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  1. Healeyfels

    Speed Limit Info and Adaptive Cruise Control

    I’ve got ACC and it does come with speed limit info, I haven’t got Driving Assistant so not sure if that adds anything to the speed limit info. With mine, the speed limit updates as you enter a different speed zone, and a green ‘tick’ symbol on the outer ring of the speedometer shows this speed limit, and you can speed up, or slow down, to this speed with one flick of the toggle on the ACC control......so you do have to change speed manually with ACC only, I’m not sure if it’s automatic with Driving Assistsnt. Hope that helps:)
  2. Healeyfels

    G31 rear wiper blade

    I’m probably just being thick, but anyone know how to fold back the rear wiper blade when cleaning the car, or for when a new wiper blade needs to be fitted. Mine just seems to pull back a few inches, and then hits a ‘stop’. I took off the end cap, and the only way would be to unscrew the nut that secures the blade to the back window. Anyone fitted a new rear wiper blade yet?
  3. Healeyfels

    Google maps finally

    Just to answer my own question.......update the app you clot! Updated apps and google maps and Waze appeared, hurray. Now wondering why the automatically update all apps on iPhone feature doesn’t work.
  4. Healeyfels

    Google maps finally

    I haven’t seen the Google maps icon appear on my Apple CarPlay screen yet, I’ve updated to iOS 12, is there anything else I need to do to make it work?
  5. Healeyfels

    Driving in France

    I’ve been wondering about this too, I’ve got the base LED lights with adaptive headlights, I get the same screen on iDrive as Adam above, so no option to switch to Right Hand or LH driving. The handbook covers it on p153, but isn’t exactly crystal. It does seem to suggest that you don’t have to do anything with the base LED lights, see screenshot below. If like me, you’ve got adaptive lights, then you need to turn the lights on and off manually and not use the Auto lights. And if you’ve got Icon lights, then you switch them over in iDrive.
  6. Healeyfels

    Hard wiring dashcam, F31

    There’s a few videos on Blackvue installation (I’m thinking of doing something similar to you), this one shows how to use a light tool to identify the fuses to use for the Magic Pro. If you search for ‘blackvue install’ in YouTube there’s lots of other films that will help.
  7. Healeyfels

    Extended storage - 418

    Yes they still store under the floor, so don’t worry:)
  8. Healeyfels

    Running in

    I did see something in the handbook about running in, I think it said to not exceed 3500 rpm for the first 1200 miles.
  9. Healeyfels

    Remote pre-conditioning (Heating)

    My windscreen on my 530d was iced up yesterday morning, I wasn’t going out in the car but thought I’d give the BMW app a try out. You’ve got two options for heating, ‘ventilate now’ and ‘departure climate timer’, so I tried the second one which you have to use 5 minutes or longer before you leave, so you could set it the night before if you think your car is going to be iced up in the morning. I had a look after 5 mins, and the windscreen had defrosted nicely, and had started to defog, so quite a cool feature. I don’t think you can heat the car up, but you can set off straight away without having to wait in a cold car for the screen and windows to clear. I’m assuming that the feature won’t work if your battery is below a certain level.
  10. Healeyfels

    530d SE or MSport

    I picked up my 530d SE xdrive Touring last week: Imperial Blue, Black leather EDC Steering wheel heating Integral Active Steering Reversing Assist camera Panoramic glass sunroof Extended luggage Sun protection glass Sport seats, front Lumbar support, driver and front pass. Exterior Mirrors - folding with anti-dazzle Adaptive Headlights 12V power sockets LED foglights Active Cruise Control harman/kardon surround Remote Services Apple CarPlay So I’ve got the IAS that you’re thinking about, but I haven’t had chance to get an opinion on it yet I’m afraid, how long before you put your order in? I’ve only really driven it back from the dealers in London, about 120 miles, but straight away I was sold on the sunroof and the Active cruise control, the later works brilliantly, and you don’t have to have it in the pack. Things I wish I had ticked are the Icon headlights, just based on what other folks have said since I ordered mine, and the comfort seats (though the sports seats are fine), so you’ve made the right choice on the packs. Aesthetically it looks good, but would look even better with bigger alloys, the 619 alloys I’ve got are going to be a pain to clean, but I don’t really like the other 18” choice for the SE (the 684). I think the 20” would look fantastic, and I wouldn’t worry about the ride too much based on the reviews, but it’s a big chunk of extra cash. The 19” 663 bicolour would also look good and improve the looks, so could be a happy compromise. I’m happy to stick to the 18” though, especially when it comes to buying new tyres:) It took 12 weeks from order to pick up btw:)
  11. Healeyfels

    520D - Oil Service

    I found this about the service inclusive packs, which is £399 for 3 years or 36000 miles: https://www.bmw.co.uk/bmw-ownership/servicing-and-repairs/servicing/service-inclusive I haven’t got my car yet, should arrive in a week or two, so not sure about the service interval on a 5 series. If you do low miles, say less than 8000 a year, how long does it take for the service indicator to come on, anyone know? I’d like to have an annual service, but pretty sure they won’t let you do that on one of these packs.
  12. Healeyfels

    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    There were some more settings here as well from the same forum, see post no 16: http://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1428665
  13. Healeyfels

    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    And here’s a link to the forum post: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=974679 with some more setting suggestions. It may well need some wearing in, so could improve after a bit of use.
  14. Healeyfels

    Harman Kardon - EQ tips?

    I havent got my car yet, should arrive next week, but I’ve got HK and did a search for settings a while ago, here’s a screenshot that I saved:
  15. Healeyfels

    Long-term test reviews

    And if you haven’t seen the HonestJohn review of the G31 530d xdrive from a while back, it’s here: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/bmw/bmw-g31-530d-touring-2017-extended-test/ The last sentence was an influence on me putting an order in, since then he’s been raving about the new X3 which has got more comfy seats due to being higher up, so the X3 may have replaced the G31 as his fave.