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  1. Approaching the end of 12 months ownership Car has never missed a beat but to be on the safe side I'd like to extend the warranty Do you go for the BMW extended warranty or use another provider?
  2. Good morning, could anybody help me identify the part number for this boot floor hinge? it appear to have bent/broken on my F11. thankyou, see photos attached
  3. Thanks for testing and confirming the same, I guess its a frequency/resonance issue rather than speaker then. I will look at sound deadening options to try and stop this as it's very irritating
  4. E93


    Just to update I have now updates my maps to the latest version using BMW connected drive £69.95 for 2 years worth of updates. They are STILL having issues with there website but after contacting the manager he was able to add the maps to my account at his end, so all I had to do was log in and download them to USB. I used a 64gb USB 3.0 stick (which already had files on it) It was then just a case of plugging this into the centre armrest USB port and updating the maps. As I was in and out of my car it took a full day and I must have stop/started the car 5 times during this process with no issues (the update just carried on from the last point)
  5. Hi Dave, It's hard to tell which speaker (if it even is a faulty speaker) I have had a play around with moving the faders on the car to try and diagnose but unable to tell. I did play your song and found that the intro generates the same "buzzing" sound, although not quite as much as the song I mentioned. Perhaps it is just the cars vibrations at certain frequencies? It's just something I never noticed on my previous BMW which also had Harmon Kardon so came as quite a surprise. Interested to see if anybody else reports the same problem.
  6. Maybe I'm just being picky and worrying over nothing... but for those who own an F11 with the Harmon Kardon system would you mind helping me out? Could you play the following song on your car (approx 60% volume) and tell me if you get any buzzing/vibration? Deadmau5 - Strobe (Full length 10 min version with long intro) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKi9Z-f6qX4 (Note - The buzzing noise is very obvious within the first 60 secs) I can't tell whether I have a faulty speaker or it's just the cars vibrations at certain frequencies. I first noticed the "buzzing" noise when speaking to someone with a high pitched voice on the hand-free BT. and have been trying to replicate the noise until I heard it again whilst playing this song, approx 60% volume. Many thanks in helping me diagnose this problem.
  7. I have BMW apps, and when my phone is connected via USB cable, I have full control of playlists, artists etc. via the iDrive. As AndyM said, this gives the BMW logo on the phone.
  8. E93


    Still having issues trying to download the latest maps from BMW connected drive... have contacted them direct and explained there is an issue on there side, and are awaiting it to be fixed, via germany.
  9. E93

    Headlight Washers Stuck Out

    Had the same issue once on my E93 I applied lots of silicon based lubricant to the mechanism, and operated several times which freed everything up and prevented any further issues.
  10. E93


    Morning All, Currently sat in my F11 about to attempt SAT NAV update. (Currently have 2013 version installed) Planning to buy the £69.95 2 year update from BMW connected driving assuming they just send you the file, download to USB and install to vehicle. Reading this forum I just wanted to check a couple of things. 1) Current software version is as follows MN-003.013.001 TN-003.013.001 Do I already have the latest version? I see on BMW website I can download UPD05074 My understanding is that this corresponds to versions MN-002.255.071 + TN-002.255.070 As this is older than my version, it gives me an error when trying to install the UPD05074 file via USB. 2) Has anyone done these updates using a Mac to transfer/re-format memory stick etc.? 3) What is the best size memory stick to use? 64gb/32gb... USB2.0 or USB3.0? Cheers, Dean UPDATE - Tried to download Sat Nav update from BMW connected drive but keeps saying "Payment Unsuccessful - Try again later"
  11. E93

    Had mine for two years now.

    Nice, any photos of the car? I’ve seen “yellow grommet” mentioned a few times on the forum, is this some sort of a weakness in F10 / F11?
  12. I now have the roof rails 82712347755 currently looking at the BMW bike rack to go with them and have heard that the BMW bike rack is just a Thule 591 with BMW stickers is this correct? can any Thule accessory be attached to the BMW roof rail?
  13. Thankyou, that website is very useful! It's saying that this is the part number I require 82712347755 However I have seen F11 roof rails for sale with the following numbers 82712166924 + 82712148228
  14. Evening all I have a 63 plate F11 and looking to buy the roof rails and associated bike carriers. what product code would I need? As I have found 2 different codes online i believe I have a facelift, does this make a difference?