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  1. That's kind of what I expected, was just curious if there was anything related to the airbags that might mean leaving loads in wasn't the best idea. In case anyone was wondering, the total load capacity of a 530d is 650kg - take the unladen weight away from the GVW. This doesn't include driver, passenger or fuel so probably around 430kg of stuff in the back if there's two passengers and a full tank of fuel.
  2. Does anyone know the load capacity of an F11? A bit of Googling has a few websites listing the capacity at 600kg or so - more importantly, is it OK to leave for a while? Went to Ikea today and loaded up, a quick count and I reckon there's 225kg of Sweden's finest flatpack in there. I'm away for the week (in a hire car) and haven't had time/don't really have space to unload. Wil it be OK?
  3. AndyM

    Goodbye F10...

    Is that more or less than the monthly cost increase would have been if you had declared 17.5k when taking out the arrangement?
  4. AndyM

    It's all in the details

    That's one for my first world problems thread... In fact, it's already in there - post 3!
  5. AndyM

    Comfort access and your insurance

    I agree - it's a question I asked a few posts up! Without trawling through brochures which are very difficult to find and never officially then it's almost impossible for the layman to know what is standard and what is optional. If they refused a claim based on a factory fitted optional extra and the insured didn't know that it was optional as they bought the car used then I very much doubt that it would stand up against the insurance ombudsman. The bit I screen grabbed from the Admiral website specifically says only Cosmetic or Performance changes. If they are adding further detail in at the point of producing the insurance certificate (and it's T&Cs) then that is very shady practice in my eyes.
  6. AndyM

    Comfort access and your insurance

    If you didn't buy the car new, how do you know what the options are? I'm insured with Admiral and haven't been specifically asked about factory fitted options. The section on their website quote which asks about modifications is this and comfort access is neither a cosmetic nor performance change; Interestingly if you click yes the list of tickboxes is quite significant, but many of them are neither cosmetic nor performance enhancing.
  7. AndyM

    Comfort access and your insurance

    The insurance companies don't check for options fitted to cars, not at the quote stage anyway. Not all manufacturers have the ability to check a VIN for options, it's actually quite rare. Your towbar being paid for by an insurance claim is different to an insurer assigning a higher risk to a vehicle because it has a certain factory fitted option. I presume your towbar was fitted by BMW as part of an option so is covered under your standard insurance, however you won't have paid more for your insurance as a result of it being fitted despite the higher risk/potential payout.
  8. AndyM

    Comfort access and your insurance

    How would they know? It isn’t a question asked when the quote is being done.
  9. I've sheared a locking wheel nut adaptor trying to get a wheel off before. And before anyone asks, yes it was in straight!
  10. AndyM

    washer pump issues...

    Probably! Even though I'm still covered by a comprehensive third party warranty from the seller I'd imagine they wouldn't pay out on a blocked filter not to mention the aggro of booking it in, dropping it off, getting a courtesy car, etc etc... So just went for it myself. Interesting though that the problem only affected the windscreen, and it coincided exactly in running low on screenwash as it was perfectly fine before.
  11. AndyM

    washer pump issues...

    I tackled this job yesterday; did it with the wheel still on (turned full lock to the right) and not jacked up. To say it was fiddly is an understatement. Once I could see the bottle & a bit of the pump behind the arch liner I tried to remove the pipe to the windscreen as recommended on a guide I found here but it woldn't budge so to avoid damaging it I left it on. Using a long metal trim tool (although you could probably use a flat screwdriver) I prised the pump up and out of the rubber bung which also contains the filter so that it was out of the way - and confirming that this was the blockage, barely any screenwash came out. As soon as I then prized up the rubber bung out the screenwash came flooding out, thankfully into the container I'd put underneath the front of the sill. The filter was full of black gunge, so cleaned it up with an old toothbrush and refitted followed by the pump and then made sure it was all working - which it wasn't... Unclipped the pipe at the bonnet, blew down into the bottle and could hear bubbles so knew it wasn't kinked or pinched and gave it another test. Out came the screenwash this time so must be good now. Reconnected everything, tested again and all working so put the arch liner back on which I had only removed enough to see the bottle. It all sounds easy when written above, but it wasn't. From a technical perspective it's very simple, but practically it's a nightmare as there is no access to the pump at all so while getting it out with a bit of leverage is easy, putting it back is not. At one point I was looking for ways to get the front wing off...
  12. Fixed the blocked windscreen washer pump filter, which appeared after I was running low on screenwash a few weeks ago and then as soon as I filled up all I got was a dribble. Anyone who tells you this is an easy job must have Borrowers for helpers. It is not.
  13. I can't help you with the costs as mine is only just coming up to four years old, but the warranty companies aren't daft so their prices would normally be reflective of the potential costs/risk. If I were wondering to extend a warranty, I'd get a quote for every year the warranty would be due and put that money to one side and have it available in case it is needed, not forgetting to take into account any excess. If you don't need it all, or any - then roll what is left over into next year.... and on and on. If by the time you come to sell the car there's money leftover then you can buy me a beer. I'm sure there will be exceptions to prove the warranty companies costs were worth it, but the vast majority of the time you will be better off doing the above, with the bonus that you get your money back at the end.
  14. AndyM

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    Isn't that Saab? I've had Volvos in the past, they were decent cars if a bit boring to drive after a while. I had an S90 from a hire company a couple of months ago and it was fine other than the stupid ide to replace buttons with a big touchscreen. The V90 certainly looks better than the saloon, I just can't get on with the S90 rear lights.
  15. I've had one emailed to me every time I've downloaded a new map (twice now). I needed it for the first one, but this time it didn't ask for it.