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  1. F10 lci front end parts

    Ah ok , there’s a lot of confusing information over the internet about this , but part numbers don’t lie . Thanks for checking that out for us . Great help. Cherrs
  2. F10 lci front end parts

    Hi there thanks I think I’m ok with them , if it turns out I’m not, I will let you know . cheers
  3. F10 lci front end parts

    Hello there I can’t find anything anywhere either , it’s just when i look up the parts for wings and the Bonnet , there’s an option for either 2010-2013 and then 2013-2016 so I’m assuming there is a difference . Thanks for for your help
  4. F10 lci front end parts

    Is there anyone who has done this conversion? Thanks
  5. F10 lci front end parts

    Hi yes I will take before and after pics for sure. If it is a straight swap I may as well go ahead and do it . cheers
  6. F10 lci front end parts

    Hi thanks for your help. Sorry mine is an M Sport with halogen , I know what I need to make the newer lights work . Just not sure if I have to change anything for the newer M sport bumper to fit and whether the newer headlights will slot in and got in the existing brackets ? And also whether I need to change the front wings ? I know the bonnnet is different but that just looks a straight swap . Thanks for your help
  7. Hi everyone I’m new to the forum. I have a 2011 f10 5 series . It has been involved in a minor front accident , well I say minor as it was only going 15 mph but the wing and Bonnet crumbled , headlight smashed and also caught the bumper . Now I’m wondering about updating the front end to the 2013 onwards spec as most of it has to be replaced barring drivers side wing and headlight . Does anyone know if this is all a straight fit ? Any help would be much apprciated