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    Clutch issues

    Hello guys, I’m new to the world of BMW . I never had one until 4 months ago when I went and bought a 520d f10 13plate with 68k on the clock. All was good and I really enjoyed it until it snowed a few weeks ago. I got caught up on the motorway and that’s when the fun began. It was slipping all over the place and I had the “clutch temperature to high, let it cool down “ warning message. I pulled over and waited a good half hour until it went. I’m now pretty sure that the clutch is weared out as I’m having to press the pedal almost all the way down to engage gears. My question is what about the DMF? Would I have damaged that too? The clutch kit is not that expensive but the DMF is absolutely ridiculous. Also I read on forums that apparently there is a warning message appearing when you need a clutch, I don’t have that at all, should I? Cheers
  2. Hello, I’m new to the world of BMW, and I need some advice.