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  1. Wheel colour?

    Dumfries Powder Coating are doing the wheels. They don't have a bright silver. They have sparkle silver which is silver with a fleck but is still quite dull. They do have chrome but i think it will be too much bling and will clash with the white body.
  2. Wheel colour?

    I'm in South West Scotland and the closest wheel refurbisher which is the one im using is 70 miles away. There is another company 60 miles north but their silver is not like OEM either. Thanks
  3. Wheel colour?

    Thanks for the pictures. That was very good of you and you are right the anthracite does match very well. Nice well kept car Atkin92. Just come back from the powder coating company but they don't have anthracite in stock. I have decided to go for gun metal which is quite close to the colour that was on my 1 series diamond cut wheels. I would still rather have bright silver as original but i will have to go with the gun metal. Fingers crossed as i have just bought the car. Thanks for your help
  4. Wheel colour?

    That would be great thanks. Spent ages looking online but struggling. I wish the powder coating company just had the OEM silver.
  5. Wheel colour?

    Thanks Atkin92, You dont happen to a have a picture do you?
  6. Wheel colour?

    Thats not my car just an example of what i have.
  7. Wheel colour?

    Cheers sshoole but cant get OEM unfortunatley!
  8. Wheel colour?

    Hi folks, Happy New Year| Thanks for letting me join this forum. I am looking for some advice on wheel colour please. I just bought a 2015 F11 in Alpine white and i am getting the alloys powder coated next week as they have a few marks on them. The question is Silver or Gunmetal? I cannot get BMW silver as the powder coating company does not have it. I can get sparkle silver which is a very high polished silver kind of like a dull chrome or gunmetal. I have attached a picture of what my wheels are like at present- not my actual car but the same colour spec etc and a picture of the actual gun metal on a previous job on a VW also the sparkle silver as done on a mini. I would be gratfull for any advice Thanks in advance! Another option - this may be better not as dark as gun metal? Anthracite grey?