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  1. I have no idea what's going on here. The glass split door on my E61 has decided that it'd be a jolly wheeze to pop open randomly for no reason. I've had the loom repaired so it's very, very unlikely to be anything to do with that. The latch works fine but it just pops open, like I say, randomly. I've cleaned the latch mechanism and given it a goodly dose of ACF50 which normally works it magic on pretty much everything. Oh and if the car is locked it doesn't open....which is a relief. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. Grubby

    Possibly conned

    You need to remove the pollen filters to access the air filter.
  3. Grubby

    Fitting the Space Saver Spare

    I had to resort to a bit of Blue Peter arts and crafts to get it to fit. First cutaway the ribs in the front and the sides using a sharp Stanley knife and a soft faced mallet to tap the knife with. Then cut away a section at the rear but allow yourself a small flap to cover the lower rear section. The kit will then fit in.
  4. Grubby

    E60 Newbie (Speaker upgrade)

    G7 in Newbury specialise in this sort of thing. They did a full system job including amp, crossovers, speakers, custom sub boxes and head unit on my Porsche Cayman S and it sounded fantastic when they'd done with it.
  5. Grubby

    E60 DAB Retrofit

    G7 in Newbury have always been really good for me. http://www.g7sounds.co.uk/
  6. Grubby

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. I'm back in the world of 5 series yet again having not learnt my lesson last time around. I've now got an E61 530D business which immediately I paid for it fritzed the aerial cable in the boot hinge just like my last E61 did. Luckily the nice men at Mylson in Trafford park have agreed to pay for the repair at G7 in Newbury who have done many, many repairs on this problematic loom. I have also noticed that the boot cover release mechanism doesn't always work which results in the central locking saying, "No you can't get in now!" on several occasions. I sometimes wish I'd kept my Porsche! However I sold it and I must now move on and I'm determined that this car will be reliable eventually. I've just splashed out on a boot liner and a cargo net to hold the weekly shop in place. In the Porsche it just fitted into the front boot nicely without falling over. Today's shop went all across the boot! My next task is to look at upgrading the radio to DAB and sussing out how to make the I drive like apple products. Any help on this will be much appreciated.