be looking for a rear mudflap solution. I went with the genuine BMW ones from Ocean BMW in Plymouth ( see pic for part number ) when I fitted them with the clips supplied they actually fit quite nice. The OS went straight on no problem, the NS was a bit of a palaver, you have to trim off a good half inch off the bottom of the arch guard and neatly fold the metal heat shield around it so the flap will sit straight. The clips supplied work well to secure it to the lip of the bumper and a couple of self tappers through the flap into the arch guard with speed clips does the trick. Well pleased !
  10. Busterbvi

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    If you want to stay with OEM springs, take note of the colour code on the coil. This is usually 2 or 3 paint dabs, SE petrol is normally a Yellowish Orange, early cars are Brown. This is the colour code for the tensile strength of the spring, very important to get it right so the ride height and smooth ride is unaffected. Poly bushes are harder and will last longer, but will transmit more from the road to the steering. To preserve smoothness I recommend standard bushing, very cheap & simple to replace. Many spring suppliers dont list the colour code in their catalogue so before you order, take some photos of the springs and send to your supplier so you get the right ones. The attached photos are of my mates 2002, 530i SE standard springs. Diesel cars have different springs (Pink spots) to petrol because of the heavier diesel engine so be careful. You may find the part number stamped on the spring. I have spent months researching this as I am about to start a suspension change project on my 525i Sport to soften it up. Love the car but the hard ride, road noise and thump thump thump from the low tyres is doing my head in ! I want the awesome look of the Sport but the lovely magic carpet ride of the SE. For info on spring colour coding look here. http://pmmonline.co.uk/technical/why-do-we-have-colour-codes-on-road-springs/ Oh and by the way, you will be fine with Boge shocks made by Sachs, pretty much the same part. I bought these for £70 a pair off Ebay ready for the project. Front Suspension Shock Absorbers PAIR BMW E39 Saloon 1995-2004 BOGE ( 162659915563 ) Hope this helps.
  11. I'm after one good 9J rear wheel if you can sell separately ? Cheers.
  12. Busterbvi

    Dust free brake pads

    What are these like for dust ?
  13. Busterbvi

    Dust free brake pads

    Just been looking at the EBC Red Stuff pads, £93 a set, anyone tried them ? https://www.ebcbrakeshop.co.uk/info-brake-parts?range=Pad|Redstuff&make=BMW&year=2003&model=5+Series+(E39)&engineSelect=525+(2.5)+Saloon&engine=525+(2.5)+Saloon&bhp=&caliper=
  14. Busterbvi

    Dust free brake pads

    Thanks Tuvoc, I'm posting the question because I am tired of cleaning brake dust off my wheels twice a week !