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  1. F11TouringRyan

    Where is it all

    Jeez thanks pal.... ...not too obvious for you to actually say i note. I do know how to maintain my vehicle but was merely asking like minded people who had a knowledge of the specifics. Thanks to all who actually offers advice
  2. F11TouringRyan

    Where is it all

    Hi all, Recently got myself a 2011 F11 Touring, 528i, the last of the non-turbo 3.0l petrol engines I wanted to check the levels on everything and wow, where are all the reservoirs and filler caps? I can't see where anything is and the manual I have shows an engine bay that's nothing like my own. Any help? Just want to check brakes, steering and mainly radiator/cooling Thanks
  3. F11TouringRyan


    Hi all, I recently bought a 2011 F11 528i Touring, I want to check my coolant etc but have absolutely no idea where to find the reservoir or the like. The manual that came with the car doesn't show my engine bay and so I have no idea what to do Can anyone help? Thanks