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  1. Not necessarily, the only need for new valves if if your existing ones get damaged during replacement. I had 4x Michelin CrossClimate+ fitted recently and the original TPMS valves stayed. If they are functional, then they're functional.
  2. Or just use decent foam sticky pads! As an aside, I wonder what is going to happen to the Euro flag numberplate status when (if) Brexit happens?
  3. Agreed, but that's up to the buyer! I've done it previously and got a reasonable amount back. The tyres I took off have only been on for at most 10k miles and plenty of tread left so would represent good value for someone who wants to buy used.
  4. I spent £115 while they were being fitted.
  5. Had four new tyres fitted - Michelin CrossClimate +, replacing Conti SportContact 3 runflats. Done at Costco, £80 off when buying 4x tyres over 18" so they worked out at £130 each fitted. Initial impressions are that they are so much quieter than the Continentals and (as you'd expect) more supple & less tramlining. Kept two of the Continentals as they were fairly new - fitted before I bought the car - so they'll be going on Ebay to get a bit of value back.
  6. Interesting - mine is still wobbling slightly after a very good mechanic did the balancing a few months ago, it is better though. I need two new tyres so I was kind of hoping it might be that. I also put it in for a wheel bearing change under warrantly after I started to hear a noise at low speed, nothing much changed on the wobbly front after that though.
  7. Yes a tin box works fine, that's where all of our car keys are kept. Both cars have keyless entry so need to keep them blocked. However, there have been instances of steering wheel/idrive theft where the car has been broken into by 'traditional' methods - obviously in normal circumstances this would trigger the alarm, but people have been finding their bumpers filled with expandable foam to block the alarm siren.
  8. AndyM

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    How do I check if my vehicle is affected/covered? And if it is, will BMW get in touch - I didn't buy the car either new or through approved used.
  9. AndyM

    Carly - free full version

    It's only upgraded free if you had already purchased it before they changed the structure to paid modules.
  10. I have to disagree with the people that say you can't tell the difference between modes. When I feel like I want a wafty floatmobile I switch to Comfort+ and it's like driving on a cloud. There is a definite difference between all three modes (Comfort+ / Comfort / Sport). Sport+ mode is the same firmness as Sport. I haven't side by side driven a car without to compare - although of course I did drive other cars when I was buying mine - so am not able to comment on the roll through corners but it does stick and has minimal roll in all modes, and when accelerating it stays flat which I presume is the rear suspension firming up as the G force is applied.
  11. AndyM

    First world F10-series problems

    I don't like the way the official roof bars fit to the rails, there's too much gap between the plastic cover and the roof.
  12. AndyM

    Phone mounts.

    This is what I use; http://www.spigen.co.uk/accessories/magnetic-air-vent-mount.html Looks totally normal and unobtrusive when not in use, very simple to transfer between cars if needed and holds the phone perfectly secure with no rattles.
  13. AndyM

    First world F10-series problems

    I don't like the beeping noise that happens when I do a kick under the bumper to close the tailgate. #firstworldF10seriesproblems
  14. A thread to collate all those little niggles that don't really matter, but annoy you about your otherwise perfect F10 series car... I'll start When wearing my polarised sunglasses, the Head Up Display is invisible. I need to tilt my head by 90 degrees for it to appear. When closing the automatic tailgate from the keyfob I need to keep the button pressed rather than just press & release.
  15. AndyM

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    I had a similar thing (although not as big a difference) and after repressurising all tyres as a result of swapping them back to front and a full reset the problem all but went away. Try removing 10PSI from each tyre, pumping back to the right amount and doing a reset of the TPMS.