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  1. AndyM

    First world F10-series problems

    I don't like the way the official roof bars fit to the rails, there's too much gap between the plastic cover and the roof.
  2. AndyM

    Phone mounts.

    This is what I use; http://www.spigen.co.uk/accessories/magnetic-air-vent-mount.html Looks totally normal and unobtrusive when not in use, very simple to transfer between cars if needed and holds the phone perfectly secure with no rattles.
  3. AndyM

    First world F10-series problems

    I don't like the beeping noise that happens when I do a kick under the bumper to close the tailgate. #firstworldF10seriesproblems
  4. A thread to collate all those little niggles that don't really matter, but annoy you about your otherwise perfect F10 series car... I'll start When wearing my polarised sunglasses, the Head Up Display is invisible. I need to tilt my head by 90 degrees for it to appear. When closing the automatic tailgate from the keyfob I need to keep the button pressed rather than just press & release.
  5. AndyM

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    I had a similar thing (although not as big a difference) and after repressurising all tyres as a result of swapping them back to front and a full reset the problem all but went away. Try removing 10PSI from each tyre, pumping back to the right amount and doing a reset of the TPMS.
  6. AndyM

    Wheel Balancing

    Honestly I don't know for sure, it was just a thought as along with wheels (and wheel-related things like brake disks) the diff is directly related to road speed and would cause vibrations if it wasn't balanced correctly. My local independent said that prop shaft imbalances are rare and show themselves more under load. From realoem.com if you put your VIN number in then go to the Rear Axle > Rear Axle Drive section you can see which balance weight you have fitted; part 5 in the diagram below, on my 2014 530d F11 it's 67Hz apparently.
  7. AndyM

    Wheel Balancing

    My next school of thought after wheels is the differential balance weight, it's designed to remove vibration and resonant frequencies. There's a weight on the rear diff - seemingly easy to access so worth checking if it is in place and also try adding some more weight to it and see what happens.
  8. AndyM

    Wheel Balancing

    Keep us updated on the results and cost! I've had my wheels rebalanced once to try and fix a wobble at motorway speeds and it got slightly better but still there, although I now get an odd vibration around 40mph as well.
  9. I'm also not interested in spending huge amounts so this is the route I'd take - I'd possibly upgrade the under seat subs as well. Have you considered coding the head unit to HiFi?
  10. Interesting, I've been considering the same. Which parts/kit did you use?
  11. AndyM

    Alarm System

    You might have a duff door/bonnet sensor whcih is preventing the alarm from being set. Do your indicators flash when you lock and unlock with the fob? Should be one flash for lock, two for unlock. If a door, bonnet or boot is slightly open (or the car thinks one is) then the alarm won't be set. Try opening the bonnet and giving it a good slam to close.
  12. That must be the extra bit that I got with the Emtronika kit! It wasn't really mentioned in the instructions so presumed it was for a different model and as the power ended up at the front anyway I didn't investigate further. Can't help with the part number unfortunately and I'm planning on putting mine right at some point so will still need the one I have.
  13. AndyM

    Rattling Door Glass

    There are all sorts of cables, rods and fixings inside a door and various resonant frequencies can cause them to vibrate annoyingly and slightly touch another part. The only solution would be to carefully remove the door card and use fabric tape or similar to isolate all the bits which look like they might touch another. If you can identify the area to press on the door card to stop it then you're half way to finding the problem! When driving with the windows down, some additional tension is put into the door card, and window regulators or mechanisms which could stop it.
  14. Since the power cable in the loom ended up in the wrong place I moaned to Emtronika via the eBay disputes service yesterday and they've given me a £40 partial refund of the original £94 that I paid.
  15. Made it sing for its supper this weekend, ripped a load of tiles off the bathroom walls and loaded up 200kg of broken tiles and rubble in some multi storage buckets. Still got two more loads to go.