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  1. 525d Sport rolling project

    Well, injector came out and got refurb'd no problem. 3 glow plugs were high resistance so I replaced all 6. Also found 3 more split vac hoses so I've replaced those. The car starts so much faster but is still iffy first thing on a freezing cold morning so I'll check out the controller next. The thermostat arrived but it was wrong (was for a version with an EGR cooler, mine doesn't have one) so that will have to wait. Also fitted a 545i shifter with new gaitor and ZHP knob, the old one would un-clip if you were a bit keen putting it into reverse. Bumper off later to remove the tow bar and replace the two PDC sensors. It's a labour of love.
  2. 525d Sport rolling project

    4 wheel alignment done last night after work and popped the front pad sensor in too, she drives straight and true with no more lights on the dash! Just having the wheel straight and no warning lights has made a huge difference to how it feels to get in and drive it, I'm really happy so far that I've decided to "build" a good E39 rather than buy one for a lot more. Here are some pics of the progress. This weekend I will whip the inlet manifold off, test and replace the glow plugs and take out injector no 6 to be refurb'd, I'll also replace the thermostat if that arrives. That should see it starting and running properly, then as soon as that's back in next week I'll take the rear bumper off, replace the fault PDC sensors and remove the tow bar.
  3. 525d Sport rolling project

    Cheers guys. Cracked on with it last night after work and got a fair bit done, more than I expected! - Lack of power low down cured by replacing flat/split vac hose from the actuator to the accumulator - EGR delete & blank fitted while I was there - Leak test & found injector 6 to be leaking a lot, explains why it takes longer to start than my 330d did. I'll get all 6 serviced/refurbished - Steering shimmy under braking cured with the new lower arms - Decat fitted - Brake light found to be because the front sensor has been ripped out of the pad somehow. New one on order, nice 5 min repair this weekend The airbag light is down to the passenger occupancy sensor, got an emulator for £7 off ebay with arrived this morning so I'll stick that in at some point today. It's quicker after the vac pipe repair, about what I expected from a 525 so hopefully a remap in the future will perk it up nicely!
  4. 525d Sport rolling project

    Hi guys, After a few weeks looking and annoying people via PM that weren't interested in selling their cars I've bought myself a 525d. I plan on using it every day but also "restoring" (I use that term very lightly!) and improving it as well. Here's the spec '02 525d Sport saloon Manual Avus blue edition, no sunroof/black alcantara. Here it is on the way home And back home (well, dumped on the parents' drive!) It needs a few bits as it's been used and ignored a little bit I think in the past. When I viewed and bought it had the following faults; Steering shimmy on the brakes Airbag light on Brake pad warning light on while the pads appear to be in good condition Lack of power down low PDC not working Numerous bulbs not working Bonnet sticking shut Driver's seat belt slow to retract Small rust bubble on OSR arch Bigger rust bubble on OSF wing As well as that it has a tow bar that I want to remove (I have no use for it and I don't have the licence requirements) and it had no floor mats. So it's looking a little sorry for itself at the moment on my drive. The good news is that it came with the lower suspension arms, and vac pipes to sort out a couple of the issues there. On day one I changed all the faulty bulbs, luckily I had them all in the garage so £0 spent there, also freed off the bonnet catch which is now working perfectly again. I checked the PDC out and one rear sensor is not clicking so I have ordered one of those as they are cheap enough, I will also remove the tow bar while I have the bumper off. I took it to work this morning and noticed the following faults that weren't apparent on the slightly warmer evening I picked it up; Took a long time to start from 0.5 degrees Thermostat sticking open The car also came with an EGR delete which has a few hose fittings in it, do these blank off the EGR thermostat? If so that'd be handy in either fixing the fault or pinning it down to the main thermostat. I have ordered 6 glow plugs too. Other than the parts to fix it is also came with a brand new decat which is nice and an oil and filter from Opie. My plans other than those bits are; Lower it a bit, maybe Eibach pro kit Remap (I did want a 530 after all!) Replace the head unit with a Dynavin unit Short shift, current shift is a bit sloppy. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions Cheers, Matt
  5. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Well I bought the Avus Blue 525d I mentioned earlier. It needs a fair few bits but it comes with the most expensive parts needed and also a decat/EGR delete, as well as being cheap so I couldn't turn it down really. I bought it on Friday, the same day that I accepted a new job AND completed on our first house so a pretty busy day! The house means it's going to sit for a little while until I get time to fix it up. The golf's been a trooper to be fair, I've done over 40k in it and it's only cost me around £500 in consumables in that time, never let me down. It even went to Le Mans a couple of summers ago. I'm just going to keep it as a spare car should anything drastic go wrong with the M57 ("once bitten..." and all that!)
  6. E39 530D Sport Manual

    For the time yes I agree, but even rounded up to 200bhp, at 15-1600kg with longish gearing it doesn't make for a fast car IMO. Depends what you've had before I guess I'm just buying one because I love the shape and I'm sick of my Mk4 Golf haha.
  7. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Yeah that's what I figured, neither are really "fast" by todays standards but it's still plenty to use every day
  8. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Thanks, I'm going to look at an '02 525d Sport tomorrow night, Avus Blue. Shame it's not a 530 but it ticks all the other boxes and it's a lovely colour too. Hopefully it's worth a punt.
  9. Japanese Import E39s

    I've worked for a company that does Japanese imports (or at least has in the past) and yes service history is an issue. I bought an RX7 from a trader in Japan and it arrived with no history at all. It also arrived with no compression on the rear rotor but that's another story
  10. E39 530D Sport Manual

    By all means mate send me some details if you decide you are selling. I won’t lie I am a little bit wary of too much power through them, my E46 330cd had a bigger intercooler etc and the hp pump went (i think that’s the initial cause), either way it ended up in all 6 injectors, both pumps and other bits and bobs totalling about 2.4k haha.
  11. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Hi, A friend of a friend apparently has one he might sell but I’m just waiting for him to get back to me. It’ll be a daily driver but but I don’t mind if it needs a few parts from breakers along the way etc. I’m in Derby but I’ll travel anywhere for the right car. Matt
  12. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Ah, knew I’d forget something, I’m looking for a saloon. The wife drives a 320d E91 so we don’t really need 2 tourings. Thanks for the link, I’ve seen that one but really just looking for a sport.
  13. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Yes I had the same as you, 330cd manual. I’ve driven a few BMW autos through work
  14. E39 530D Sport Manual

    I’m no longer ‘in the trade’ as such so probably not really as I wouldn’t like to tackle it on the drive. I am a stickler for a manual gearbox, really not an auto fan. Bit of a pain as there are a lot more of them!
  15. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Haha, thanks for getting those out the way. I know I may have a bit of a wait to find the right car and I know what they usually go for. Ive got saved searches on the usual channels but I thought I’d see if any other enthusiasts were thinking of selling but didn’t want to deal with the usual eBay/gumtree morons that ask what price you’ll take before even hinting at anything else I’m a mechanic by trade so I don’t mind putting a few bits right here and there, always loved the E39 so hoping I can find a good one. Happy new year Matt