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  1. Lukai

    Parts required

    Hi, Can I get a price on the following parts please? 8x - 1881521 - Circlips 1x - 1946170 - EMBLEM ADHERED REAR "5" 1x - 1946169 - LETTER "M" REAR 1x - 8132375 - Badge Ø 82mm 2x - 1852140 - LOCK BUTTON SCHWARZ Thanks, Luke
  2. Hi, Can I get a price for these parts please? 51211944385 - Door handle screw cap x1 12421718209 - Battery Positive Terminal Cover x1 Thanks, Luke
  3. Lukai

    Windscreen Wipers

    Thanks, the new wipers are a Bosch set from ECP too, so should be correct. It seemed a bit loose without the clip, so I’ve ordered a new one so hopefully that will sort it.
  4. Lukai

    E34 M5 Exhaust System

    Hi, Can I have a price and availability on a E34 M5 exhaust system please? 18101312163 Thanks, Luke
  5. Lukai

    Windscreen Wipers

    I put the old one back on and it was defiantly more juddery than before I took it off, so it must be something I've done.
  6. Lukai

    Windscreen Wipers

    Hi, I was just putting on some new windscreen wipers and somehow managed to snap number 4 in the image below. Now the drivers side wiper judders, I'm guessing this is the cause? I just wouldn't of thought it would make that much difference... Thanks, Luke
  7. Lukai

    Parts Please

    Hi, Can I have a price for the following parts please? E34 Windscreen Wiper(Drivers) Adaptor - 61611379509 E30 Front Bumper Covering caps - 51111888293 Thanks, Luke
  8. Lukai

    E34 Wheel bolt size...

    Hi, I'm in need of some Locking wheel bolts for my 3.6 M5, does anyone know what size bolt I need? Would it be M12 x 1.5? Thanks, Luke
  9. Hi, I've got an E34 M5 with extended Champagne Leather interior. Its in really good order, with no rips or tears etc but its a bit grubby and starting to show its age a bit. I'm wondering how much you would charge to give it a good clean and reconditioning? Also what would the process be? Thanks, Luke
  10. Hi, I've got a 385mm Mtech steering wheel in my 1990 M5, would the smaller 370mm Mtech wheel be a straight swap? If not what would need changing to accommodate it? Thanks, Luke
  11. Lukai

    Price on parts please

    Hi, Can I have a price for two M5 rear suspension top mounts please? Part number: 37121129867 Thanks
  12. Thanks Did you get the remote for iPod cable with yours? I'm trying to see if I can figure out a way to stream audio to it from my phone via spotify... That would be the ideal, modern functionality with classic looks.
  13. Lukai

    New owner of M5 3.6

    I'll try and get a thread started soon, it's in nowhere near as good nick as yours though
  14. Nice! You got the GP installed yet? Happy with it? I recently picked up a Becker Cascade for mine, but not got round to fitted it yet.
  15. Hi, Can I have a price for the following part please? 25112231551 Thanks, Luke