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  1. Japanese Import E39s

    I've worked for a company that does Japanese imports (or at least has in the past) and yes service history is an issue. I bought an RX7 from a trader in Japan and it arrived with no history at all. It also arrived with no compression on the rear rotor but that's another story
  2. E39 530D Sport Manual

    By all means mate send me some details if you decide you are selling. I won’t lie I am a little bit wary of too much power through them, my E46 330cd had a bigger intercooler etc and the hp pump went (i think that’s the initial cause), either way it ended up in all 6 injectors, both pumps and other bits and bobs totalling about 2.4k haha.
  3. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Hi, A friend of a friend apparently has one he might sell but I’m just waiting for him to get back to me. It’ll be a daily driver but but I don’t mind if it needs a few parts from breakers along the way etc. I’m in Derby but I’ll travel anywhere for the right car. Matt
  4. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Ah, knew I’d forget something, I’m looking for a saloon. The wife drives a 320d E91 so we don’t really need 2 tourings. Thanks for the link, I’ve seen that one but really just looking for a sport.
  5. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Yes I had the same as you, 330cd manual. I’ve driven a few BMW autos through work
  6. E39 530D Sport Manual

    I’m no longer ‘in the trade’ as such so probably not really as I wouldn’t like to tackle it on the drive. I am a stickler for a manual gearbox, really not an auto fan. Bit of a pain as there are a lot more of them!
  7. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Haha, thanks for getting those out the way. I know I may have a bit of a wait to find the right car and I know what they usually go for. Ive got saved searches on the usual channels but I thought I’d see if any other enthusiasts were thinking of selling but didn’t want to deal with the usual eBay/gumtree morons that ask what price you’ll take before even hinting at anything else I’m a mechanic by trade so I don’t mind putting a few bits right here and there, always loved the E39 so hoping I can find a good one. Happy new year Matt
  8. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Hi, I’m on the lookout for an E39. Here’s what I’m after E39 530D sport Must be a manual I’d prefer a colour but not too fussy for the right car Under 150k Good budget for the right car Thanks, Matt