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  1. Maxwellphillips

    Prospective buyer

    Unless you're selling it for £200 and a packet of haribo, I don't think I'm gonna be able to afford it yet
  2. Maxwellphillips

    Prospective buyer

    After thinking about it, I think an engine transplant as a first go at a project car might be a little too much to ask! After speaking to a few people, I'm thinking of just saving up a bit more and getting a car that runs, but needs work doing (mot failure or something similar). Still fancy a Beemer though, either a 3 or a 5, and preferably a touring!
  3. Maxwellphillips

    Prospective buyer

    Hi everyone, I'm not yet and owner, but I am considering an E34 525i as a project car. A friend at work is selling a rolling shell (no engine or gearbox) for £200. I've seen photos of the car, it's red, with pretty poor paint condition (rear quarter and spoiler are heavily faded), however I'm told the rest is in good condition, and drove well before the engine was pulled out due to excessive smoke. It has a cream cloth interior by the looks of it. Anything I should look out for when I see the car? I just wanted a bit of advice as to whether this would be a good project car? I have a small garage and minimal tools atm, but I plan on spending a couple of years fiddling and gathering tools I need. With the ultimate goal of sticking something like a manual coupled with a straight six out of an E46 328i, or an M62, and possibly going supercharged. Am I likely to bite off more than I can chew here, or is this something that is doable over a few years with a meagre budget? Cheers!