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  1. Back2Beemer


    @mobilejo glad you have the car back and everyone is ok. I absolutely despise thieves...can’t put it into words!! Hope the police find those responsible, absolute low life scum.
  2. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    You don’t ask, you don’t get! Let me know how you get on!
  3. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Oh no I was being sarcastic about that! 100% mate - complete waste of your time having to mess about going back and forth. Free first service or something, or at least a discount.
  4. Back2Beemer

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Well I’ve learned something for sure!
  5. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Bloody hell...what a nightmare! If not a full refund, then definitely some form of compensation from BMW!
  6. Back2Beemer

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Not sure how the insurance would ever know? You can specify your car from new with or without run flats. As long as the tyres are the correct fitment and speed / load rating for the car, then there can’t be any issue?
  7. Back2Beemer

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Definitely think you’d feel a difference without run flats then.
  8. Back2Beemer

    Icon lights failing?

    When my new 5 was delivered to me with a damaged rear bumper, I was given a Mini for a few days whilst BMW did the work...lucky for me it was a 67 plate Cooper S, so I actually had a great deal of fun in it while I had it. Brought back memories of when I had an R53 John Cooper Works GP - best fun I have ever had in a car. That said, I totally agree you should at least me in the same marque. The dealer where I was usually gives X1s out.
  9. Back2Beemer

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Have you got adaptive suspension? My car runs in standard tyres (albeit with 17” wheels so plenty of tyre wall) and the ride is sublime on the passive setup!
  10. Back2Beemer

    520D Mileages

    6 months old, 14k miles. Long term average 49.7 mpg, frequently see high 50’s and into 60’s. A lot of motorway miles, otherwise it’s very short trips. Must say I’m mightily impressed with how efficient it can be for such a big car.
  11. Back2Beemer

    Sun Protection Glass - Watermarks

    Autoglym car glass polish is also a great product!
  12. Back2Beemer

    No confidence at high speed

    I’ve felt exactly the same - had the car in the dealer and they checked the tyre pressures and alignment and that was about it. To be honest I put it down to be on 17” wheels which are only 225 width, but if it’s happening on larger wheels then maybe there’s a bigger problem!
  13. Back2Beemer

    Looking to swap 19" 664M wheels for 18"

    Are you sure 18’s would fit over the M-sport brakes? Looks to not be much room even with 19’s!
  14. Back2Beemer

    Driving in France

    The French police are buggers! I remember on Top Gear when they did that challenge to drive to Blackpool on one tank of fuel, and Jeremy Clarkson deliberately drove through France wearing a hi-vis jacket ha! I’d definitely carry some beam adaptors with you just in case, first aid kit and a hi-vis. Have a good time!
  15. Back2Beemer

    Not run flats on the new car

    Standard SE 17” rims are all standard tyres. 18” and above are run-flats unless specified otherwise.