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  1. Rattles and annoying noises

    Absolutely no idea! They didn’t mention it to me on the phone, so I’ll guess I’ll find out when it goes in on Friday. There is definitely a pronounced squeak, and it’s worse then the car is cold and idling / low speed movement. I will feedback on here once they’ve done it.
  2. Rattles and annoying noises

    @axell @Andrew530dmsport Guys just in case this is relevant to your issues - I had complained to my dealer around a squeak / rattle coming from the rear, and they are replacing the rear window mechanism this week. May be worth mentioning if you don’t get a resolve, but I’ll let you know what the outcome is and if it cures the issue.
  3. Steering feel

    Yeah I’ve found the steering to be quite numb and inert when travelling along the mortorway. The ride however is superb - I’m running an SE with the standard 17” wheels and no run flat tyres, and it glides about. Bigger wheels & run flats neee adaptive suspension to feel as supple as it can.
  4. remote lock doesnt trigger rudolph's nose

    Do you have to have an extra functionality for it to actually work? Mine just says "Unknown" against everything...
  5. 530d - XDrive or RWD?

    I’d imagine you’d get mid 40s without issue, even with Xdrive. My mate has a 17 plate 335Xd and that gets in the 40s on a run. I took my 520d with less than 100 miles on the clock on a long run and got 54mpg without trying. (Indicated not calculated).
  6. Rattles and annoying noises

    I’ve got this rattle now too...it almost sounds like a squeak / rattle? I thought it was my golf clubs chinking in the boot, but no. Also, seems to get better as the car warms - anyone else noticed this? Car is in BMW again today so I’ll be raising it with them.
  7. I hate gritters!!

    @lol64 yeah it’s definitely aluminium. It’ll be all sorted on Wednesday next week anyway, just a royal PITA on a car that’s 2 weeks old!
  8. 520d SE nearly here

    I’ve found the LED’s to be amazing in the dry, but their super white colour makes them not as good in poorer conditions that Xenons I think...maybe it’s just me!
  9. I hate gritters!!

    @sjak92 Thanks for the advice mate. It’s going to get sorted by BMW, so hopefully will be good as new. Youre totally right about white cars (I’ve had 3), apart from being one of the worst to keep clean, they are better in almost every respect to hide blemishes and swirl marks etc. Unfortunately dark colours are some of the worst, but I loved the Sophisto Grey and had to tick the box...maybe the wrong choice in hindsight!
  10. I hate gritters!!

    @Carrera77 M6 northbound going past Shap. Honestly the thing looked like it was spraying out small effing boulders!! As you can tell, I’m quite angry about it ha. @littleump yeah it’s gone straight down to metal!
  11. I hate gritters!!

    Just been out to give the new car some care and attention and found this!!! I thought I’d got away with it when I gave the car the once over stopping at the services, but apparently not! Anyone else suffered this fate? Annoyingly, its not just the paint, it’s dented the bonnet too. Any suggestions as the best repair? I doubt it possible to remove the dent because of where it is? Just a simple touch up?
  12. Cooling fan running with engine off

    Yes, will most likely be DPF regen / after DPF regen to cool everything down. Perfectly normal.
  13. Some annoying teething problems

    my last 3 cars have all had EPS, so quite used to that...just something I can't put my finger on. Update - they have found a fault with the brakes / Start-Stop tech. Basically its too sensitive on the travel of the brake pedal so the system is kicking in and re-starting the engine far too quickly. Going back in on Tuesday for them to run live diagnostics and send to BMW.
  14. Faulty Park Assistant Plus (new G31)

    I'd question the courtesy car thing...surely the majority of work they have in will either be simple servicing (no courtesy car required generally - my dealer provides a free taxi service for a day), or warranty work, which would generally take longer and would require a car?? I'd raise with BMW UK if they're being really stubborn about giving you a car.
  15. Some annoying teething problems

    Thanks - mine were all wrong too, and the iDrive system hadn't been set up for the tyres either during PDI (different supplying dealer I may add). I've covered 1100 miles now, would have thought the brakes would have had plenty of time to settle. Incidentally, what are the tyre sections on the 18 / 19 inch wheels? Sure the 18's are 245.