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  1. Back2Beemer

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Probably once every couple of weeks on average. As I’ve used the Aqua Wax from day 1, dirt doesn’t cling to the car much either, and as the washes are frequent it’s built up a good layer of protection. probabky spend about an hour ish each time, but that’s properly cleaning the wheels & dressing the tyres which is fiddly work.
  2. Back2Beemer

    First service

    No way would I be paying that - total joke. Should be no more than £150 from a reputable independent for a simple oil service.
  3. Back2Beemer

    Off work, sponge out!

    Mitt somehow didn’t seem to have the same ring to it in the title, but yeah I use a Meguiars mitt to do it. I like to take care of my cars, but the two bucket method is a bit anal for me (as safe as it might be). I’ve got a debris guard in the bucket I have, and I use a different mitt for the wheels...that’s about as far as it goes. Proof is in the pudding anyway as the paint is in top notch condition - not a swirl mark in sight! I’d rather wash it with sandpaper than take it through a car wash or one of the £5 valet places! My last car was metallic black, and with living in London at the time (in a flat) my only option was the hand car wash places. Honestly you should have seen the state of the paintwork after 2 years!
  4. Back2Beemer

    Off work, sponge out!

    I don’t know if this is swearing... I only used one bucket.
  5. Back2Beemer

    Off work, sponge out!

    Decided to use one of my days off to good use and cleaned the car after a month of hard use! Covered just over 19k miles now, and used the same method since new and the paintwork is still as it is when it arrived (apart from a few motorway scars on the front bumper!). Wheels - Auto Finesse Iron Out. Prewash - Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam. Wash - Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner Dry & Finish - Autoglym Aqua Wax Tyres - Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing (last bit I need to do before hitting the golf course!)
  6. Back2Beemer

    Joining the G31 Crowd

    Yeah I really regret not getting Ivory when I see it, but you live and learn. Black is fairly maintenance free on the plus side! If the weather is anything like it was last winter I am definitely investing in a set of winters!
  7. Back2Beemer

    G31 540i xDrive v 530i

    It’s stupid really - a 5 series is still a 5 series, irrespective of what you have. I have a basic spec 520d SE (aside from metallic paint, HK and lumbar) and I absolutely love it to bits. Would I have preferred a 530d - 100%, is it a better engine 100%, and I’m not sure how anyone could argue otherwise! At the end of the day, we all buy what we can afford / suits our needs at the time. @sjak92 I’m not sure you wouldn’t be thinking the same if you had got a 530d you know - I’m the same once I’ve had any car for a while, I get itchy feet and want to look for something else. Not even had my 5 a year yet and I was messing about online earlier speccing other cars ha!
  8. @CFD see attached mate. Sorry I completely forgot to do last night but at least you can see the setup of the lights.
  9. They look really good to be fair - just got the “angel eye” LED daytime lights, and the main light is behind projectors, so looks better than the 3 I think. If I remember later I’ll try and take a snap for you.
  10. The only thing I wish I’d spec’d (but again company car so wanted to keep costs to a minimum) was ICON adaptive LED headlights. The standard lights are ok, but the high beam is utter crap. The Xenons on my 2 series loaner were better. All I added to mine was: Electric lumbar support (how this isn’t standard is ridiculous). Harman Kardon.
  11. Back2Beemer


    Problem is, you’ve got to catch the little fookers first...and the amount that don’t get caught outweigh those that do unfortunately. Anything you can do to prevent yourself being a victim is the best thing to do in my opinion. Totally agree though - when they do get caught the penalties are normally light!
  12. Back2Beemer


    @mobilejo glad you have the car back and everyone is ok. I absolutely despise thieves...can’t put it into words!! Hope the police find those responsible, absolute low life scum.
  13. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    You don’t ask, you don’t get! Let me know how you get on!
  14. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Oh no I was being sarcastic about that! 100% mate - complete waste of your time having to mess about going back and forth. Free first service or something, or at least a discount.
  15. Back2Beemer

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Well I’ve learned something for sure!